[VIDEO] Shahrukh Khan & Madhuri Dixit Performance @ Filmfare Awards 2011

[VIDEO] Shahrukh Khan & Madhuri Dixit Performance @ Filmfare Awards 2011 0
[VIDEO] Shahrukh Khan & Madhuri Dixit Performance @ Filmfare Awards 2011 0

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Anonymous's picture

I love Madhuri but this performance should have been done on songs with them both like old songs .... and the song from Devdas "maar dala" was pointless I hate that song could be avoided cause these two have acted together in a lot of movies they have a lot of good songs. I was hoping that for Are Re Are they would actually repeat the same dance from the movie and get back into the costumes but they didn't I know Madhuri can still do that she's still good.

Anonymous's picture

Love u srk love u madhuri
awasome performense

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Anonymous's picture

I really enjoyed their performance. Both SRK and Madhuri performed well. Madhuri is still the best in the hindi film industry. NO ONE HAS REPLACED HER as yet.

Anonymous's picture

miss the days of shahru khan and maduhri,,,,..

Anonymous's picture

beautiful... i miss the 80s hindi movie days

Anonymous's picture

Totally magical :) love u both...

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sorry. the video has been uploaded. enjoy!

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no video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

theres no video uploaded here!!!


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