A Rare capture of Sunny Deol with Ahana Deol and son Karan Deol

We may have never seen Sunny Deol with Esha or Ahana in public, but here is an old capture of Sunny Deol with Hema & Dharmendra's daughter Ahana Deol and son Karan Deol.

Wonderful capture I must say!

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Credits: punjabijunction.com

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Tue, 2013-06-25 09:33 — Anonymous

Well Dharmendra is a Jatt n not Sikh. Plus his wife didnt want to divorce hi

Get educated. He is a Jatt Sikh. Jatt is just a caste. He is Deol and a Sikh!

Well Dharmendra is a Jatt n not Sikh. Plus his wife didnt want to divorce hi

I too have a lot of respect for Hema. Not only did she raise her daughters with respect and dignity, but never let anyone say anything against Dharam who seems like an absentee father to Esha and Ahana. I believe, earlier, when Hema realised that Dharam wasn't going to marry her, she had agreed to a marriage of compromise with Jeethendra. But Dharam, accompanied by Shobha (who later married Jeethendra) went and stopped the wedding; Dharam even broke the 'mandap'. Then Hema went to Dharam's father and asked him what she was supposed to do; his son wasn't willing to marry her nor was he letting her get married. That's when senior Deol made his son marry Hema. (don't know how that happened) though she never pressurised him to leave his first family and he never did. Being a strong woman, she single-handedly handled her life and brought up her daughters. Though Dharam takes the credit whenever possible.

wow relax.... sunny dont marry dimple he ask her to marry him before he get marry to pooja but she refuse but when she find out that he get marry she get angry and try to destroy his marriage life... and who is helping here miss hema malini

Nice pic

Aran is soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee.

sunny is the only man in an industry of boys great star .

Awh his son is soooo cute!!

all these people making up stories.... what happened was, dharmender refused to marry hema as he didnt want to get separated from his wife. But hema was so in love with him that she said she would live separately after getting married..
beleive it or not. thats the truth, coz until now parkash and dharmendre has a beautiful relationship, i have seeen there recent family pictures..So there is no chance taht at ay point of time they were going to divorce. Moreover, dharmendre is a SIKH. A SIKH Would rather die than converting into a muslim.

y they r not seen in public 2gether, n karan deol is soooooooooooooo cute..lol he remind me of my young bro, such cute naughty eyes

His nose is huge. lol

cute picture , sunny is the best

Actually Dharmendra had wanted a divorce from Prakash who refused to give him that satisfaction. So they became Muslims to get married . Dharmendra essentially lives with Prakash in the joint family set up & shuttles between both his wives. Hema has gone on record to say that she will never wish this same situation for either of her daughters.

Oh yes she did left dharam to keep his family intact and that's Prakash unlike Sridevi who went all out to keep boney away from Mona. So whatever you want to think both dharam's families are together even with hema. This is to you. Anonymous... Who wrote I mean seriously, where DO you come up with such gems! Ha ha ha!Gets together with a married man, who had children too, and she is supposed to be keeping the family together!!!??? Which family? Her's or Dharmendra's first wife's?!? Some people! And and you are some person who cannot see good in anything

respect for sunny that he kept a healthy relationship to his half sister

At the poster who talks about dharam being a married man and such...he was a number one flirt. He casanovaed Meena Kumari as well as several others. He plucked Hema who was very shy and sheltered by her tigermom against everyone's wishes. Who could resist the alluring Hema? She had everything. Pedigree, dignity, beauty, talent, independence, and a clean, cultured background. In her community alone of doctors,scientists, engineers, she would have been prized. Instead, she had to settle for so much less. She never made any demands, and kudos to her for being recognized as Hema Malini, proud parent of Esha and Ahana.
I like Sunny deol, there is something very endearing about the way he is a sibling to Ahana in this picture.

AHANA is such a cutie.

the real culprit is dharam ji ...catch him :D

Completely agree with Thu, 2012-03-29 20:29 — Anonymous
Some people indeed!

Dharmendra got married when he was very young at 19 years.When he started acting he was involved with Meena Kumari who broke her marriage to Kamal Amrohi. The moment he became big,Meena Kumari was dumped & died miserably. Hema Malini happened much later. Mrs Prakaash Deol is an extremely simply woman coming from a humble background & would not have had any help from anyone. As for Sunny Deol,he also had his marriage arranged for him by Dharmendra's father to an NRI girl. Then he too started his relationship with the much married Mrs Dimple Rajesh Khanna.
Boney & Kavita Bambhani (Sunita Anil Kapoor's sister) were an item.Mona found comfort with some business man.(Quite natural,who needs an unfaithful husband!).Sridevi came much later. The big difference was that Mona came from an affluent filmi background & Sridevi refused the second wife status which's not legal, unless you do a pretend conversion to Islam & get married. But Dharmendra's daughters are officially adopted by Mrs Prakaash Deol which's why Esha & Ahana use the Deol name.

Thu, 2012-03-29 12:31 — Anonymous..."Hema kept the family together"...
I mean seriously, where DO you come up with such gems! Ha ha ha!Gets together with a married man, who had children too, and she is supposed to be keeping the family together!!!??? Which family? Her's or Dharmendra's first wife's?!? Some people!

So cute, love that Hema and Sunny deol worked something so beautifully. My respect for Hemaji stays as high as ever, but my respect for Sunny has grown. Sometimes things happen, and it is best to accommodate in life for everyone's peace of mind. It shows maturity.

Ahana deol looks exactly like one of my frnds...

AWWWW How cute! Seems like Deol family is very much together. Always great to see them bonding. :D

She looks so much like Bobby.

it must have been the kids birthday or dharams birthday because hemas girls do not chat or hangout with the deol boys or deols sisters (yeah i think dharmendra has a daughter or two with his first wife prakash deol)

aww so cute. sunny looks really loving towards his son and his sister

So cute ! btw, is he not talking to esha, hema or ahana anymore or what ?? O.o

This is to show that Hema's marriage is not like Sridevi's. Hema kept the family together but sridevi did not accommodate boney's first family.

wow.. how awkward.. sister and son of almost same age..

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