Abhishek Bachchan at Bunty Walia's Wedding Reception

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Photos,Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan at Bunty Walia's Wedding Reception. Bunty Walia married his girlfriend Vanessa Parmar.

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Anything but handsome! That hair of what use when he has no charisma, unlike most of his contemporaries.

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I totally agree, pictures do no justice. He is extremely handsome and good looking and charming personally. He looks very young for his age as well. his voice his smile... so mesmerizing, even more so personally...

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I don't know why people say he isn't good looking I find him very good looking he has great features for a man

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Looks like it was a casual event! ;)

Abhishek looks handsome, he has such gorgeous thick hair unlike most of his bald(ing) contemporaries!

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Pinkvilla boy I agree!!! He doesnt know how to dress at all!

and whats with his superior expression?? It just shows he's trying so hard to look important!!

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To those putting him down, I bet you will faint when he comes in front of you for real. He is that good. Pictures don't do him justice. He is a very dashing man.

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He's looking DAMN GOOD here.!! What's wrong with you commenters?

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Good Looking GENTLEMAN.....

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Worst dressed MALE actor in Bollywood today for sure!!!!

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He is such a bad dresser. always this 'tapori' look

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jeans is NOT acceptable attire for a wedding

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Abhi is such a cutee!

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He lookdamn hot,... :-):-):-)

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cute ;)

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Awww Abhi you are supposed to take Aishwarya with you

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He's so sexy


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