Ranbir, Priyanka, Abhi-Ash at GQ awards

Ohh love this picture.

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Credits: fb

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Priyanka looks far better in this picture than Aishwarya.

PC is realy very hot.

both PC and Ash are looking like witches

Ranbir the prince

this one completely goes to pri......... she is looking way better than aish.. she is looking dullllllll.

what is with Ash's white face makeup all of the time. she is brown! she should embrace it!

as beautiful as Ash is, Pri is more beautiful here. but, it's not a fair comparison: Ash is in her late 30s and Pri in her mid-late 20s. the beauty of youth is ever present in this pic. sorry Ash.

ash is lukin way b8r than priyanka

Tue, 2010-11-02 00:34 — Anonymous soo true

i thought i was the only one who noticed she ALWAYS (until recently) has like a tummy pooch/baby bump in all her early films

i remember seeing krissh in theater and her tummy was all hanging out in one scene xD

I agree with you guys. And Karan Johar is an idiot who always mixes himself up with royalty. You produce movies dude, you don't own the world.

neither of the actresses are looking great, PC is rocking the gown coz she has toned body

ash is looking better then pc

I prefer Priyanka in this picture. She looks prettier than Aish

priyanka is rockin that gown!

all r looking bad

this is kinda epic. 2 miss worlds in 1 pic! wow. i wish kjo wasn't in the middle of Ash (btw, i won't stop calling you Ash, Ash. lol) and PC. that would have been much better! :)

Wow, PC looks so gorgeous.

priyanka looks so much hotter than aish.

aishwarya is looking much better then pc

ash is luking so gorgeous

Tue, 2010-10-12 09:00 — Anonymous --> must we get into mudslinging?? If you prefer Aishwarya, that's cool. but to mudsling Pri is not. vulgar to you, perhaps.. it's all in the mind.

Priyanka is bold and wild.. but always sweet- she is like Betty of the Archie's comic series.
she is just too sweet to look vulgar, despite her bold dressing. think India's Charlie's Angel type.. she's that...

nt nic3

i dnt like priyanka, but has to say she steal the looks and lookin gorgeous than ash

Woww PC is actually matching up to Ash's beauty, never thought she would standing next to Ash! However, Ash is looking more elegant whereas PC is looking hot!!!

pc looks really diff..love her outfit n hair style..abhi looks dumb..ranbir looks cute.

I would love to see Aish and Ranbir on screen

Aish is the best ! She looks stunning without being vulgar like PC though !

da gals r luking nice..guys r luking ok and the gay luks out of place lol!!

priyanka looks great i love that colour

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