Theatrical trailer of I Me Aur Main ft. John Abraham, Chitrangda Singh, Prachi Desai

I Me Aur Main is an upcoming Hindi film starring John Abraham who plays the role of Ishaan- a charismatic, good-looking music producer from Mumbai. He lives a sheltered existence, is the centre of his life, the apple of his mother's (Zarina Wahib) eye, always protected by his elder sister Shivani (Mini Mathur) and stays at his girlfriend Anushka's (Chitrangda Singh's) house. He takes them all for granted!
One day his life falls apart like a house of cards. At this point, his new neighbour Gauri (Prachi Desai) comes into his life and from her he learns the importance of relationships. He starts taking initiatives towards mending and maintaining his past relationships.
Ishaan begins to truly fall in love with Gauri. There comes a point when he has to make a choice between his love that made him a better person or being a better person by taking responsibility of the actions he has done in the past.
I Me Aur Main releases in cinemas on 1st March, 2013.

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There was also a Hindi film starring Randeep Hooda that had a similar plot.

@Tue, 2013-01-29 05:36 — Kitty You're welcome. :-)

Prachi looks so cute with John.

John Abraham is really a star to watch out for this year!
He was awesome as the suave cool baddie in Race 2. And he seems to suit this character to the tee as well! I love how young and lovable he looks!
I for one am counting down to this sweet film. Definitely something for the gals and families, and i'm sure it'll be a treat to watch :-)
Well Done John!
And the girls...Chitrangada and Prachi...both look absolutely gorgeous!

I, Me aur Main definitely feels like it'll be something refreshing to the eye in Indian Cinema in recent years. They don't make sweet flicks like this anymore :D

i like john,,,but the music,,,and backround music,,,is damn boring and after watching the promo i feel like sleeping,,,,sadly as a guy...the girls are so boring and dull that the only one who catches my eye is john lol

Seems like John-Bipasha,Priya real story. LOL. John is exactly like this, self obsessed.

John and Chitra look great together. I really like the look of this. John is so cute. Love that guy :)))

Looks FAB!! Really fresh and I do love John when he's being adorable! 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past'?? Haha - no WAY!! Not even REMOTELY similar!!

Haha... cute. Chitrangada is a lucky lady, first she got to romance Arjun, then John! She's on a roll. :)

@ VW, I also watched the trailer of Ghosts Of Girlfriends past and I didn't really see a similarity. But that movie looks cute too! I'll check it out sometime (thanks for the referral! LOL)

looks interesting.. but damm sure , music gonna flop , may b disaster .

Ghosts of girlfriends past.

Refreshing! Love it! We need to see more sweet romantic comedies like this in India.

john needs to stop making weird faces like hes so cool and lose the bulk a little! too much

I wish the movie is not as stupid as its title. Its enough with these half hindi half english titles. Jab we met was cute but after that, its all stupid !

Wow, looks great! Crazy to see John in such different avatars - Race 2 baddie, self-obsessed freak in I, Me Aur Mein, and a dangerous gangster in Shootout at Wadala! How can anyone say this guy can't act? Go past the looks and you will see such a great actor! Good luck John!

This looks like another of his flop movie- jhoota hi sahi!

wake up sid kinds?? wth a twist///

I love this.Two of my fav actors John and Chitra... Prachi looks nice but I don't like her voice...

OMG it looks great.john looks so cool.2013 is going to be a great year for excited about this film.

OMFG!!! HE LOOKS AM-MA-ZING!!!! And Chitrangada is SOOOOOOOO damn gorgeous it's unbelievable!!!!!!

gasp! is bollywood finally trying to break out the hackneyed filled mold? love the dialogues, not trying too hard, very well integrated.

Not so impressive

I love Chitrangada shes so hotttt

ooooh joooooooooooooohn!!!! why you are so hot???!!! looking forward to this movie

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