Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Baby Rai(brother's son)

Aishwarya with her brother Aditya Rai's son Vihaan Rai [Photo must be a few months old].

Credits: Google

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Vihaan & Aaradhya lovely hindi names.

its aishwarya's brothers child, her nephew, in this pic aish is slim and as we all know aish is plumper after baby birth

nice baby and aishwarya looks very excited nic333333333

cute pic of ash and baby rai x

false eyelashes even at home? really?

you guys don't repect stars privacy and post the pic. Shame on you.

There is one done by Bhavikk on how well Lucky BabyB's numbers match each of the immediate family members

Perfect face! and woooaahh no bad comments this time!

@Sujata there are articles on BabyB's astrology/numerology pls upload those.

Pinvilla is not publishing any false or exaggerated news articles related to baby Bachchan...

Oh sorry I'm that exited to see her daughter that I haven't complete reading the title X) sorry !!

What a cute capture. Vihaan looks just like Aditya - those eyes, eyebrows. November is a lucky month for them, indeed!

lovely photo. They say kids of siblings can look alike:)

wowww..having an aunt who is THE Aishwarya Rai.. OMG.. ♥
what a luck this baby will have

Her nephew is so adorable and Aishwarya looks stunning here as well.

Sooooooo sweet and lovely. God this woman is mind blowing!

Awsome - I saw this pic weeks ago.

Aw, sweet pic.

Sujata there are articles on BabyB's astrology/numerology pls upload those.

Nice timing to release this photo

They should get Daboo Ratani to take portrait pics with baby. Would look amazing having some professional family pics taken.

baby is not cute

Haha Aish don't need PR! and damn this woman is perfectly beautiful!

hehe. I think everyone was hoping it was Babyb.
Still I love seeing Ash with her nephew

Very sweet!

soooooooooo cute baby rai looks like his dad.... Ash looks soooooo happy with baby rai.

Aww.. Sho shweet. Babies are all beautiful, but I have to agree..Aditya's baby looks so like him. same eyes. :)
I am sure Ash will be a loving and caring mother.

Wow Ash is so so beautiful. Can't help saying it everytime I see her

Her nephew is a cutie too. Can't wait to see Baby B

Oh how cute, I can only imagine how sweet Aish would look holding her baby girl))


So cute ......... the baby is looking her brother

Ugh her bone structure is so beautiful and not at masculine!

My what a breathtaking beauty! sighhhh! Lucky Abhi...

great picture

Cute.............. Baby................... Ash is amazing...............

Sun, 2011-11-20 22:49 — Anonymous

Come on her age is about one week and this one look like 2 months


U moron. Can't you read the title of the post?!?!?

Ash+Nephew Vihaan not BabyB

BabyRai is soo cute

haha! trying everything to keep miss rai in news!!

Great goin aishwarya fans!

cho chweet


Aish has good practice with the Baby Rai. She will be a GREAT mother to Baby Bachchan, no two ways about that.


Very cute baby and gorgeous Aish. But Aish's baby girl will be 10x cuter.

Maybe november must be a very lucky month for this family! :D

she is so loving

Amazing! Aditya's son was born in November too... last year! Yay, Baby B has someone to play with :)

I feel to bite her cheeks!!!

Come on her age is about one week and this one look like 2 months

how cute...the baby looks just like Aish's brother....

Thank u Sujata!! loved it, Aish looks amazingly sweet n beautitul n so does baby Rai!!

Yes, this pic was taken many months ago but never saw it! and it's beautiful sweet pic.

So damn gorgeous!! Waiting for Aish's baby's pictures!!

She looks stunning!!!

Cute baby exactly like his brother and Aishwarya: UFF why she's so beautiful?? Natural stunner!

Oh God that woman has perfect features! Love her skin color too!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow Aishwarya looks so beautiful!!! @Sujata I first thought it was HER baby haha but I got impressed by how her baby looks so much like her brother!! o.o lol.

Can't wait to see a pic like that but with her baby!!! :D

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