Viral Video : Pehla Nasha by Alaa Wardi

Alaa Wardi, a capella YouTube star from Saudi Arabia recently released his first Hindi cappella song Pehela Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Alaa does not use any musical instruments in any of his videos. He creates music from his mouth, hands and other body parts.

In Alaa's words, "I'm a Huge fan of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, Jatin Lalit, and Pehla Nasha specifically, thought it would be a good choice for my first Hindi A Cappella on YouTube.. ".

This video has been going viral on the net and don't be surprised to see in on your Facebook timeline any of these days. Pretty impressive !

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Credits: yt

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wow...he's talented. i can see him in bollywood in future.

nad khula. the real very good song

this is so mindblowing. how can someone do this.

Wow wow and jus less than magical...this is TALENT...

by the way alaa is iranian but he lives in saudi arabia

Thank you Fashionista for a great recommendation- I am a huge fan of Youtubers with great n unique talent. I went ahead and viewed few videos of the this youtuber and I have to say he is superb, unique and very talented. Its incredible that he is able to create such amazing sounds.

Dam he is sexxxxxxy! Xxx

Amazing! He's got more talent than Bollywood put together lol!

wow this is very innovative

oh man !!!this is so cool...loved it..

Awesome! And he is cute too!


Shit man this is so cool!!!!

wow that is fantastic - simply amazing. the only point of critique o would have is that his arab accent comes thru at some points but other than that amazing

Damn! Talented man.

MY GOD YOU'RE AMAZING MWAH!!!! i love that song toooooo!

WOW! Amazing.


so cool!!!

Here comes Bollywood! i love boys with curly hair lol...he has a lovely his accent noticeable? i pretty much speak the same way except my kh is not so strong

that is really cool!! His arab accent really comes through in certain lines.

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