Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's NEW Excellence Creme TVC

JUST WOW!!She looks stunning!

Credits: lorealparisindia

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I dunno why they even bother.

Well, well, well, it seems I have spoken in haste! Whadd'ya know, PV is full of surprises, but they are not always the good natured typed ones. :P

most beautiful living creature


Lovely L'Oreal 2013 print ad

Thanks PV for not allowing anymore anonymous comments. Now I at least know whose fans were the most rude ones on Aishwarya's posts. Not that it helps me much to know this info lol.
Seems like PV became a safer and more civilized place to comment for its registered users. ;)

Fake Aunty

Why oh why. She has it all. Beauty and beyond

@Oxygen- Just Wow is the exact words for Ash! She looks GORGEOUS!

As always, beautiful.

aish you are really beautiful, and all your fans wait eagerly for your return.

Simply amazing! I miss her sooooo much! Come on Aishwarya our babies, born a month appart are both over a year now.... Even I have gone back to work.....please do a movie! Love U! :) Love this new PINKVILLA, I might actually come here again, no negativity and annonnimous chatter!

she is a wine only getting better with age.

Queen of India beauty keeps increasing

Gorgeous and classy! Now she only needs to sculpt and tonify those curves and get back to movies!


Its one of my favorite loreal ads(again) She looks drop dead gorgeous!Those bewitching eyes,the arresting attitude and elegance-Wow!..I like replaying the 'Cos u're worth it!'..Just love the way she says it!

I'm pretty upset that she just comes for 3-5 seconds :(((

Aishwarya pls consider films atleast now... Filmmakers have been patiently waiting for you since your cannes 2012 pls comeback
BTW Love this ad wow she looks like a DREAM

Not bad looking

the wait for her return is killing me...

Undoubtedly the most beautiful actress.. Only Deepika comes a close second to her unmatched beauty!

Aish looks gorgeous.......come back queen

endorsement girl....she looks great!


Beauty at its best!! would love to see her in a movie!

Just magical…she looks breathtakingly beautiful!!! Come back Aishwarya


gotta admit, this woman is a looker. And this kind of subtle, make-up with lighter shades suits her best.


One word : STUNNING !!

The woman is a breathing goddess.That shot in the end with her uttering the tagline has left me hyperventilating.LOL Love her!
She needs to come back to the movies soon.

now stunning is an understatement!

She looks stunning, eagerly waiting to watch her in movies.

She is just a stunning woman.

Superb Ad.. she looks chic and oozes class in every pose.. no wonder she is their ambassador for over 11 years!

Nice commercial, I love it! Aishwarya looks exquisite.

Also I'm loving the new & improved Pinkvilla! Thank you so much Pinkvilla for banning anonymous trolling, hope it stays that way from now on! :)

@:@ ^:^ 《○♡○》 (@:@)
Just loving it....

Aishwarya looks like is coming back to her own old self soon .... Congrats and hope to see you in movies soon.
The products you advertise doesnt work on me as I am not fair ... and I dont have hair like you after desperatye attempts... any suggestions !!!

SEXY !!!!!

I like the dark color theme of the ad and Aishwarya looks stunning as usual but I would like to see more of her , she comes for 2 secs and goes and comes again ! :(

Aish remains a one of a kind beauty

She taking too long to come back to movies

BELLE BELLE BELLE ! Please Aishwarya COME BACK ! I Miss you so much ! Love from France !

The past 2 ads have just been amazing! She looks great

Absolutely STUNNING!!! True beauty

Beautiful face she had most beautiful face ever. Nice way hiding her body. Please Aishwarya come back in shape and come back to movies if you want.


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