Song Promo: It's all about Tonight from Ishkq In Paris

Song Promo: It's all about Tonight from Ishkq In Paris  0
Song Promo: It's all about Tonight from Ishkq In Paris  0

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Anonymous's picture

Face looks like its made of wax! Top that, OTT dancing. People comparing her to Katrina, she looks nothing like her!

Anonymous's picture

PZ you aren't 21 anymore to be dancing in clubs wearing skimpy clothes. Your a late 30s woman .

Anonymous's picture

I'm sorry but for on this date It's All About English Vinglish only

Dessigaal's picture

too much surgery or what?? i miss that preity...she used to be really good!!

Gohar's picture

I was missing Preity very much and though I was waiting more from Ishq in Paris but any way I'll watch this movie to see her in action again...

Anonymous's picture

What? She was so good in where's the party tonight!!!

Anonymous's picture

hihihihihi.. everyone is going to start looking like katrina now... i guess they r going to the same doc to get same procedures. there will be kat clones in all movies!!

Anonymous's picture

OMG she does look so much like Katrina, specially in Chikni Chameeli, and this is such a party song

Anonymous's picture

Feeling sad for her...:(

Voiceswriter's picture

She could be Katrina's big sis, so many similarities.

Anonymous's picture

Awesome! Really awesome!

Anonymous's picture

I dont know but I like it. :P

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

Ohh Dear LORD save us from this :(
P.S. PZEE why u doing this? SIGH

bebo_pclover20's picture

What have they done/What has happened to Sunidhi's voice?!?! It doesn't sound good at all. I absolutely LOVE the music like I've said before - it just makes you want to get up and dance. I hope they release the music without vocals - that ,too, will be an instant hit.


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