Kiron Kher & Sonali Bendre play Bingo! with Abhishek bachchan

Kiron Kher & Sonali Bendre play Bingo! with Abhishek bachchan 0
Kiron Kher & Sonali Bendre play Bingo! with Abhishek bachchan 0

I could have sworn sonali bendre was pregnant when i saw her photos from the agarwal wedding. here she doesnt appear to be pregnant. Sonali's husband Goldie behl is a very good friend of Abhi and so is Kiron kher's son sikander kher.

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TrueDiva's picture

wow she is really a tall girl.

ritzy86's picture

She was with him in Dhai Akshar Prem Ke .... She was the one he liked but she got committed to someone else lol and than he ran away lol. Sonali was one hot, gorgeous, beautiful thing back when she was in movies. Her figure never really changed from when she started movies to the end. She had a great figure .... skinny and toned but she had her assets right in place. I loved her simple beauty. I loved her facial features and and tall body. Now .... she's obviously married and all so she has changed but she still looks great. I still think she's pregnant she has a bit of tummy. Her face has gotten bigger too with her body and age but she still looks great.

Anonymous's picture

These two make a really good couple

Anonymous's picture

When I saw Sonali in the previous picture, I thought she ids pregnent.

Anonymous's picture

Sonali and Abhishek look great together. Shame they never got to do any films together.

Anonymous's picture

Abhishek BFG= Big Friendly Giant :)

Anonymous's picture

she looks healty to me and great
really beautiful, you dont have to be skinny to look good

Anonymous's picture

why the heck abhishek is wearing so pink top?

Anonymous's picture

Abhishek is looking great these days!

Anonymous's picture

She is not fat -- she is not anarexic! She is healthy and she is emnoying her life!

Anonymous's picture

she is not preg, just getting fat.

Anonymous's picture

these look like old pics


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