Siddharth, Alia and Varun unveil new song 'Velle' from SOTY

Student Of The Year leads Siddharth, Alia and Varun launched their film's song 'Velle' at a press conference on 17th September. The male duo said that preparing the hip hop moves for the fast paced song was really tough and hoped that the audience would enjoy their performance. The films is set to be released on October 19th.

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Credits: PV

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Alia is a carbon copy of crystal reed..


This movie is gonna be rocking !
Alia Bhatt is soo cute and adorable.
Varun Dhawan is the best ! He is dammmn hot and his expressions are also really good.
Siddharth Malhotra is such a cutie ! Sexy :)
On the other hand the movie promos has not created so much buzz the way rumours of Varun & Alia dating each other has created. Now even I think that Varun & Alia are dating each other. I mean just see the way Varun is holding her ! And even both of them have been spotted together at the screening of Jism 2 !

The taller guy looks like he could be Mallika Sherawat's brother.

Sid has one expression everday

Varun is superb and looks like the actor

Sid is natural and normal in the promos and varun tries too hard

Gosh, the boys are so good looking!

Pretty sure Varun and Alia aren't dating.

Alia reminds me of Nina Dobrev ..
Varun is such a hottie!!! OMG!!! What was David Dhawan feeding his wife during her pregnancy? I must know! =P
Sidharth is cute.. His face reminds of one young Shahrukh Khan.. That's just my opinion.. Don't bring your claws out SRK fans!!! :)

Varun is intensly sexy

They are not dating

Alia is really beautiful

Varun is looking a bit upset/sad in the pics. Maybe the couple had a fight. Alia looks fresh and cheery. She is a pretty girl. sid looks down to earth and a cutie.

Alia is very average looking

i don't think vaarun is serious about alia, she is a baachi...poor girl will get dumped once film is out

@ are varun and alia dating or is it film promotion???


are varun and alia dating or is it film promotion???

It looks more like Benedict Cumberbatch than Michael C. Hall ----> Varun's Dexter Tee. I want one too!

SiD {>

Her figure is weird and to top it all the hideous clothes.
Sidd like always looks his charming self.

Varun looks really scary and possesive. Not my kind of personality!

no doubt she is so cute but she has no figure, mean being slim doesn't mean u have lovely figure

varun seems a bit over possessive.

i know its only a set of photos, not enough to judge. but lets just call it a girls intutition.

on all these promo events he's prob hearing a lot of other ppl call his gf sexy or hot. he needs to show ppl its his girl.

Flop! They r trying to over promote the movie in order to get a hit but no matter how many fake success parties they
Throw for this one it still remains a flop..

She is wearing all saints skirt... but it doesn't do anything to her....

Sid needs to invest in anti perspirant in every photo he has sweaty pits lol

I'm telling you, it's the most over-promoted film of the year.

Varun hottie dhawan all the way! and why is he always holding Alia! -_-

ugh enough already! seriously hope this movie bombs.

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