Aishwarya rai and her so called manglik dosha

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I am not sure if people knew about this, but during the time of "the" bollywood wedding i.e the Aiswarya rai and abhishek bachchan wedding, there were lots of reports in the media about aishwarya and her manglik dosh. This is year 2007 and the media were going crazy analyzing and predicting that Aishwarya's manglik dosha is very bad for abhishek and the bachchan household.

For people unaware with astrology here is more on manglik dosha - This condition is astrologically believed to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to separation and divorce, and in some cases, it is believed to cause untimely death of one spouse.

The media predicted that the marriage wont last nor will abhishek's career. The bachchan's were believed to have done some puja to rectify the dosha. I am glad the bachchan's did not get bogged down by the media. They went ahead and got the 2 married.

Come 2010, lets analyze the effect Aishwarya rai has had on the bachchan family.

- The bachchan name is now stronger than ever. The bachchans now are getting more attention and eyes thanks to aishwarya.

-ABCL - the production house of the bachchans which incurred severe losses in the 90s is resurrected and also had a hit Pa.

- Abhishek's career seemed to have picked up. Dostana, Guru were 2 hits that he had after marriage and also has an interesting line of movies lines up. He also has a TV show of his own and has got some good endorsements as well.

- Everyone is bollywood seems to be sucking up to the bachchans, be it the one time rival SRK, or aamir , every person attended the Pa premiere and it proved that the Bachchans are the first family in bollywood today.

Kudos to the bachchans for not heeding to astrology and a big kudos to aishwarya for putting up with all the media glare and negativity on her personal life. All power to you babe!

And heres congratulating Aishwarya and Abhishek on their 3rd wedding anniversary. Wish you both have many many more.


set aside everything else...Abhishek's career is booming...interesting movie line up..good one bro!

if such astrolgers could predict such things, then why can't they stop terrorist attacks, why can't they predict natural disasters that will occur...why aren't they living a well off life, considering most of them get money for their pujas it shows that this advice they give is they way of if they could predict the life of others, how come they can't give themselves a better life...
such bakwas...

i am mbbs doctor and i believe that such mangal dosh is exist, ppl who blam astrology dsnt knw that manglik person is unlucky for his husband not for case of aish , she did the pooja{many tv channel show that} which can cancell ill effect of such astrology ,there r many doshas and there are many solutions also....i m going 2 marry the girl,who is manglik ,,but v decide 2 do such poojas ,,and all the spiritual remedy indicated in granthas

Two things-1. if you are 'mbbs' doctor,does that mean everything you say should be right?Your knowledge of medicine doesn't give you a right to brag about that and say 'just because you are a mbbs doctor and you have an opinion, so it should be correct or it should be given more weightage.'

2. In your school ,was your english teacher often on leave?Saying so coz it shows.

Btw I am a mbbs doctor too and i don't believe in doshas but I know its just my point of view and would never use my qualification to have my opinions or views validated.

well well well..marrying a tree..only in your culture!

People r rediculous..who fuc**ng care wht is there in her Kundali??? she is famous, has money, face n an amazing personal life. What about people who break others marriage or divorce like going to market. Wht abt their so called 'DOSHA'

she got married to a tree so her marriage to abhi is actually her second marriage. first being the tree. that was supposed to remove the curse (manglik thing). this was all over the news during their wedding. they attend pooja paat every now and thn to keep the maglisk thing away from their family.

lies such lies. she got married to a TREE before the actual wedding!! it was featured everywhere on the news all over the world!

i am mbbs doctor and i believe that such mangal dosh is exist, ppl who blam astrology dsnt knw that manglik person is unlucky for his husband not for case of aish , she did the pooja{many tv channel show that} which can cancell ill effect of such astrology ,there r many doshas and there are many solutions also....i m going 2 marry the girl,who is manglik ,,but v decide 2 do such poojas ,,and all the spiritual remedy indicated in granthas

This is the most stupidest thing ive ever heard (The mangalik crap) and even if she did have it, which im sure alot of ppl in India do -- its such a stigmatized issue that im sure its very sensitive to ppl who are and shouldnt be thrown out as such a tabbooo!

Aishwariya rai was fading away, but after marrying ABHI she raised back.

So everyone would've forgotten Amitabh B if Aish hadn't married his son? Yeah I believe that. I also believe in leprechauns!! :P LOL!!

I totally agree that Aishwarya has done wonders for the Bachchans. Yes they were big before, but she has given them glamour, beauty and interest. She is a classy lady and they know it. I wish Aishwarya and Abhishek a lifetime of happiness...and ...a cute junior junior bachchan..? :)

people r so cheap..why do anyone has to talk in personal matters..they r celebrities so talk abt their movie..talking abt someone DOSHAS n personal life is just cheap.

she is an angel

Ash prediction - 2012 onwards she will reach the highest positin in whatever chosen field as well as that representing her country

AbhiAsh Baby Boy will be concieved in 2011 and born 2012 according to 2 different astrologers - one on Lehren TV who predicted for their wedding anniversay and the other a uk astrologer rajeev sharma. Both have videos on the net and youtube. Let's see their accuracy.

More power to ASH!!

UMMM 'Everyone is bollywood seems to be sucking up to the bachchans' What the hell r u talking about? Not everyone in this industry attended the premiere for Paa - Kareena - who is not talking to the bachans nor is ever going to do a movie with abhi - didnt attend and she's not sucking up to them. Thats just insane that you claim that "EVERYONE" please....and yet again the Bachans are NOT the first family in Bollywood its the Kapoor's 100%.
They have generations behind that name - Bachans was only started by Amitab and she just has one sone who acts (not that great either)- So smitag - get ur facts straight

if this is what manglik is more women should be manglik lol all that beauty intelligence and success plus loving family and moolah

it was after AbhiAsh wedding that the Bachans realised they really were quite secluded and did not get on much with many people in the industry. from SRK, The kapoors, Salman, There werent many that actually got on with them. So now they have tried to make more of an effort with people.

it was after AbhiAsh wedding that the Bachans realised they really were quite secluded and did not get on much with many people in the industry. from SRK, The kapoors, Salman, There werent many that actually got on with them. So now they have tried to make more of an effort with people.

i dont think aishwarya improved the bachan household name. they were famous as ever and she knew this well. She married Abhishek only when he started to get recognised and was becoming a huge name. As for astrology - yes the Bachans to believe in all this otherwise they would not wear those rings. Every member of the household wears one according to his astrology.

And i can see waht they mean when they say shes not good luck for her man. When she was with Salman his career went downwards, then she got together with Vivek when he was at the point of becoming a big star and his career also took a U turn. And if you actually have a look at Abhisheks career graph...shes not really proved lucky for him either. He married her in 2007 and in three years he has only been able to give one hit dostana which isnt even a solo film. Paa did well but his fathers work got recognised more than him.

so when they say she wasnt good for him the Bachans obviously believed this otherwise they wouldnt have attended so many pujas etc for them.

It is such a tragedy that our media predicts events based on astrology. Disgusting even.

thats true "She is the luckiest woman alive"

thats true "She is the luckiest woman alive"

The entire Bachchan family are big believer's in astrology, if they weren't then they would not have done so many puja's, and they wouldn't wear so many of those rings!

At the end of the day it's their business whom they marry, and what goes on in their household. I don't understand why people have to care so much about a celeb's personal life when they don't know them personally themselves. Watching their films for entertainment in enough.

As for the star thing, oh please...Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest star and most talented in that family at the moment. Yes, Aish does have her own stardom, but to give her credit for the success of the BACHCHAN surname is just idiotic. The entire family has their own fan following individually, IT IS NOT all thanks to a single person.

good luck and god bless the couple and the family they are extra ordinary family god is with them because they do the right thing don't harm any one and be generous to every human being be nice. They are on family who has talent and super star all diamond in one pot. Again god bless them and wish they have a family soon.

From 2012 ASH will rock like never before according to numerology and astrology in al different areas of her life from personal to career.

Ash' Brith time in unknown by the public so how come these guru's claim to know this? Total rubbish. Ash is luckier that billions of women around the world.

I wish I was magnlik if I could be this lucky - be so successfull and loved. Mangal dosh cancells out after 30. Over 70% of the public is manglik ie has mars planet in the wrong astro house and also if 2 manlik's marry it cancels out too and then brings luck. I've heard both Abhi & Ash are manlik.

stupid superstition

manglik doshi? she is one of the luckiest women alive, her hubby adores her and
so do her her inlaws...this woman has become top of everything, miss world,
modelling, number one actress, most beautiful, richest. Ufff.

great post smitag.....

how can she be unlucky for him, when her own career is sky rocketing. and they are indeed the first family, cause they all have talent. Most families in bwood only have a parent who is talented and the kids are trying to lag behind...but this family is full of talent

Win win sitaution for both sides. Hope they wait for another 4 yrs before kids and enjoy their time together.

Jaya bacchan is always so stern!1

Mangal dosh goes weaken after age 30. Also they did some remedies. Anyways, kudos to Bachchans for not being so superstitious. Aish after IS who she is and she must have other stars in favor of her.

Aishwarya broke a million hearts when she married Abhi & she adores him. The Bachchans are powerful, commanding and full of insight. It is a win win situation .

Agree with bollywood. She is manglik n for that they did lotta remedies to lessen the adverse effects. First she had to get married to banyan tree n then had it chopped off. Only sfter that she married junior bachchan. she is very dominating, control freak n OCD of perfectionism the fami must b silently suffering. Her ambition for limelight, power, money n fame overshadows her womanliness, She is near 40 still no child, that would b most awaited for bachchans. All that glitters is not gold, who knows what's happening in their house. As for junior bachchan he is always ready to b subordiate to anyone n nit much of successful guy expect for credit of father n wife. She still gives tension I think to all but tactfully n being how they r bachchans would never speak bad. Well! There will always b domestic discomfort in fami with manglik even if done remedy also.

Aish is just so sooo beautiful

Smitag ur so rong. Ash married the bachans for her career n to stay in the limelight or she would have been forgotten about time ago now! N ur soooo ring in sayin she's helped the bachans out! Hello she needed their help! N how r they the first family just bcoz amitavh is popular. The first would be someone like the kapoors who have served Indian cinema for centuries n actually helped the industry to grow leaps n bounds!! N xcuse me but shahrukh n amir dnt need to suck up to the bachans. Especially amir. Even salman. Their one film here in London would be faster sell outs than ten films of all the bachans put together! N I would just like to point out a fact to u that.. Amitabh n his clan r only this obsessively Popular in india., in Europe n western countries Its all about the khans! noone cares about the bachans.. N pa didn Even last a week here in dome places!!The khans are what bollywood should be defined as!!

beautiful couple.....

beautiful couple.....

why would Jaya have to put Ash right! Actually recent interview with Jaya where she stated her and Ash are more "buddies" than anything else.

SORRY smitag..but i found this write up really silly.
Don't tell me you believe PAA was a hit because of the glorious presence of Aishwarya Rai..that's laugh worthy..aint it? and at around 29 crores it has been declared a semi hit..not even a proper successful film.

To your first point i would like to say that its just the other way's Aishwarya who has got the max attention being a "bachchan bahu" ... and give me a break..a legend like Amitabh doesn't need Aishwarya to remain in news.

No one has been sucking up to the Bachchans...Why is it so hard to look at things with a positive mind. Attending premiers is sucking up? LOL! on the other hand it was the Bachchans who were sucking up to starlets like preity/akki to make them a part of their Unforgettable Tour.

Having said all that..i genuinely believe they married for love and not convenience some haters would like to believe. Their marriage is three years old only..let it age well..If you are looking at rock steady filmy marriages..taking rishi-neetu/ sridevi-bonny/ saira-dilip kumar's example would be more appropriate!

jaya has put ash rai right--jaya is strict lady

Sweetheart Couple of India. Perfect Match. You can see that they still can't keep thier hands off each other even after 3yrs which is wonderfull.

congradulations to both of them on their third wedding anniversary. I never really belived in astrology and only time can tell what will happen but despite the fact that both may be very much in love, I really think bachans married ash because of the attention she can bring to the family more specifically abhishek, which she did and rai married the bachans to ensure more stability in her life by getting the bachan name.

But really I think and no offence to any fans that abhishek's is not a promising actor. I do believe that he is only surviving in the industry because of his dad and now ash. Abhishek is well suited for chick flicks and very light hearted casual roles which he pulls off with great ease and style. But he cant pull of dramatic acting like his dad or srk. I honestly think that the guy should prove himself before his dad passes away because once mr. bachan is gone abhishek bachan is over. As for ash, she has got a great number of interesting films lined up but I am doubtful that every one of them will be a blockbuster or get critical acclaim. So far she has been really strong in the industry but I have a feeling this will be the last of her. She has lost her oomph and does not come across as refreshing!

This is just your view from the outside! How do you know whats going on inside the household?? You dont. This was a very stuped way of analizing it. It obviously has things to do with there personal relationship which no one knows of!

well the media sucks always.

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