Aishwarya & Abhishek Bachchan's New Twitter Picture

Abhishek posted this on Twitter saying:

There she is, as promised, the birthday girl.....
posted by @juniorbachchan from Twitter for iPhone 1 hour 2 mins ago

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Credits: Credit: Abhishek Bachchan

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use to like her but not now bcoz of salman

i want 2 act with abhishek bachchan

hai sir ji very good lockup

may GODS' choicest blessings showered on ur angel

hi ...................................Aish......and abhe

congrats for your baby......................................................

hi abhi, congrates for your baby. i am so glad . because i have to kids. so aish ko bhi maa ban jaane ki bahut badhai. ma ban jaane ke baad aish kaisa lag raha hai? mai jab ma bani thi to i feel maine jahan ki sari kushi mere pass aa gai hai. soni.

she is quite cute and both of them make a happy couple..Jealousy knows no bounds and people who can never reach their level will keep passing nasty comments..
Too bad you dont have as good a life or as good a face.

nice cover up with the hair ;-)

luv u..................................


lovely pic

OMG damn cool man......

''Aishwarya is every girls dream role model or every girls rival nightmare.
one or the other...''

goood one ;)

Abhi is giving her 'THER BIRD" lol

yawn how boring she looks like his older sis xD

that cake looks good :)

blue/green eyed girls are so LUCKY.. they look super fab in blue. she is super pretty..

Aishwarya is every girls dream role model or every girls rival nightmare.
one or the other...

they look deliriously happy... together.

they look super cute too

beautiful. that's the domain of Aishwarya.
no contest.

enough said.

aishwaiya will have to work extra hard to keep abhishake, i mean how is the legacy gunna continue, hahaha i feel so bad for her, let me put it lighly, god is watching all her diry tricks...

Look at all the jealous chicks commenting on this picture. fyi I am a girl too but I am not going to let the green monster stop me from appreciating the beautiful aish and how elegant,
sophisticated and mature she is!! if you were half as elegant and well-mannered as she has been all her life then you would not be posting
comments filled with jealousy and hatred on a gossip column to satisfy ur ego. Enough said!

if shes an aunty i wish i could look like aish aunty....
and also girls in india 15-20 look like shit usually their mummies take them to get waxed and remove their unibrows but majority of the girls are reallly skinny or just reallly fat and have zero fashion sense.
she makes katrina kaif look like an aunty and deepika, priyanka nanis.

umm i dont see any bursting? the only thing bursting is peoples jealousy when they see aishwarya....

she covered her Galli with her hair otherwise her jugs are practically bursting out for an audience or customers or fans......sati savitri aur uska gharwaala

she looks amazingly beautiful.... her cheekbones got more refined now in her 30's rather than her 20's.. that is the Sarah Palin cheekbones.. very apple freshed shaped face

If that's an 'Aunty', she's worth 5000000 of new starlets half her age at 20 coming in.
the new 'Aunty' is amazingly gorgeous, grand, youthful and makes a 20 year old look insignificant.

the best is yet to come for her, watch out for Aishwarya.
she is a surpriser....

oh so cute.. Now this will stop all speculation about their marriage being fake.
Coz in this pic, we see genuine Love, LOL

bolly-what the same comment everywhere does not work...

You should hit the gym too you know... The earth will drop out of orbit if you continue eating :D

Abhishek Bachhan Rai: Dont look at me..look at my wife u idiot ..and my dad clicked this picture
Aishwarya Rai:He can't be alone even on twitter..he loves me so much..Im not a fool ,nor blind..just a gold digger

why are you aish fans so defensive chill out :|

i am 22 and call people her age aunty and people the age of SRK, aamir and sallu uncle. big deal.
most people in indian culture do it. my neighbors are almost 40 and they live a few doors away and
my mom scolds me if i ever refer to them by their first name. i mean they are like my moms age - she is

15 to 20 years hot looking Indain girls with excellent trend would never look Aunty....ha ha Aish is really aunty these days...Around my mom I call her aunty....Rest of aunties please be calm....getting old is not bad...LOL>..

idk about yall, but im 15, so yea , here we call 37 n others around 40 aunty lol
abhi looks like one of those fans around here, omg aish can i take a pic w/u
n as usually she looks snooty

I think you are also around her age Aunty.....Aish Aunty ki jai ho... Aish Aunty...and her old Aunties jai ho...

I am Indian n know how Indian woman look. If she is Aunty then I wish all Indian women look 'aunty'

to all those who are calling her aunty...
lol..u sound like some illiterate behenjis, just reading ur comments reveal a lot abt YOU ...very 'head in sand' budhhi mentality. Look in ur mirrors and sigh, behenji!


darling aish, enough partying, go on a diet...

Aww so cute! Ash looks amaaazing!!

hate her ego

Aishwarya is what magical dreams are made of:

A: Alluring
I: Intelligent
S: Sensational
H: Happiness bringer
W: Wow factor
A: Amazing
R: Ravishingly beautiful
Y: Youthful zest and joy
A: Astounding



Keep up your social work.. for that is true beauty within .
Your best is ahead of you.


Happy birthday jaan! Love the mehndi! Always remain happy! :D

B'day Girl :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). Looks like a Aunty and is a Aunty..
Happy B'day Aunty..

Aishwarya looks beautiful and happy. they look happy.
Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with everybody else, Abhi looks too cute and happy and in love with the Most Beautiful Woman In the World @ 37! Happy Birthday Aishwarya, so nice to see how much your hubby luvs you, awww! You're the best, keep on going, you're the Queen of Bollywood and the Queen Of India! Mwaah!

how old is aunty ash now bacche banane ka age to gaya kaam se

soooooooo cute

Happy Birthday to lovely Ash! I hope she gets a baby soon...that baby is going to be sooo lucky!

they both finally looking happy 2gether...HBD ash

beautiful Ash n d smitten Abhi...lovely ,god bless them!

I'm fainting ..O.O

Baby coming soon, aye abhishek?? ;)

abhi looks as if has seen ash for the first time. super excited and super cute.

Adorable. And as always looking very much in love.


what a nice birthday... to be surrounded by the ones who are special.
Happy Birthday Aishwarya.

You are Indian dreams personified !!!

ADORABLE ASH......nice pic and that colour looks great on her Awww soooo cute. Happy birthday Ash. SEEMS SHE IS HIDING SOMETHING BEHIND HER HAIRS........ :-)

nice pic and that colour looks great on her

He is totally smitten lol :D

sooooooooooooooooooooooo their jodi

so fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Awww soooo cute. Happy birthday Ash.

sooooooooooo cuteeeee

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