Aishwarya baby photos


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you r a earth anjel

ash we all luv u. long live the queen

aish u r so sweet i am ur big fan


third pic LOL born to be a miss world....and wow her mother bryida was also very beautiful!

hi ash, how's ur baby???

u r look so beautiful. I am Nirali. I want to meet u..........

your babay is to good by miss farheena

she is so cool ............... bt m better dan aish........... ha ha ha ha

aish aap humare fav ho hum aap se milna chahte he

i want to see your baby

u r looking marvellous n cute................................

hi what going on nice picture my name shivani i my your frain

i love u so much aish i crazy 4 u i want meat u yrrrrrrrrrrrrr

nice photo aish..........

sooooooooooooo sweet

ashwarya rai is my best acteress

ACTUALLY I WANT 2 SEE AISH 's ki bacchii

aish tm bhut qute ho raj hme b btao




u r one kamini

nice pics

aish m mad of u.......... i love u allot..... u are bonilasssssssss ummmmmmmmmmahh:-* :-* :-* :-*


hey nice photoes........

she look like pare

i am iswaryas fan.

she is the most beautifull lady in this world

she look very smart

i Love aishwarya rai bashshan Foor eveer

so nice

She always had those grey-green crystal eyes, even in the first pic her eyes looks naturally blue! 4rd pic looks grey and 5 looks dark grey!

aish u r really very cute......i like u very much......and ur actings and ur eyes......O M G......doz who say u bad i think they r as weird as their d way ur baby photos r sooooooo sweet really cutipie.......i think 80% of d people likes u!

ash tum bhut khoobsurt ho i love you you are world queen so very beautifull bollywood actress

shes soooooooooo pretty

wow! beautiful! I luv u aish........(mehak)


Aishwarya is very beautiful lady. She is also good actoress


wa... where sonthadi photos????????

People who say aish is bad are as weird as their comments.Stop it friends Why be jealous of her looks, her sterling personality.She is a woman with great strength of character. A kind hearted one as well as beautiful.FOREVER. She is a woman who against all odds has made her own path.

Some people are reallly funny!
I don't like Aish very much coz she's full of herself...but to claim she's been faking her eye color or skin color for this long (since she was 18-19yrs and entered the modelling world) is too funny, to even be considered ridiculous.

I've seen lotsa people in India with light eyes and skin color..sure their numbers are in minority compared to the overall population, but THEY DO EXIST!

how different she loooks

I have this baby photo of aish which is not altered degitally, the first photo on this article is photoshoped and here is the real photo

Look at her blue eyes in the baby pics!!!

first fact.Sometimes a baby when born has light eyes and after 5 months or a year they can change to dark.And it's strange that the only pics we see her with clear blue eyes are the one when she was few months born baby.How can we be sure that they didn't change to brown or hazel.The other ones where she is a teenager are not so clear so we can't judge by them.
second fact.we can't be sure if she really has so light blue-green eyes,because somehow all over the net we see only few pics of her and they are the same everywhere. maybe she selected to show only those pics to public so nothing can be proved.I would like to see a pic of her when she is 8 or 10 years old and something with more clear site of her eyes.Only then we can be sure if her eyes are really so light.I won't believe anything if i don't see it first.

Then your family has dark brown eyes it's quite impossible that you will have so blue-green eyes.Especially when none of your relatives from father or mother side has blue or green eyes.

u looks really good aish.

Awwww she looksss too Cute...muahhh

hai Aiswarya how are you? i am fine.

She looked better then than now.

I dont believe her eyecolour suddenly "changed", just because she became famous...=)

Daal mai kuch kala hai!

aishwarya is very beautiful lady. she is also good actor

not bad but she's very nicer now

@hater stop talking about her eyes look at tiny baby picture it is obvious her eyes are light, the black and white photo anyways everyone knows there one hater who writes billions of times on pinkvilla find work ,aishwarya is queen and always beautiful.

wow,she's completely DIFFERENT..

wow,she's DIFFERENT..

She's always been adorable.

nice photos of aishwarya rai

sooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet my angel as a baby or a queen love you aishwarya

this is not yur photos i am shore this not yur

i luv u ash

Superrrr cute!!!!! Love her!

u r beautiful ash i

is so stupid the way people comment about ash eye color if u are smart u will know that ash has been will be always gorgeous as kid and now as a grown lady and her eyes are Hazel cause they change of color depends what kind of clothes u wear :) my little sister eyes are hazel sometiems they look green, blue, or light brown yea :)!!!!

What a beauty Aish

looking really cute as childhood

bachchan paid comments!!

Her eyes were'nt blue when she was a kid

pretty girll...people who say she bleaches her skin should take a look

cute baby... nice to see that she also went thru the weird puberty phase like the rest of us :)

excuse me!!! people hate her coz she behaves sick ..she has got loads of attitude!!

Her eyes are dark. why don't they look crystal blue/green as she claims they are/

eye color does change based on age, climate n mood. People here r retarded to talk bad things abt her. She is a pretty lady who has acchieved a lot in spite of being hated by sick people

like mother like daughter. mother is looking very beautiful.

wtf, no one eye colour changes upon mood, she wears lens enchancer that enhances one's eye wonder white treat brown ppl like aishwarya and other indians as inferious as some one said it she blessed with pretty eyes...meaning her eyes are pretty as they are 'coloured' , grow up!

yeah.. she has beautiful eyes-- reporters met her and indicated that her eye color changes upon her moods-- that real and natural. it's her karma to be blessed with beautiful eyes-- perhaps it's an indication of her inner beauty.

awwwwww..she lookks so cute... she always had greenish eyes...she doesnt wear any contacts pls. I have seen her in person in a pool at a hotel..and she does have coloured eyes..she is pretty just accept it..

incredibly beautiful baby !!
she DID have pretty green eyes.

her eyes were never blue, she always wore blue contacts

How come her eyes turned blue all of a sudden. They seem to be black in all of these pictures.

To Anonymous..I'm not even a fan of Aishwarya. Yet, I find Anonymous' comments disgusting! No wonder you hide behind the 'anonymous' tag..I'm sure you're a sick person to be around. You sound like Trash that belongs on Jerry Springer kind of shows. Grow up!

so cute ilike itttt

weve seen these pics ova and ova again stop pasting da same old stuff

really? I think in the third one it really looks like her. she can still make that face:) and you can see the similarity to the first and fourth one, so I'd believe it.

cute child

u can't even tell if that was ash like the first and the third and fourth pic

good looking kid

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