Salman Khans sister Arpita slipped at Lakme Fashion Week's so funny...hope people don't mind it but i feel bad for her..seems she hurts herself...

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LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no...but seriously, poor girl.... ^^

that's the reason that despite being around for 20 yrs,Lehren never pregressed!

sorry guys but if it happens also to me i will laugh a lot!!! and i laugh also when my friends or someone on the road slip...i just can't controle me when i saw someone fall down!

It's SOO not FUnny!!!...
i Mean Like WE never FAll? m CLumsy AS hell...not a day goes by when i dont fall...hehe!!!!..
She shouldnt Worri bout the The embarrassment or Anything..

It's not something that u people laugh
before laughing just once think it may happen to u too

Celinaa on Thu, 2009-06-18 15:49.

I agree with you

i kw what it feels like. i fell at work today =(

ouch thts looks painful

what nonsense!! stupid could've been anyone!

Sorry, I meant Arpita (Doing too mnay things at once!)
Arpita is adopted by Salman's dad and step mum Helen

falling on those step was pretty painful i am sure. she looks to be in shock afterwards.

its not funny.. she really hurt herself real bad.... i mean i have seen funny falls in american funniest video and this is not one of them

I agree with Shristi but not Alvira its Arpita the adopted one

Salman has 2 brothers - Arbaaz and Sohail and a sister Alvira who's married Atul Agnihotri.
Alvira is adopted by Salman's dad and step mum Helen

loser journo!!!

That looks like a painful fall.

aesa journalism kis kaam ka

seriously ppl report this too...!!

crappy very petty

The journalist is very rude. I mean anyone could fall!! Honestly the way she fell was funny. But I mean come on no need to put it on television. Poor girl, she might be so embarrassed. Lots of people fall. No biggie.

Awwww....poor thing I hope her ankle/leg is fine

How mean!!! Happens to the best of us....I hope she didn't hurt herself badly.

Obviously, these journalists don't believe in karma. But it's there....and on it's way to bite them in the ass.

Offensive!Please leave her alone.

cheap thrill. nothing much to this. poor gal. hope she did not break her leg.

oh wow same journalist(from Lahrein) gave a cheap news abt Aishwarya being so furious on reporters n noone seemed affected...btw I have seen her in real life..she has major attitude prob n sorry to say looks YUK

Nazar lage usko bechari .

aww i feel bad for her
i would bbe soo embarrash

first you laugh and then you claim to feel bad for her
hope arpita's ok

thats the world's cheapest journalism ever....havent we all gals wearing high heels slipped or skid or twisted or sometimes (unfortunately) fallen? so many models have slipped on the is the big deal????????


O okay...thanks meerajasmine

she was adopted

lol... "matakti chaal" ...the reporters in india are a joke!...for the most part! ... But I didnt even know Salman had a sister...she looks nothing like her brothers

yeah maybe the steps were slippery or something thats a very mean comment aisa fashion kis ka blah blah

disgusting...what is our media come to... they are no onger sensitive... how can you make derogatory statements like "matakti chaal"...highly irritating... i guess there are ppl who listen to this crap n enjoy

Indian media has nothing better to do

Ahh well shit happens!!!

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