Satisfaction VIDEO: Zayn's haunting, soulful vocals are backed by an extraordinary tale of lost love & rebirth

Zayn Malik recently released the music video for Satisfaction, which is a part of his sophomore album, Icarus Falls. Zayn's gorgeous voice is backed by an extraordinary tale of lost love and rebirth.
Zayn Malik releases the music video for Satisfaction from Icarus Falls.Zayn Malik releases the music video for Satisfaction from Icarus Falls.
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Zayn Malik's debut album, Mind of Mine (in 2016) showcased a different side to the former One Direction member, who developed his R&B side and gave us chartbusters like his first solo single, Pillowtalk. Since Mind of Mine, ZStans have been impatiently waiting for their idol's sophomore album. In December 2018, Zayn made their wishes come true and released Icarus Falls. Some of the songs featured in the album were released earlier in the year. Some of which include Dusk Till Dawn, Let Me and Entertainer as well as collaborations like No Candle No Light featuring Nicki Minaj and Too Much featuring Timbaland. 

The first music video from Icarus Falls titled Satisfaction was released yesterday and is already a trending topic. The video starts off with an ode to Mind of Mine's Intermission: Flower lyrics, which goes as "Until the flower of this love has blossomed this heart won't be at peace." Zayn's hauntingly soul-stirring vocals form the crux and feel to the music video, which is about a black couple as they go through love, loss and eventually, birth. The dark yet visually-pleasing aesthetics is proportionate to the deep meaning that the song bears.

Watch the Satisfaction music video below:

Leave it to Zayn to stump us yet again with his creativity!

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#SatisfactionVideo out now [ link in bio ] #ICARUSFALLS

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Meanwhile, when it comes to Zayn's personal life, the 26-year-old recently broke up with girlfriend and supermodel Gigi Hadid, owing to their relationship becoming too intense for them to handle.



flyin home to my happy place

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i have always loved zayn and his music. saisfaction really touched my soul, can't wait to see him perform live. God Bless U zayn!

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