Watch - Kangana Ranaut: Women who are in a position of power get bullied and harassed

At an event in Delhi today, Kangana Ranaut spoke about the challenges women in a position of power face. Watch the video.
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Kangana Ranaut is known for her straightforward attitude. The actress doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. Today, Kangana attended a conference in Delhi where the actress spoke about the challenges women in India face. She looked gorgeous in a light purple slip top and peach pantsuit. The Queen actress also spoke about how women in India are struggling for basic things and fighting for equal rights. She also highlighted the topic of how women are not getting equal pay and equal work and are still fighting for it.

At the event, when asked what advice would she give for women, the actress said, "I think everybody knows their own challenges every day. Like a housewife sometimes have more challenges like an actress on sets. So, I really don't have a specific advice. But people who are working, now the roles have changed drastically and women who are in the position of power they find very hard around men because they are not used to women being in power. They get bullied, they get harassed, they get threatened for the right. Somebody who is much inferior, very much junior to them they sort of answer back and say things which are downright nasty and horrible. So, women in a position of power are very vulnerable these days."


About the fight of women for equal pay, Kangana stated, "The state of women in India is still in a bad shape as we are still struggling with very primitive things that we are fighting for such as equal rights, equal pay or equal work."


She looks feirce and sexyyy

Love this boss lady.More power to you .Love u kangy

What a beautiful skin.Himachali people have the best of skin.I am also from himachal ;)

Who invites this horrible woman?and who cares about her opinions or ranting...

Kangana- I have a card. Don't you see my woman card? I am always right. I am always the victim.

Love you Kangana way to go really love the way you speak fight these ridiculous men n god is watching them n definitely will take an action


She’s the Asia Argento of India’s version of Me Too. Zero credibility, it’s all about her her her. We all know this now- she needs to go away because narratives crafted to suit her twisted mind are now passé.

Oh Shut up ! Kangana! I have loved you as a person all these years .I have loved your movies for a few years now. But these constant unnecessary dramas are such put offs. Enough of it, really !!!

She is spot on. How sweet does she look!

Mashallah, she is looking like a strawberry ice cream.. yummy!!

She's not wrong, everything she says is true. Even people who are in the HIGHEST positions of power, like presidential positions, are treated lesser if female. Just, none of it pertains to her, she's using the female victims card, when nothing even happened to her.

Not a word about hitting the Suman boy or her driver!

Liar kangana at it again.

Love the colour of suit

Ketan mehta accused her of stealing his script for manikarnika, scriptwriter of simran accused her of stealing his writing credit. God knows what happened with hrithik and krish. She is not a role model there are other women who have been successful directors, writers, producers, actresses in Bollywood without this constant drama!

Aamir steal scripts all the time. do u question him. or copies hollywood movies and pass off as a perfectionist.

irony just died

Again playing a woman card.

Does she mean the woman who has power gets harassed and bullied but the woman who dont have power dont?

Always faking a narrative to suit her agenda. She’s so rehearsed and nonsensical

Oh goddddddddddd, shut up

We stand up but now what she is doing is pushing back, and that people are not used to. This will bring her more name calling. Keep pushing KR. 50-50 is what we are striving for, not 49.99.

how is she pushing back? by playing victim at every turn? yea right. women in india get less than 25

li k i said will bring name calling. hence

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