Who babysits Aaradhya during mum's shoots?

Yes, it's none other than Aishwarya's parents.

When the superstar mum shoots at Mehboob studios in Bandra, her star kid Aaradhya is dropped off at her parents' house, which is in Bandra as well.

Credits: PinkvillaMid Day

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I can't stop laughing at those complaining that this is not news. Dear complainants, if this wasn't news you all wouldn't have clicked on the post. Ha ha ha!

Wed, 2013-01-02 17:27 — Anonymous

daadi maa and aradhya are probably the same height now so ...



Who Cares!!!!!!???

Voiceswriter I have just been silently observing your comments & I am not even an Aish hater but I seriously think you are jobless!

Why is it wrong for the grandparents to look over the baby ; Ash is doing the most sensible thing by dropping her daughter over with her parents ( dont you read how nannies misbehave with chldren) ... Ash is blessed that her parents live in the same city and they can help her out; there is nothing demeaning about it-- so stop hating Aishwarya for her correct actions -- I am not a Aishwarya fan and neither do I think her to be a great actress ( yes she is a great dancer and a very pretty lady) --stop bashing up her character for no reason -- if i could, I would also love my parents to stay near to me and supervise my child and nanny rather than leaving my child with a paid employee the whole day!!Sorry-- I cannot afford to be a stay at home mother ---i need the finances

Ash I Love thee!

Ibrahim holding ring and garland at father SAIF's wedding can be news but AARADHYA being held by grandparents cannot be news,
kATRINA being in new york can be news, RANI being in paris can be news but AARADHYA being at grandparents house cannot be news!
If this post should not be made then the same holds true for others.
Whether u like it or not, whether u agree or not AARADHYA is already a star.So whatever she does,whenever she does,whereever she goes ...makes NEWS.

voicewriter you should post her pics when she was in her early 20s she's definitely had cheek implants done.I"m saying that because in her early 20s her face was plumper than when she was in her 30s but she was really thin in her 20s more so than in her 30s .It's crystal clear that she's got implants on.

Ash pls wear more colour - purple, pink, orange, yellow and pastels too

@Kitty that troll feels threatened and is hungry, please don't feed it.

LOL at the person and/or people calling the adipose tissue on her face implants lol you guys are funny, you think you just gain weight and you features stay the way they were when you were skinny? She's damned if she's thin damned if she's plump, those cheeks are courtesy of the extra kilos you've been fat-shaming her with since she put on weight.

@ the trolling Anonymous who wrote:
"Spicyliya,Voiceswriter,kitty you all should stop visiting PV"

You're really trying to embarrass the moderator aren't you? It really highlights the fact that even after a moderation delay of hours they would print your random and unprovoked cyberbullying of its members. Shame, shame...

OK 2 Aces are top at Pinkvilla

15881 reads wow. We love the AB's.

Kudos MovieBuff!!! Very Entertaining :) Simple yet really silly too. Everyone is taking it lightly so no massive fights on yet!!!!!

LOL... this is a funny article, OK sure... Aishwarya and Aaradhya are the #1 and #2 most popular news topics on PV but this is a bit silly! ;)

What the heck?! 15512 READS???? 0_o in 12 hours + it's the #1 post of the day. Kya PR hai moviebuff arey waaaaaaaaaaah!

and this is news because???????

so?....ash ka pr sick....
pv we need genuine news..not like this

aish used to be SO GORGEOUS before. esp in HDDCS and devdas. now she looks like the fat aunties in jackson heights, new york. life sucks.

LOL, we clicked coz of the juicy headline.

daadi maa and aradhya are probably the same height now so ...

So ???

if grandma is taking care of the baby, its not cheap, its actually more warm and caring.

simple, she morphs into two, to be at two different places.. duh!!

^ lmao yes! its so obvious
(awesome answer)

Wed, 2013-01-02 00:15 — Anonymous

Wow that's great!!! Thank you for letting me know....this had been bugging me since she was born!!! Would you be kind enough to make another post on "Who changes Aradhya's diapers?" and enlighten us on the topic?
Thank you!
ROFLMAO!!!!! you stole my words MATE :P

simple, she morphs into two, to be at two different places.. duh!!

Shut up... You ALL clicked on it. So STFU.

I clicked on the post thinking it must be something funny like "loving hubby abishek" or "caring grandpa amitabh". anyway why pay for the baby sitter when you can have your mom do it for free.. even rich people can be cheap sometimes..

Who cares who will take care of her baby omg ppl has no life these days

Why is everyone getting so upset?! Aish didn't go out and announce this to the public. Someone asked her a question and she told them. Obviously it is newsworthy or you wouldn't be ticked off at reading it.

10,000 Reads in just 12 hrs . OMG ..............

wooow what a news so interesting.......seriously, stop this nonsense

why is this news? I mean seriously???

seriously that's news. who cares who takes care of the baby...big deal. there are many more pressing matters like the recent Delhi gang rape murder. the mother of the victim is totally devastated losing a daughter in a gruesome and brutal manner.

wow dadi maa is not tursted here ;)

Wed, 2013-01-02 01:17 — bebo_pclover20
No comment. *facepalm*
Hahaha my initial same reaction! Why the hell is this news? Even though wierdly like any other Ash post on PV this has got an insane number of views!Not hating or gushing;just saying;-)

Her cheek implants are so visible

WHY? did someone ask?

lol. I love Ash but the media will make a story out of anything on her

thanks for the post, i always wondered where star kids stay when the star parents are so busy. Good to know at least Aradhya is in safe hands, unlike many of others only mistreated by their babysitters.

Waaaaw thanks for the information



Wed, 2013-01-02 00:15 — Anonymous
Wow that's great!!! Thank you for letting me know....this had been bugging me since she was born!!! Would you be kind enough to make another post on "Who changes Aradhya's diapers?" and enlighten us on the topic?
Thank you!

Now we must find out who is baby sitting Viaan while Shilpa is on Naach Baliye 5, the twins while Celina is shooting RBR, Sara while Lara is promoting her sarees & Azad while Kiran scouts for her new film. :-)

4748 READS! why the hell people who say "IS THIS A NEWS" are visiting this post then..bugger off

Spicyliya,Voiceswriter,kitty you all should stop visiting PV


LOL for once we all agree on something. Crappy news.

so this is a news ??

This is crap must be Bachchans PR. Have anyone seen the Abhishek thank you wish to aishwarya thank you for being a housemum. Abhi is oldfashion .. never thought that.. Seems like the Bachchans want Aishwarya to be housemum, .. the baby has a great babysit if aish does a couple ads. thanks bachchans for this pr stunt..
hahhaha mums work really hard day and day. But Aishwarya is enjoying doing nothing!

And this news why?? Crazy!! Whom PR is this news coming?

anyways, this is sweet

is this news?

Why not jaya bachan???

Are you okay????

What the heck kinda news is this? o_O
It's not even a slow "Aish" news day. She was clicked out and about yesterday partying with the Behls, Kunal Kapoor & Naina Bachchan, she just taped an interview with Anupama Chopra and you post this moviebuff? SMH. :-(

Really? This needed a post?

Of course we've known it even from before anyways thanks for the tidbit

WHATERVERRR WHY IS SHE DESPERATELY WORKING ANYWAYS ??? She is over weight and should look after her child> she has every luxury in the world....

I don't get it.

Oh Ok.. I thought her neighbour **rolling eyes**

This family should be given a trophy for getting publicity for even the silliest reason....

Why is this news?


No comment. *facepalm*

i am waiting for comments like these!!!

"OMG that's so cute"
"ASH the most beautiful woman in the world"
"This whole thing is so cute and out of this world"
"OMG ASH is so caring so does her parents"
"Just look the picture ASH please come back"

P.S. she is not doing any movies than why she was at Mahboob studio :/

Next: what diapers does Aaradhya use? This is beyond pathetic.

Wow that's great!!! Thank you for letting me know....this had been bugging me since she was born!!! Would you be kind enough to make another post on "Who changes Aradhya's diapers?" and enlighten us on the topic?
Thank you!

poor kid has to be compared to her mom all life long! ppl will expect her to be as pretty :-(

What the hell was that???

Cheek-implant - ALERT

LOL- above pic- this is not Ash's original face .. Now-she has it filled with botox and surgery- it is so unnatural.. she was so beautiful.. earlier.
Now she looks like a drag-queen.

Talk about scrapping the barrell! Lol. What kind of topic is this to discuss, I mean really!

She looks really scary in that picture

I knew it. I'm sure poor little aradhya spends more time with her grandparents than her mom. And all that 'drama' aish does I love my baby and all that. Give me a break!

Good doing......Shouldn't trust anyone except our parents. ^:^

You're kidding me right?

Best babysitters are ur retired parents or inlaws. Since Big B and Jaya still work that is ideal!!

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