[VIDEO] Kareena Kapoor Performance @ Filmfare Awards 2011

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Credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwdf2fnMAaI

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i love u so much kareena kya tum meri help kar sakti ho mujhe actress banane ka bohat shook hai aur mujhe pura yaqeen hai k me is kabil hu k me aik achi actress ban sakti hoon so please meri help karo mujhe actress banane me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

bus mere karena kia bolo jbse apka dance dekha dewana sa hogya ho ap klie plz contact no de de u r my besr actres in word

Oh come on! Kareena did a great job. She is not trying to fit in, she is just what she is. Love her :)

I feel sorry for the people who had to watch this performance so I'm guessing all the audience lol but Kareena always said she wasn't a good dancer which is why I love Karishma even more because she's a complete package unlike Kareena lol but so finally Aishwaryas "Queen" title has been given away to Kareena lol I'm glad because all she gives is flops don't like Kareena much either but .... whatever .... her expressions sometime annoy me. I think SRK gave expression like "is she gonna start moving now" lol

Kareena gained alot of weight. Still looks pretty. Still my fav actress of the current list.

I couldnt resist laughing in this performance shes really made me laugh she cant dance alow her man KATRINA is better I hate them both but honest is me

REMEMBER Bebo4eva !

Yuck... Kareena can't even dance ! Even Katrina had done better than Fatty Bebo !

i keep on seeing her perfrmnce 1o times a day.she is jst mindblowng

she has beautiful chubby body wich people loves.i never found any fakeness in bebo.she is wat she is.i jst love her.she is best .so much cute she is.

wow! she has put on loads of weight!!

Look at arm how fat it looks. Why people think she have a good body. Bipasha, katrina, lara and priyanka have way better body than this over ratted actress. People call Ash fat. I think Kareena should call in that case fat too.

aaaaaaa she's put on weight again! so much for size 0 - which she never was!

guys her performaces was recorded she didnt perform @ FF awrds! all these expressins done by the stars in the video are fake and done for other celebs!
katrina's kiss was for imran & ranbir when they did their act on SRK & Sallu!!
so dont care bout the expressions just enjoy her performaces dont know why they bothered puttin expressions in! we all know bebo wasnt there! KJO even took her awrds!
idiots @ Filmfare!

se dint giv a live performance like others it was recorded

kareena u were awesome as always. u r the best with confident attitude and i loved it.
My friends we really enjoy ur performance with ur attitude and always look forward. all the best and keep rocking.
looking forward ur movie 2 come soon.

love the performance.....best performance of kareena till now,she had improved a lot as a dancer, so she is perfect now bcoz she looks beautiful, acts well and now improved her dance too..

wow katrinas kiss was unnecessary and fake other actresses know kareena more then katrina and katrina was all acting like shes best friends with kareena or something it okay thats how some white girls are i mean she not even indian so lol i think shes trying to hard to be like other actresses. you could tell she was jealous lookin at kareena lol but kareena was fantastic

vidya balan has the right expression for kareenas dance -bemused at the show off
kat is so fake

how fake these heroines are esp katrina

she looks supid and overdone

omg she is debest no1 i love her

That was FABULOUS!!!! She looked stunning and performed very well. It was also sweet when Katrina blew her a kiss.

is she trying to danceeeeee lolzzzzz !

Her performance was the best i loved all her outfit, she looks great. and can some1 screenshot all her images its so nice i want to see them in images!

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