Aishwarya Cheek Implants?

I recently saw a show on Bollywood surgeries and they said Aishwarya has had cheek implants ( added fat in ur face to enhance ur cheekbones).
The pictures they showed had a point. I wouldnt be highly surprised if they were right.



Or is it just age, or makeup, or a rumour?


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ash z d most natural face on earth.

Dumb article.

these photos are very butiful

The way the pictures have been put together is clumsy and the point is completely lost. However, there is no denying that she has had things done to her face. For example, her teeth, her lips a bit similar to what Katrina has done, her nose to be less broad and more pointy at the top and of course her skin color. There are pills and treatment on the market to enlighten your skin and maintain it once the desired level of shade has been achieved. I am not saying that she was dusky before and now she is lighter, what I am saying is that she was already lighter than a dusky person, and has had things in order to have a uniform color all over. Basically turning herself at least 2 shades lighter from head to toe.

it is the most ridiculous article i have ever came across! period.

The last pic is BREATH TAKING :O Omg she is BEAUTIFUL!

So dumb! If you smile your cheeks are bigger when you're not smiling. So you keep BEFORE pics as not smiling ones and AFTER pics as smiling ones. Please make some sense at least

Aish is one of those rarest natural beauties in this modern era. RESPECT HER!!

That's sooooo rude of u....y can't ppl just accept that she is beautiful...yess yess GOD was partial...he made her very very beautiful.... U have to accept this partiality...
Also in the before pics she isn't smiling at all.. So obviously u won't see the cheeks n in all her after pics she is!!!!
Thoda tho logic lagao's simple
Also wen I gain weight my cheeks tend to get fuller n we all know how she used to be soo skinny n then kept on gaining weight as she aged...
She's a very graceful n a dignified lady...

Ps. M not a die hard fan of ash...but I feel no shame in accepting that she's beautiful..period!!!

age or photshoping of pics changes the looks

ash didn't have the implants and kat has done no work on her face...

i think she got it dones. she was fit in dhoom to with the new cheeks..

definitely she has.a cheek is not just a order to have cheeks first you must have face bones under it.she didn't have the bones before so it's not possible to grew bones matter how much you get weight if you don't have the bones,you won't have cheeks,especially so symmetrically distributed plumped cheeks.Btw her implants are very good made.kudos to the doctor.

i dont think so..she just put on bit weight..but she looks gorgeous before n after...

u guyss have to wear glasses she is the same

No guys you can't have the result on cheek only with make up.You must be blind not to see it.She had very good cheek implant surgery.Period.

After preity's Botox addiction, I am more than 100% sure that Ash has so much work done...!!

i can see why this was posted but i seriously don't think she's had any MAJOR work done. you have to take into account that makeup can really enhance (or the opposite) certain features.

Did u notice that in all of the BEFORE pics she is NOT SMILING. And in the AFTER pics, she IS SMILING. Therefore, Smiling enhances ur cheeks...therefore, you can't tell if she is had implants or not.

You might want to compare BEFORE smiling pic & AFTER smiling pic.

PINKVILLA PLEASE DELETE THIS COMMENT: Wed, 2010-12-22 11:11 — Anonymous
what is the point of censorship on this site if you let these kind of comments through? disgusting

Gorgeous but no cheek implants. In fact, I don't think she has had any work done on her face other than her teeth.

....not to mention blush and contouring makeup also makes a huge difference in the appearance of cheekbones. Know this via personal experience as well.

Nah....she may certainly have has surgery, but these photos are not good evidence. For example, before images taken when not smiling, after images with smiling - of course the cheek bones will look more prominant! And honestly, any slight difference detected is apparent in my own face with normal weight fluctuation - the first place I see it is in the prominence of my cheekbones.

kareena has had it done too

what i got to know is that she looks almost same in all pics so dnt waste our time

what i got to know is that she looks almost same in all pics so dnt waste our time

Every one does that now a be in business its needed...whether we accept it or not beauty plays a major role....

One of the magazines claimed that one the biggest actress of bollywood had cheek implants and looks amazing...i didnt realise that they were talking about Aish..obviously there was no name...personally i thought they were talking about priyanka!

Cheek implants!? Dude she had a round face to begin with .... have you noticed her face got skinner like the BONE of her face got skinner later on in her career I wish I could post pictures but I don't think it's anything too extreme it does make her eyes look larger they didn't look so great before. These pictures really don't show much of anything. You haven't selected the right pictures and she didn't have implant she had some sort of reduction of her cheekbone IF ANYTHING because her facial bone got significantly smaller in her later movies. I saw her 1998 interview with Simi and her face looked wideeee not FAT wide but JUST wide even some of her Ms. World pictures her facial bone is all square. It could be bad angles but that's probably all she has had done. Katrina has had no surgery dude .... her nose was always so darn skinny and it's still a bit slanted at times as it used to be stop spreading stupid rumors.

Ask the men she slept with.

i still wonder why the aishwaryas and katrinas have to get implants and cosmetic surgeries done anyway! lol

I don't know about cheek implants, but am I just imagining her eyes looking smaller or something?

Aishwarya rai has dental veneers on her front teeth right.
But they are done really well. They look as good as real.

She looks so much like Tyra Banks.

we cant trust her when she says "no" because she also said she has never done fairness ads but we people here know that how many fairness ads of aishwarys were found!! how many fairness implying promotions havae been seen how can we trust this woman someone here said ...fakeness is her trademark!! and indians -obsessed indians-love that!

Make-up, photoshopping and lighting, not to mention facial expression differences and age in first picture of Before and after

could be that she has out on weight

To Anonymous on Tue, 2010-03-02 12:21.....if you are a cosmetic surgeon, then tell us in detail what work has been done.

I dont c the difference from before or after. Maybe its her style of make-up or she ate more. What really bothers me is that, People have asked Aishwarya "have u got surgery done" and she always replies "no!" So whenn we continue to question the fact whether she got surgery, or a nose jop, or implants, WE OUR DOUBTING HER HONESTY! and calling her a liar. cant we all just believe aishwarya, wen she clearly says "NO, I havent gotten surgery"

I dont c the difference from before or after. Maybe its her style of make-up or she ate more. What really bothers me is that, People have asked Aishwarya "have u got surgery done" and she always replies "no!" So whenn we continue to question the fact whether she got surgery, or a nose jop, or implants, WE OUR DOUBTING HER HONESTY! and calling her a liar. cant we all just believe aishwarya, wen she clearly says "NO, I havent gotten surgery"

aishwarya rai has dental teeth veneers on her four fronth teeth???


she has original beauty,this is just a rumours.....

Oh please no she has not! Dah! This is so ridiculous it´s pretty hilarious!!!!!!!!!!LOL

LOL this is funny hahahahaha

I don't think she has had anything done. I looked at the pics from pagent and she looks pretty much the same :)

rounded cheekbones are said to be a great sign of beauty.. but she looked cuter and more simpler before with less appled-cheeks..

you can see the differenece but she did win miis world so she must be still nice looking without it, i think its nice to win miss world to look preety with just make up but not too much ut surgery is a nono

Sarah Palin, anyone?
her possible cheek implants or natural face shape change - gives her that pretty Sarah look.. anyone agree? they have very similar 'apple rounded' cheeks, which is very hip now

I dont think she needs to 'add' fat to her face; her face did change a lot from her younger times, and her body has much more fat now than before - even the face. So, I dont think this is an implant, but she just got fatter. Again, you never know...

Apples or no apples. That lady has a certain serenity, grace and elegance and still manages to come accross as approachable. This is what makes her so incredibly attractive. These characteristics cannot be acquired by platic surgery and they are what we should be paying attention to. ESp in a world where every celeb is trying to out shock and out do one another, Grace and elegance goes along way.

because she denies it !!

fans denies it ...still saying that she is just natural beauty ...:))

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2009-09-05 18:14.
she is a target because she is supposedly the 'world's most beautiful' and is supposedly '100% real"

yes,stars do cheek implants.but for aishwariya,i would say,it's just her age which has done the difference.she has become skinnier than her young age to cope up with the international demand.if u observe u would see a wide difference between any actor's past and recent days photos.there are 2 more examples i can give u about rani and karina.both of them looked little bit chubby when they were new and u can notice the difference on their cheeks when they smile.i heard people saying that karina went through knife to have the chiseled jaw line.i think she has a square shaped jaw line.because she has become very skinny now her cheeks look more prominent and chiseled.

Cheekbones via injectables is nothing new or shocking-- it's like a laser treatment these days. it's old news...

yeah.. nearly 90% of Hollywood gets 'apples in their cheeks' done - and Bollywood is following this trend (Kar certainly did).

It's supposed to make one look more feminine by balancing out heavy jaws (as one ages, our jaws get bigger). injectable apples are all the rage among dermatogists -- 'when you smile, you want apples-- and we can give you apples'-- is what every salon dermatolgist pushes and advertises to beautify their patients.

for these stars who make big bucks it's cheap & instant, last two years.. and nearly painless injectables. Every star and their cousin has apples when they smile now-- it's the new 'beauty necessity'. NEARLY EVERYONE DOES THIS-- WHY TARGET HER?

Well, something does look different in her face FOR SURE, especially when she is wearing that gold dress. but i know for sure she had an eyebrow lift, cause her left eyebrow is always arched or raised and looks weird.

no she's just getting older not getting implants

injectable dermal fillers for sure


then go and check her pageant days photos and garden sari ad photos ...and compare those pics with the latest ones ...dont be so blind ...stars also not so perfect dear fans as you dream of :)

When you are comparing two pictures, you compare them in the same mode...i.e.,you show Ash has a dull face in a picture and in the other one you show her smiling widely (which will obviously enhance her cheeks!!)..
Get your facts right before trying to spoil the image and reputation of a super-star like Ash!!

ya, dude... beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder.. no wonder dey wake up next morning and puke at the very beauty they floored on last night... haha

Many makeup artists in the past have also mentioned that the only 'natural beauty' in the industry was Manisha (this was when Aish first came on scene).. so it depends on who the makeup artist is.. even they differ on their opinions. anyhow, if Mickey says so.. he is very respected-- his word has weight.

@Don't be stupid, they were talking about natural beauty and the only one mentioned by all of them was Aishwarya. I guess you think they are all liars. You haters are never satisfied.

who in bolly or hollywood is not fake??

they are not I don't think so.

Sing: 'How do rumors get started, they're started by the jealous people and
They get mad seein' somethin' they had and sombody else is holdin' '

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

Implants vs. natural-- it's all in who you fool/not-fool. Who cares if it's provided by Mother Nature or Dr. XYZ??? As long as the dude buys the theater ticket and drools at your site, you've gotta fan... a chance to be a star...

whats with the essays we r discussing wether we think she has had cheek implants or not? a simple sentene wit yes or no is suffice.

no one is jealous dear anon ...we are just discussing :))

I agree with anon with below (Anonymous on Sat, 2009-08-29 20:10.)

so the summary is she is star of india however all stars she has pre-swan , swan and post-swan periods ...:)) :))

jealous, guys??

Well.. time to step back:

Whether Aishwarya has her beauty 'artifically made' or 'naturally made' or somewhere in the middle (most likely), she has stolen the hearts of India via her beauty-- so whatever she did (or didn't do), she should get an Allure trophy for it. No other star in India (or perhaps the world) is more celebrated or adored for their supposed 'great looks' than her.

Beauty secrets-- it's doubtful she will ever tell. it's her trade of secret, after all. today there are a few photos of her from her childhood. she is cute & 'ordinary'--> but yes, nothing like the 'great beauty which India adores' today.
what is the secret of the childhood/college photos that do not do her justice... were they photos that indicate a pre-swan.. who knows? Certainly, she vastly improved in her looks from her 1994 pagaent days-- but then they say, they were photos too that did not do her justice. So the mystery is-- was she born with it.. or was it ??

How did Aishwarya, the golden swan of India, become the symbol of its beauty?
This is the mystery of her aura, after all. THIS IS THE STAR CALLED AISHWARYA.

i cant understand why some people are so madly defensive when it is ash!

if this post had been about any other celebrity ...most of people would have agreed ...yes yes cheek implant in bollywood surely done!! however when it is aishwarya rai people dont want to accept

facts about aishwarya rai has never been one knows whether she had or not but when I look at her pageant day photos and the time when she was modeling -say for garden saris as an example- her face shape and cheeks very different flat and wide ...having a round face...of course by age people change ...but not this type of change i have never seen ...

nowadays on the other hand implants surgeries has done so carefully and professionally that hardly anyone realizes that a person has had it done!!

remember articles about her beauty tips ...which was just full of nonsense saying that she never diets she never exercises..etc and funniest of all that article says ash has kept her natural hair and never tried to get attractive by bleaching her hair ...well she has black hair naturally ...and dyes is which is very clear even in most of her online pics another thing far as I know brown is lighter than black so she DOES BLEACH her hair ...

here ...maybe she had cheek implants ...dont be so blind ...I have never seen such media who sidelines all other celebrities and favours only one ...

By the way I love aishwarya rai and I think she is very beautiful ...the only wrong thing about her is that she has to stop pretending to be naturally beautiful ...she has done lots of things to catch this look of hers ...

she changed her hair ,wearing contacts to make her dark green eyes light, dyed hair, trying to stay fit , makeup, photoshop ...if she behaves natural then no problem the only reason why she is so controversial is that she is not honest...

yes she is gorgeous ...most beautiful in the world ...but has done a lot to get all these titles team, photoshop team , contacts to make green eyes lighetr, lots of exercise , maybe some simple surgeries etc so she is one of those ordinary celebs ...who has to do all these as their job requires ...

Who cares? She is gorgeous anyway you look at her!

She just gained weight...

silly & stupid ...she hav no cheek bones.........y r showing difference between a skinny pic & healthy pic

it's not that she's not stunning, she certainly is!
it's just that with or without cheekbones, she will never have a 'perfect oval' face-- a definition of beauty by some. hence some ppl will never find her as attractive as others..

@Anonymous on Thu, 2009-08-27 20:56-that was great!!!

u can so tell she has had implants

are you stupid
she has a stunnin face

with or without the supposed 'cheek implants', she never had the classic oval shaped face (Madhubala, Waheeda, Madhuri) which make Indian women so breathtakingly gorgeous.

she was cute.. but without the oval face-- she never was 'all that'.. but she became the #1 star due to her dedication and hard work and luv of her fans.

There was a time when beauty was all natural.. (the pancake does not count):
Waheeda, Madhubala-- yes, they had 0% work done.

In this day and age, if a star has 0% work done, that's a freak in the industry. She may or may not have had her cheekbones puffed by injectables- so be it. It's her right and business... her business demands top-looks as a model, which she was + her roles. It would be silly not to take advantage of the beauty-enhancement options, since she has the big bucks to get them.

to Submitted by unthinkable on Thu, 2009-08-27 21:23.

"So just imagine if they were 100 percent honest with us would we even be able to keep track of who got what done and where and how"


Can't compare the photos though, as she is not smiling in some and smiles in the other, so of course when you smile, you can see the apples of the cheeks!

well ...why people try to find out things about her thaat she PRETENDS to be natural while SHE IS NOT.thats why aishwarya rai has been so controversial ...see her photos from her early days when she was modeling then everyone will see the difference of her shape structure ...of course weight gain makes a difference as well but not this type of change WE ARE NOT STUPID FOLKS ...

stupid post ... its called weight gain.

the only artfice she has admitted to is offically in the press teeth veneers (yes, her entire teeth is capped). that's common in filmy lines.. for a 'quick nice smile'. not a big deal. she has denied denied denied all else. however, that was at the start of her career. she does look way way different from her Miss World days.. impossible to believe that the so-so looking person from her Miss World days went onto become India's 'most beautiful' ever.

whatever she did (or did not do)-- she successfully accomplished a mission to be the style beauty icon.

The poster really should have chosen her pre-1994 photos to see the difference. That's when the face structure difference is very dramatic.

This post makes little sense otherwise. Really.

As for whether she did or not.. whether she has real green eyes or not.. it's for her to know and u to not find out. heh heh..

she had a round face in her early years now heart-shaped has changed her a lot

of course she has had multiple surgeries done..LOL..what took you so long to figure that out

yes yes yes

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