Players theme song

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Wow, Some people comment here just to trash certain actors or actresses. Honestly, the song sounds nice. Didn't have high hopes for Sonam's dancing but she kinda did it right this time around. Abbas-Mustan are known for high on masala entertainers and they kinda work for them even with not up to the mark casting. So, lets see what happens.

i like bips but sonam makes the movie dull with her dullness, big no for sonam, she should leave bollywood, she makes every movie dull and eventually flop. Bollywood needs some talented actress, no more kat, dp, sonam.

this reminds me so much of Cash..a cool song in a disappointing movie! Let's hope this one won't be the same..

sonam Looks hot.......

Hopefully, Bipasha's bikini act will save the film from bombing at the box-office! ;)

sonam looks hot. her expressions are fabuloussss! look at her eyes - piercing!

the choreography is terrible and I agree with Sat, 2011-11-19 22:06 — Anonymous, she looks out of place especially when she is dancing. But for Sonam's sake I hope she achieves something out of this film.

Even a branch has more sex appeal than Sonam

Post this PV

Um, the lyrics really don't fit here and are not catchy.
Sure its an interesting line but doesn't really work in lyric/music format.
I doubt anyone will be humming this song.

Am I the only one who thinks that Sonam looks out of place here? Even though she is a terrible actress, she fits more the kind of roles she played in Mausam and Saawariya. But then again why just her, the entire casting of the movie is terrible. Abhishek in the place of Mark Walhberg...please no!!!


The undisputed king of flop movies Abhishek is back. It will be a flop movie regardless of anything.

I have high expectations from this film. I mean entertainment wise. This song isn't great. None of them can dance well.

Cash meets Dhoom 2! :)

don't let charlize theron and edward norton see this video

Sonam looks spectacular!

it looks like a reeeeaally bad version of the race theme song

flop song and movie...go watch the original instead

Bips is soo Hot!

Interesting looking video, but not as good as Race songs, and this group looks odd together, its strange seeing sonam like this.

Nice song but wish the had a better cast really don't care for Abhi.. at all

Sat, 2011-11-19 09:57 — reshmi

i disagree..its a nice song!

Nice video! Pathetic song! Nothing compared to Race! Disapoointed! :(

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