Aishwarya’s Femina Miss India performance

After 3 years Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan made her comeback on the same stage that commenced her journey as a diva.

Aishwarya made her entry on stage with a Guzaarish act by levitating in air, landing on the platform and dancing on “Udi”.It was choreographed by Shamak Dhavar.

Catch Aishwarya’s scintillating performance from 03:35 onwards.

P.S: Did anyone notice her footwear changing from heels to flats mid-way ? It was not a live performance afterall as they claim.

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One of her very best performances ever.

cant be an excellent dancer with this amateur style...

she looks scintillating.she looks sexy in her fuller physique..

Enjoyed the performance.

Am I the only one who noticed she almost fell just before the transition for heel to flats???? She was good though, and where is PC's video?

She still got , she is a excellent DANCER!

It's magic.


Thanks for the HD vid, Oxygen!

my god this is terrible!! her exaggerated facial expressions ...and kids year-end -like steps during performance as if she is counting inside silently is really so amateur style...this performance is an insult to romantic flamenco dance!!

Liked her performance.

She can give any woman a run for their money!!!COME BACCKKKK!

the woman is sheer magicc!!!the best performance I HAVE EVERRRR SEEN!!!

@And this was obviously not live

not surprising!!! when it is aishwarya rai, lies are part of her career to stay in the news
she can do anything to b popular and talked about in the news we have seen her lies over the years

everything is so shallow and only her obsessed fans trying hard to create a kind of hype whereas just looking at her feet -sometimes high heels sometimes flats-one can say how unporfessional and local event it is by the way it shows no quality and luxury -in a professional,high end performance such terrible thing cant be seen - a dancer either dances with flats or heel throughout the dance not like her...and that spanish style... no aish stop this dance what is seen just a poor copy of spanish version

She is enjoying the dance.

Sexy lady with red lips. Enjoyed the performance.

A very beautiful dancer.

Just loved her performance.

She looks more beutiful with red lipstick. She is a delight for eyes.

I liked her performance very much.

I could not believe this - from the anchor to the performance what a cheap set up!
The loud anchor, the cheap production values...why one earth would Aishwarya choose this for a 'comeback'!!??
And very objectively speaking, she looks completely matronly here - like that Spanish dancer in the song Senorita from Zindagi na Milegi Dobabra.
And the anchor said - "kuch hi mahine pehle mummy bani" - what rot! Her daughter is over a year old, non? How is that kuch hi mahina?
And this was obviously not live. No idea- this seems like such a low budget affair and Aishwarya's dance and expressions were mediocre to say the least. She is competing with fitter and quicker heroines and has to match them no other choice.

Speechless ! WAOW

the most beautiful women....


Can't believe she was away from stage three years. amazing performance.

What a dancer! Superb!

Wow! I love you Aish.

She looks gorgeous!! Go away haters, we know who you are.

I just can't stop watching this over & over, Aishwarya is magical in this performance!

My favourite part would have to be the very beginning when she walks down the steps, then moves the fan, and you see her face for the first time... she just gives this LOOK! Wow!

Amazing performance.

She is looking hot again.

speechless stunning superb

Wow! Thanks Shiamak.

Man she is hot!

What a great performance. Shiamak's dancers are so talented, the choreography gave the song a new vibrance and the costumes looked amazing! And then there's Aishwarya... the queen is back! She is simply magificent.

@ falling star, thanks for including that interview from Shiamak... great! :)


Sexy lady missed you.

Some haters belong to that 1 crore haters mentioned by Manish Paul. Keep burning. I don't like her as a person. I can't ignore her beauty or dancing talent. After three years sabbatical giving this kind of performance is amazing.

nice performance! loved the mixture of bollywood with spanish flavor! aish has still got it and didn't actually watch the show, just her and pc's performance haha both were fantastic!!! graceful divas

somebody post priyankas performance

ewww y is a mom who is 40 showing her cleavage....does she think she is 30....

@femalequixote and also others..The HQ version of the performance Enjoy!! :-)

well she never had star power outside india it is limited only inside indian and whenever news made out it is just because indian obsession over her -in other words people's obsession is the news not aishwarya herself whenever i see the news including her thats not about her talent,success or modelling but the society's way of handling her- she is lucky to live in such a naive and shallow country to fool with bleached face,eyes,hair and a few classical steps on stage

Just wow!

Loved it! Pitty the video has a poor quality, waiting for a better one.
Aishwarya hasn't lost her charismatic star aura on stage, she's a diva through and through. Missed this Aishwarya!


I am just speechless.


She may be back..beautiful,elegant, grace or whatever..but she can't act..she looks beautiful in films changing lots of wardrobe in only one song sequence.. priyanka performance; s far better than hers.....

Great performance !

Come on Ash PR. Not just Aradhya we mango people also have brains. It is for every one to see how she is plus sized and slower now. And given the fact that she gave birth 1.5 yrs ago and being over weight is not a choice anyone -let alone a movie star, ever takes - it is not even healthy, it is very unlikely that she has chosen to be this way. And she was and is always known for her beauty which was impeccable. Not that she is not beautiful now but she is unfit especially for movies or performance. While there was always hype attached to her, she was never a true superstar as in she never had that kind of box office success or fan following.

how come no one is talking about the massive cleavage show she doing wearing this super low cut dress?? If it was any other actress she would have been trashed for it but since its Ms. Holier than thou Ash, its all okay...double standards!! PV please publish.

finally saw her magnificent performance.. have been waiting for this so long
the QUEEN is back
love u AISH forever and ever and ever

When is coming back to movies??

I noticed that .But she gave a excellent performance...

PC performance was the best. She did a better job.

it doesn't matter if it was pre-recorded, re-recorded, or whatever. the fact is she looks graceful and regal, despite the weight gain. she knows how to move and has stage presence.
everyone knows that after pregnancy and childbirth the body does not always rebound back to where you were before and changes occur that are beyond your control.
maybe she will never look like she used to - but she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world.

it seems her no 1 PR rules hasnt changed over the years sources close to her say that it is her number one rule for her PR to use the words "the most beautiful woman" before announcements wherever she attends say it either to interview or tv show or shoot etc thats why even abroad that sentence always repeated as a strict PR rule - as she doesnt have anything else except crown she made it rule .... otherwise you know no other miss worlds in indiaan history has manipulated exploited this tag as much as ARB anyway i just smiled and remember all this when i heard the announcement

this is just a poor copy of spanish dance besides she is overweight for this kind of dance thus she doesnt look delicate and aethetic onscreen

Ash looked very ravishing in red lipstick.... Gorgeousss....

@falling star
wow! Thanks for sharing :)

And Btw liked what the host manish said--Of the 700 crs population in the world,699 crs are inspired by her and the other one cr are just jealous! :P

ONG i CAN'T BELIVE MY EYES.............Queen is back.......yahooooo

She did great considering she's been out of the whole dancing/performing loop for a while. It was a safe choice of song though, would have loved to have seen some real energised dancing! But, baby steps I suppose!

futile hype everyone is trying so hard

why couldn't she just dance live on stage? She's obviously not confident yet and has to rely on heavy editing to make sure the applause comes much for confidence huh!!

It is Live but editted ...

Most Dazzling performance ever....

And Btw liked what the host manish said--Of the 700 crs population in the world,699 crs are inspired by her and the other one cr are just jealous! :P

WOWW!Speechless!The woman is pure brilliance..The way she moves,the unmatchable grace and elegance..The flamenco dancing was so awesome....She was PERFECT and moved like a swan!She is a born star with peerless beauty and talent.Could never imagine anyone else pulling it off with such finesse!Now come back already...And not to forget that killer attitude,she was so fierce here!And Considering her weight,she has lost it and she still has to lose more..Will be great to see her entirely back in good,healthy shape.
The act was lovely to look at ,the side dancers were superb and great choreography from Shiamak!

@Spicyliya LOL.Saw that!They had even started showing the previews of the performances,as it started.Infact,the entire show was pre-recorded!Nevertheless,it was great to see the queen perform.


Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:43 am

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is now a better dancer
Shiamak Davar gives full marks to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
By Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Senior Reporter
Published: 10:19 March 25, 2013

"In a picture posting on his twitter account, choreographer Shiamak Davar poses with Aishwariya Rai Bachchan during the Miss India finals on Sunday, March 24, 2013. Davar choreographed Rai Bachchan's return to the stage, where she performed a flamenco-inflected dance from her film "Guzaarish".

Ace Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar, who orchestrated Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s stage return on Sunday in Femina Miss India 2013 contest in Mumbai, describes her as his star pupil.

“She was magnificent on stage tonight … she was my student before she became Miss World and she has grown tremendously. It was lovely to watch her dance again,” said Davar in an interview with tabloid! over the phone on Sunday night.

Rai Bachchan, who is on a self-imposed sabbatical from films after giving birth to her daughter Aaradhya in November 2011, brought a Spanish flavour to Miss India contest, using flamenco steps to bring to life the song Udi Udi from Guzaarish. With lips painted red, a black tight bodice, skirt with ruffles and black heels, her return to the spotlight was smooth.

“I have known her for more than a decade now. She has matured and has become a better dancer now. She’s one of the most professional and the warmest person I know. Ask me any day and I will say Aishwarya and Abhishek are my favourite couple,” said Davar.

He also revealed that he is planning to choreograph a dance sequence featuring Bachchan at the forthcoming inaugural TOIFA (Times Of India Film Awards) in Vancouver.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun. We worked together in Dhoom 2, The Unforgettable World Tour and many projects. She’s very comfortable with me and our dance company. She knows our working style and our dancers,” said Davar. The goodwill was on full display as Davar posted a picture almost immediately on twitter that showed him hugging Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She was surrounded by a set of beaming dancers from his troupe.

“Returning to stage after three years is a big deal. I feel as if we have come full circle. Aishwarya does us proud in every way,” said Davar before he was interrupted by a flurry of congratulatory calls."

she just amazing...... :) she back.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Such a good performance. Aishwarya's still got it. The grace, the style, the sheer loveliness to see her move.. Magic!
Its also such a welcome relief to see her wearign a figure hugging outfit, just goes to show she's not hiding anything from anyone when she chooses to wear ethnic attire mostly nowadays, its just her choise to wear what she does, people should stop reading too much into it, she's a freakin movie star and a massive one at that, of course she's she'll bounce right back!

Good going Ash.. I await Cannes eagerly now... :)

superb performance

thank god for fresh performance. ashwariya is always a great dancers

her dance was not live...but yes priyanka's performance was better.

It's not the same any more ppl can still see she has aged and lost her charm..
But good for her coming back!!

After Madhuri, she is my favourite but no where near to Madhuri's recent performance... M is miles ahead.....

could anyone amke out anything with how incohernt the camera was?? O.O"

@Mon, 2013-03-25 10:29 — Anonymous
Can anyone pls tell me how these performances are shot??
i mean if they are not live,then how does the ppl sitting there watching it?
i hav seen this in filmfare awards and does they change their costumes so fast???
they are edited and sometimes pre-recorded. you see even the worst performances seems watchable when camera moves every 2 seconds from here to there. and then they add that fake applause sound and woosh! a bollywood stage performance is ready.

But this was an amazing performance, no doubt.

love it


Amazing performance.
really??????? I thought you are unbiased! this performance is a total disaster!

Amazing performance.

WOW, Katrina can have a rest, Aish is back

Her star quality is still unmistakable.

Beautiful performance.

Live show or not, she looked amazing! I wonder though why select a slower song to it possible that she had some health issues that caused her to gain weight and her movements are somewhat slow as well. Then again, maybe I am just reading too much into it. Either way, she looked lovely!

- Vani

dont think she ooozes grace anywhere near madhuri but yea shes luks awesomeee

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