Teri Meri from Bodyguard copied from Cleopatra Stratan's song

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Well Bollywood music directors did it again..U.U. The music director in question here is Himesh Reshammiya.

Teri Meri from Bodyguard is copied from Cleopatra Stratan's song La Betlem Colo n jons.
Cleopatra Stratan is a Moldova baby singer who started her career at the age of 3, she is competing for the Guinness World Record as the youngest artist ever to appear on the scene.



When i check out cleopatra song its definety matches with teri meri song from bodygaurd. You can check out Gilla gila of atraaz is copied from Thoia thoing of r kelly. This song is also copied by himesh reshmiya


my god they did not even spared a kid...wow

why do the idians have to copy
Its not fair

All Indians are not cheaters half Indians are cheaters because we also a Indian but i like it this song so much.......


is a coincidence impossible?


don't worry romanian artist always copy indian songs.so..........

Indians har song copy karte hen,that's not fair.Ek din pure world k songs khatm ho jayen ge yar lekin in ka copy karna khatm nahi hoga.:)But Rahat we love that song.Ap dissapoint mat hona.We love ur voice........

their all evil, and part of the masonic/illuminaties. i can't believe ppl can't see the truth even with occult and freemasons imagry used in the teri meri prem kahani song. they all worship shatan.

hiii atif bhai and himesh bhai kisa song aisa copy nahi karna chaiyai tha aapko

indians always good copying song....they dont know how to make songs.....shame real shame

this song is copied because the tune is exactly the same and it doesn't matter about the lyrics wierdo!!!!!!!

Nope, Its not copied. If you look at the notes of both songs, its different but the tune resembles a bit. We cannot say it is copied

well India does it AGAIN! And this isn't the only song they have copied, there are many more, such as Pyar Aaya, that was orginally an Arabic song. Not only do they "copy" songs from other music industries, but they have also stolen plot lines.. geez where is the orginality in this? MAKE YOUR OWN GOD DAMN MOVIES/SONGS

itz half copied......
not full
so keep listening this great song

Teri meri song is slow song & so sweet song

Teri meri song is slow song & so sweet song

The original is unbeatable

Omg! Lol- Urgh Himesh

LOL.. Teri meri is much much different.

Not surprised one bit!

the song is good.

Salman u r such a muslim . Keep helping poor ppl. I pray for ur progress

no i think this song is composed by Pritam, not Himesh

Fri, 2011-09-02 20:55 — Anonymous
Thank you for sharing, was wondering why the tune sounded so familiar!!



love u sallu-kareena...you are too cute...thanks ^_^
btw i wasn't blaming on the movie...i just said that the song tune is same as the baby singer's song

I loved that song!!!

hmmm its great song

shame on you himesh!

Copycats!!! Not surprised, the film is a copy of southern film, the songs are also copyed, Sallu has nothing of his own, he can't take credit for any of his recent films!!

Cleopatra Stratan is from Romania and the song is indeed an old romanian christmas carol! Greetings from Romania! Salman Khan is the best in Bollywood!

Such things just make me like A r rahman more and more

Himesh shame on you.

Pfffff Tell me something new about this fake industry...

Copied or not the fact remains that Bollywood has no real talent left anymore. No wonder its neighbouring country has a strong grasp on music though its film industry is not in the same league as Indian. I know this is gonna hurt a lot of sentiments here but an industry that claims itself to be one of the largest infact has nothing to its credibility anymore. It died long time ago!!

Just to add that the songs that do become massive hits are singers from other countries and yet ppl say they they should be grateful that B'wood has given them a chance, I say you be GRATEFUL that they sang for you!!

The only original composer in Bollywood is A.R. Rehman, his scores are original and superb, the rest are disgusting copycats.

that is what bollywood can do best steal and copy!

yeah...that's right it's not copied.it's an old Christian song.so if the girl sang it why shouldn't someone else sing it.

this is sooooooo wrong !

this song is copied from afghan song "Se shorma shor" from Valy Hedjasi.

salman and valy hedjasi have worked 2gether for this and made a indian version and now srk and valy are working 2gether to make a new song for srk.

the melody of this song is "afghan national" song.... DUH !

Makeup Critic- Come on, that's not fair. What about AR Rahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Vishal Shekhar... these composers are fantastics and original.


certainly very different from each other..

movie was awesome and both actors were great. i loved the movie and enjoyed with my group of friends.
kareena was looking fab. as always. salman and kareena are great couple..

Fri, 2011-09-02 20:35 — Anonymous
awwww movie was awesome and both actors were great. i loved the movie and enjoyed with my group of friends.
kareena was looking fab. as always. salman and kareena are great couple = totally agreeing with u...

I LYK ZENNY ALOT...SHE IS A ICON FOR ME IN PINKVILLA..i respect her post..bt not agreeing with her..

for your information,its not copied from Cleopatra Stratan,its an 500 year old Christmas carol,which has more than 200 versions,coming to this matter,Salman suggested the tune to Himesh,I disagree the word HR copied it

awwww movie was awesome and both actors were great. i loved the movie and enjoyed with my group of friends.
kareena was looking fab. as always. salman and kareena are great couple

the funny thing is this: the indian musicians basically copied a song sung from a 3 yr old kid!! how lame IS THAT!

LOL Bollywood does it AGAIN what a scandal!!

Majority of Bollywood songs are copied and inspired.. I don't think Indias music industry is talented enough to create magical songs on their own.. Well, that's the impression that is left when so many songs are copied. Shame really.

HAHAHA DID WATH????????????????????? IT Are certainly very different from each other . Stop Publishing of such lies ...

Tsk tsk tsk himesh... are u at all serious? this is craaap!

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