Aamir & Rani snapped on the sets of Reema Kagti's movie

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Aamir & Rani snapped on the sets of Reema Kagti's movie. The pictures are slightly grainy and unclear, but it's definetely Rani and Aamir. Can't wait to see them together in a movie again. I wonder if they're paired together, or whether Aamir is paired with Kareena?

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Rani will b rocking da film...really luking forward for it :)

Ppl who keep yapping bout adi- rani relationship, firstly she hasnt accepted it , on kwk show she said no twice, blind ppl wtch d repeat, ... N not like he has kids n all, i often come across on youtube ppl claimin how adi left hungry mouths (children) for rani! He was married for 4-5 yrs i guess... I m not tellin tat he did d rite thing by leavin his wife, but do v knw 4 sure its becoz of rani! Till they get married, i wont believe this stuff !

Agree with mayakim. The anti aamir-Rani rants from commenter @Thu, 2011-03-10 13:10 — Anonymous---they deserve to be ignored---but they are so outrageous, a comment is needed--and it is coming from me.

So this person prefers Salman to Aamir and Rani. Fine. But don't diss Aamir-Rani---who make a great pair. They sizzled in Ghulam, and even in Mangal Pandey, they crackled in their few scenes together. Rani has also done a guest role --dance number with Aamir--in Mann. And Aamir's married life or Rani's friendship with Adi (married without kids)---these are tame when compared to the private life of Salman with his drinks and accident and black buck shooting, his temper, what not....

I have nothing against Salman---just that Aamir and he may be friends---but Aamir is also special, need not be spoken of poorly in relation to Salman of all people.


these days kareena is in limelight i think rani is about 10 or 5 mins in this film kareena go an rock

if anybody has any doubt who is better go watch MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE...kareena's most ACCLAIMED performance in jab we met is only a controlled variation of her regular POO roles...she is the most overrrated actor today

hahaha.kareena may be earning a lot of money today but if you have any doubt about who is better watch Mujhse Dosti Karoge again.kareena overacted her ass out...even her much ACCLAIMED performance in jab we met is actually a controlled variation of her regular POO characters...

Rani will stole the show, definitely. :) Rani-Aamir Jodi is great! Love them.

I love Rani as an actress and Amir is grt actor. Love the last 2 Amir movies, looking 4wrd to this movie!!

looks like rani's career is on the way up again

oh kareena is definitely supporting.its funny how she still can't get the lead role when the real good actors (rani,kajol) are around...rani does not necessarily play aamir's wife :P

oh kareena is definitely supporting.its funny how she still can't get the lead role when the real good actors (rani,kajol) are around...rani does not necessarily play aamir's wife :P

@Fri, 2011-03-11 17:06 — bebo4eva:

hi director.. any more spoilers ??
wat r u stupid...

they look good.. just looking at few pics u came up with whos who in the film..

Bebo s dumb abd bebo4eva is dumb4eva :P

It really doesn't matter who is the lead actress and who is the supporting actress. The point is, which one will be able to steal the show, no matter how long their screen time is. We all know that Rani can act 10x better than Kareena. No competition really.

rani is gone after this scene, lol kareena is leading lady..and playing better role,,,nt a simple wife role...shes nt here for small role. jus w8 n watch

rani iz supporting

hahaha at the wife comment below - very funny true though aamir kareena saif ugh bollywood is just dating each others leftovers

im just excited to see them paired up! ghulam was amazing and im surprised no one thought to pair them up in a different unusual film - they are great actors!

I'm sure they are the main hero and heroine. Rani is much better than talentless Kareena. I love Aamir and Rani both! Their jodi will rock...aamir has once again proved that he's really a good human being by helping RANI getting her this role. All of Aamir's movies are hits. I'm sure this will do wonders for Rani's career.

cant wait for this.. :D

wish them all the best!!

Rani all the way.. they look great

This looks really interesting!
Cant wait for it to release!
Love Rani and Aamir!

kareena is supporting actress. Rani is the main lead I hope. She looks better with Aamir.

rani is looking fat but pretty

wow... really can't wait for this.. love the pair!

Awesome !!! This movie is gonna be the next blockbuster....

She's wearing a Sari so is she aamirs wife in the film?

Looking good :)

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