Abhishek Bachchan & Neil Mukesh snapped at the airport

Abhishek Bachchan & Neil Mukesh snapped at the airport 0
Abhishek Bachchan & Neil Mukesh snapped at the airport 0

Abhishek Bachchan & Neil Mukesh snapped at the airport. Has anyone watched Players? Is it worth watching?

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Anonymous's picture

just watch it today, its average movie with lots of twisted story, so dnt spend money in cinema plz

italian job movie is way better!

Anonymous's picture

I watched it and liked the film.... nice and entertaining... time pass.

Anonymous's picture

AB just retire...u were a torture throughout the movie along with sonam...

Anonymous's picture

both of them look so sick

Anonymous's picture

Bad movie....typical Abas mastan...nthng new...

Anonymous's picture

AB stop acting...want my money back...u were horrible...so was sonam...tell her my wearing best clothes u cant act n dance....audiences were laughing when she was trying to be sexy...watch it on dvd...

Anonymous's picture

f.l.o.p >>> reviews are bad. 2 star. wait for dvd or online.

Anonymous's picture

abhi always wearing jacket, scarf in 90 degree hot humid Bombay

Anonymous's picture

abhishek needs to hire a stylist and a hairdresser pronto:}

Anonymous's picture

Go & watch PLAYERS 2 start 2012 with a MASALA BANG!!!!!!! Abbas-Mastaan did it again!!!!!!! Yay!

My ratings.... 4/5!!! :D

Anonymous's picture

My Friend watched PLAYERS in DUBAI....... She said ITS more than 5 watch!!!! Players is a GOOD & Attractive movie! Its a must watch!


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