Bachchan Family celebrates Mr.Amitabh Bachchan's Birthday!

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Many happy returns of the day - you have been my favourite actor ever since I was a child and am now a grown woman of 48 - have a wonderful time on this day with your family.....Jessie from Vancouver , Canada

Tue, 2010-10-12 12:50 — Sarah from Portugal

Sweet family. I love these candid moments. It´s cute that her nephew is sitting on her lap. :)

i thought it was cute as well!!! like a normal family...!!!

is ASH married to abhi or amitabh??

haha amitabh always had a "thing" for ash.

Why does he always has that gay pout on his face (the first 2-3 pics)? It's really distracting and annoying.

for the people who keep saying that aish is not wearing makeup i think you are blind, she is fully wearing foundations and lipliners and eeyes lineners. as well as she wore the same outfit to promote her movie cheap... let her wait until a designer or a promoter call her up to wear something new. goshhh.... for a much publised woman you should have some grace.

a magical beauty of India.. even prettier with no make up !!

ash more pretty without make up

what the heck is abhi wearing.

Does Abhi look happy in the pictures?

who is couple in these snaps?

what the heck is abhishek wearing

First pictures: aish and amitabh are holding each other (abhi is sidelined)
First pictures of the car: Seems like Amitabh is sitting in the back (aish is looking at him...........)
Last pictures: amitabh sitting in the front, no fun more for aish

Aish and amitabh seem to have a very close and special bond!!

Why does Jaya Bachchan look ill and so ordinary (even typical middle class women look better than she does) in most of her photos ---- no makeup, no touchup of her white roots at the temples, no bindi -- it is almost like she wants to look old and terrible. It is worse when she is next to an Aishwarya or Shweta who are well groomed.

The paps probable took the first set of pics as they were leaving and the next when they drove back in thro' the gates, hence the diff seating postions.

Ash looks 25 and gorgeous! haters , get outta here.

Sweet family. I love these candid moments. It´s cute that her nephew is sitting on her lap. :)

Did Amitabh and Jaya took turn for sitting in the car. First I jaya next to Abhi and then Amit ji.
can someone please explain me this.

she looks better with no makeup

what happened to Jaya, wasnt' she sitting next to Abhi first, did she disappear after Big B came, and who is the boy sitting on Aishwarya's? you.ur eyes are so big n beautiful

Aishwarya looks beautiful, and it's so sweet to have her nephew on her lap. Wish BIG B a great B day. :)

wow like any regular Indian family stacking people in the back of the car

Ash is beautiful but she doesnt look good in casual western wear like jeans and tshirts

shweta s boy is sitting on ashs lap cute..

she looks more beautiful wqhen she wears less makeup.

she should die her hair back to normal....otherwise she looks great!

wow i just commented for BIG B's b-day pic that him and ash are matching but i think this is a serious even here ash and Big B are this is so ridiculous and over the top!!!!!

Wow love her salway kameez!!

Aishwarya outshines the crowd yet again !

Ash is looking much MUCH better without the gothic eye make-up. au naturale! i love it!

Abhi, cannot say anything about you. cutie but the orange jacket got to GO. ASAP.

Big B, happy happy birthday! always so dashing. love it!

Bachchans, buy a bigger car will you? you're jampacked already and Abhi-Ash don't even have children yet. lol.

r u serious abt her 'right eyebrw' can u even see it???

aish is lookin so preety

Whats wrong with her right eyebrow...

Abhishek needs to come out of the closet, Ash is looking breathtakingly beautiful. This simple look is refreshing after all the manish malhotras and the cakey make up

Aishwarya always looks so pretty.

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