Aishwarya already getting back in shape

By Hindustan Times.

When new mommy, actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 38, made her first public appearance post-delivery for a press meet in Mumbai, style watchers couldn’t help but take note of her fitness footwear, fitflops, which she paired with a formal Anarkali churidar by designer Abu Jani. While teaming a pair of casual flip flops with an ethnic outfit is a faux pas, it also goes on to show that Ash is in a mood to get back in shape pronto. Fitflops are thick-soled casual sandals that claim to tone the derriere, calves, legs and thighs when wore while walking.

Getting back in shape
Aishwarya’s choice of footwear clearly shows that the former beauty queen is wasting no time to get back to her fitter self. Posture shoes, such as fitflops, aid in toning muscle that in turn helps to reduce weight and get rid of cellulite through prolonged use. Designer Payal Jain feels that Aishwarya’s footwear shows a sensible and practical choice. “The suit with fitflops is not necessarily a fashion statement but, it’s very honest and real. She is looking graceful, elegant and fresh in the cream and baby pink Anarkali suit,” adds Jain.

Designer duo Smita Singh Rathore and Shani Himanshi of 11.11 by CellDSGN, say, “Aishwarya has made a wise decision in choosing fitness shoes as postpartum you need all the help and care you can get...and she does it stylishly!” Jitender Sharma, fitness trainer says, “Fitness shoes like these give support as the heel is thick and firm to absorb shock, and they improve posture. They provides your legs and bum with a muscle workout and help to tone these areas. It burns more calories than you would do when walking in a normal pair of shoes.” Shoe designer Reena Sahai says, “It shows that she is not taking the weight issue lightly.”

Fashion dilemma
Fashion stylist Rishi Raj isn’t too impressed with Aishwarya’s choice of footwear. “Aishwarya would waste no time in getting back to her usual self either by toning her body or may be coming back to her professional life, but still I feel she should not be wearing them at least to a press conference. She could have opted for a more stylish option, says Raj. “The fitflops Ash wore with the traditional outfit are off and ugly looking, even if she’s wearing them for fitness. To avoid heels, I’d recommend flat sandals with straps that would keep the feet in place; save the fitflops for the beach,” adds Raj.

Health matter
Some experts also maintain that such shoes are not meant for those with flat feet as they can push the foot’s arch up causing pain. Also, doctors believe that exercising is a better alternative. Dr. Rajat Chauhan from Back 2 Fitness says, “For toning legs, butt, thighs and calves one needs to do rigorous work out. Most of us are interested in the fitflops’ promise of trimming and toning the backside, which actually can be achieved by exercising.”

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I hate and despise how the media and people dwell and overanalyze her weight right after she's had a baby. It takes 9 months to put the weight on- and it will take at least 9 months to get it off and even longer especially if she's had a c-section. Women are not elastic bands!!! Your body goes through unbelievable changes when your pregnant and post pregnancy. Apart from the physical aspect- women go through a complete emotional roller coaster ride because one of the most unbelievable and most important thing of their lives has just happened to them; they became a mother!! The last thing on your mind is hitting the gym when you're taking care of your baby- and according to some reports she is doing all of the motherly duties. Give her a break- their fit flops for god sake, who cares about fashion! Did you ever consider that perhaps she has post partum water retention and perhaps can't fit into a sexy pair of heels just yet??
This article is such a waste of time.

To the person that exposed the phony "med" resident, good job!

for the Med Resident from JHopkins and His/her Supporter-The name is JOHNS Hopkins..Not John Hopkins So I'm sure it's a LIE that he/she is a medical resident at JH

LOL.. the news says she started hitting the gym 2 days after delivery.. I dont know if that is true.. but if it were.. I am shocked

Ash doesn't have to worry about looking young, slim, fit, fair etc - she has photoshop to do that for her!

You have to work hard to get in John hopkins. You would know, if you had gone to school in the USA.
So the joke is on you for calling the med resident an "idiot"

For all someone knows this so called student cud be working at a supermarket in the town where john hokins is! who knows?? Just saying u r so and so doenst mean a thing coz anyone can say anything here.

Very good!! But don't get be so hurry!

Sat, 2011-11-26 22:52 — Anonymous

John hopkins med school is not your grandfather's school in the slum you dwell.. nor can people bribe to get in, or have caste based reservations

You have to work hard to get in John hopkins. You would know, if you had gone to school in the USA.
So the joke is on you for calling the med resident an "idiot"

Media writing articles about someone's footwear. Aishwarya's megastardom proved again.

I really hope she doesnt rush into losing weight. That shouldnt be a priority for her at all, and I'm quite sure that she has better things to do right now. If she does decide to get into shape so quickly, I will lose respect for her. I'm positive she won't though.

People please give her a break. She has been sporting the same through her pregnancy as well.


she looks really nice......well it takes time to be in orginal shape after pregnancy .......for some people it is possible to lose extra weight in few months or even few weeks but for some people no .......i think she looks very nice considering the fact that she just had delivery one week ago ....and she didnt get too much weight for her pregnacy ..she look very simple and pretty......iam sure she will be in her orginal shape in few weeks

OMG, why does the media over-analyze Ash. This is too much, she is just wearing a flip-flop slippers like all of us do when we are at our homes, and media made a 4 paragraph long story to it, with weird imagination. This article is plain stupid. Yes, she will eventually loose weight and get back into shape, but just because she is wearing flip flops has no relationship with her getting back into shape sooner or later

how come she can leave her baby after delivery? she needs some time to look after her baby!!! whats wrong with some people....?

Who cares about her fitflops...oh my god!! INDIANS are the biggest losers ever!!! I like bollywood but i certainly dint need a page of text about some fitflops a woman is wearing after delivery!

she gets toooo much attention from pinkvilla... stop posting ridiculous things or else you will loose your fans

ARB Rocks!!

AsHrithik in YRF's next?
AsHrithik in Vishal Bharadwaj next?
AsHrithik in SLB next?
AsHrithik in Ashutosh Govrikar's next?

Why must a woman make a fashion statement every time she steps out? She gave birth a week ago for god's sake! A woman goes through a lot emotionally and physically giving birth, just leave her be!

Everyone wants u back aish !!!! jaldiii

i gained only after the "special care" in India (milk and mutton) that my family gave me.After the delivery i wasnt fat.If she continues feeding then she ll be back in no time.

Ash pls leave the baby to Abhishek and come do more movies. Missing your performances on-screen

She came home from the hospital in those slippers, but gosh so many theories and how much big of a fashion faux pas it is. Gosh really. Ash gets so much undeserved criticism. The poor lady would rather focus on comfort rather than fashion. She is at her own home yet she cant wear what she wants? :S

i m a true fan of Ash and not a mad one...
I find this post stupid...
Sujata did wonderful work with the Bday post of Ash.
But what's this????

I had 3 kids and instead of gaining weight I lost it each time, so the idiot (supposed medical resident) below has never had children obviously and lacks experience too. DODO pls do not believe everthing in a book.

Please leave the poor women alone and just let her be !

would great to see a fit aish back in movies asap!
e.g. bhansali`s bajirao mastani with aish and srk!..whatever project aish and srk do together will be after 10 years and the media and movie watchers will go crazy over it!

haha pinkvilla allowed this article !
whole essay about her foot wear :P

she didnt gain much weight. If she exercises she can be back to her normal curvy self in a month or two.

She is so so so soooo beautiful

pls do not use wrong subject line and PV moderator should monitor the best it takes 3-4 mths to shed preg weight. you gain at least 20 lbs more in your pregnancy and you cannot lose it in a week. It is not even recommended as it is injurious to your health.

If ash really is showing sign of weight loss in one week then I must sa, like the others that she faked her pregnancy

-John Hopkins medical Resident

irrelevant post

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