Aishwarya rai eyes closeup from cannes

You can see the left eye brow crooked or she raises it , i am not sure. But great eyes.

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Credits: facebook

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I haven, t seen her personally so I can, t guess about her eye matter what eye colour she has, she is beautifull.

kareena karishma s eyes are fake

fake contacts, eyelashes, and fake laugh.

Her eyes are bloodshot, slightly.

Her eyes are normal green or you can say hazel. Thousands of indians has. But she wearing hand painted natural contactlenses. Even angelina jolly, tom cruise etc too. these are naturaly handpainted color contact, can be bought for $500-$5000 a pair. Anyway I used to work as bollywood makeup artist n seen aish closly.

aishwariya eyes light brown

aishwariya main b lances use krti hoon mjhe her tarah k lance ka maloom hy aishwariya ke left eyes ko ghoor se dheeko contact lances ka white dhahira dhekahe de ga aishwariya ka original eyes light brown hy kyun k child hood ki picture kabhi jhoot nahin bhol sukta buccha kabhe contact lance use nahin karta

U r my fav

Her eyes are one of the most precious gift 2 INDIA

You people are so ignorant. Ever heard of clear contact lenses for vision problem? If you don't want to wear prescription glasses you can wear contacts. I wear it from last 20 years. They are clear and don't change any eye color.

She is wearing prescription lens for vision problem - clear contact lens.

yeah as a person who wears lenses alot I can say she is wearing lenses. honestly in the begining when she came to cannes I was fooled she had those eyes its all lenses.

Here is proof

The only person who has beautiful blue eyes is karishma kapoor and she doesnt use enhancers like this lady does.

the rims of her contacts so visible...this photo proves that she wears contacts

Her grandfather had blue eyes guys, forget the topic.

she is awsom nd beautiful.!

when someone with dark eye wears coloured contacts there is always seen that brown hue around the pupil of the eye and i can see that in this close up photo-she wears colour enhancing lighter contacts

she shud go easy with makeup...its too much....btw, Karishma has the most beaautiful eyes in bollywood...natural maekup and natural color ALL THE TIME

ok peeps. im here in china. a chinese whose worn coloured contacts for two years and seen over a hundred dozen types of contacts, so i can tell you that yes she's wearing contacts but there not coloured!!!! theres no way you can find contacts that look like that! n im no fan of her, i just got curious of her eyes~

contact lense is clearly visible in her raised eye..

I don't know what her real eye colour is and I'm sure her eye colour is not only the big deal...its the shape and the eye make-up that makes her eyes stand out! I love her eyes but its not about colour coz this can even be contacts!

really beauty of india..........i proud of her.

Oh people she iswearing clear lenses because she might be a bit short sightedJustcause she's wearing lense doesn't mean its got to becoloured You can just tell when coloured eye lenses are worn. And for further proof check out her video in miss work when they first introduce her, the presenter mentions the colour of her marital eyes. Her eyes are the most gorgeous j. The world, It's not just the colour its the eye shape

Her best features...........!

her eyes are gorgeous but i live in USA and this is the mos t common eye colour here...her eyes and her eye colour must be a big deal for you but in USA girls have prettier eyes.

And look at her eye with the down eyebrow. That's yur proof, she's not wearing contact lenses! :)

Look at her eye with the raised eyebrow. That's your proof. She's wearing contact lenses.

her eyes are similere to my eyes

beautiful eyes

so it means she enhances it in some way which means THIS IS NOT HER OWN


HAYE ALLAH! all you people still questioning whether the colour is real or not it obviously IS if you've seen photos from when she was a child...however i do think she is wearing CLEAR lenses to make her eyes appear bigger and stand out more, but not change the colour. Lots of actresses do this.

dont know whether it is colored or not but definitely she is wearing a lens here.if you look carefully you can see the edge/rim of the lens

if you see closely these are lenses.evident from her left eye.America long ago has developed lenses that look exactly like naturally colored eyes.These are called hand painted lenses and cost about $450 a pair

beautifull women.. n eyes.. her face structure is very nice.. make up suites her alot.. and without make up she looks good to cuz her face structure is nice :)

so nice

Aish's eyes r unique ??? this is not what i call unique.....UNIQUE is Divya Bharti's eyes....she IS unique till now...(for me)

ashwariya rai your eyes are unique from any other actress in use different coloured contact lens to change your look.i think you love coloured contacts.sometimes your eyes look special
shalini singh one of your admirer

hand painted custom made contact lenses not her real eyes

It's a clear lens i think.. when people are wearing a colored lens, you look at the pupil (black part) of the eye to see if you can see the natural color of the eye around it. this is because the hole around that area is usually cut larger so the colored part does not go over the pupil and cloud the wearer's vision.

dont be stupid ...if you are not blind , the contacts are clearly visible discussion must be over whether whether it s coloured contacts or not because it s precise she wears contacts just look around her eyes inside s so visible almost all celebs use enhancers even though they have coloured eyes so now just relax and accept the fact which is so clear ...denying is just sillines after this picture

Yes and if you look closely, you can see the contact lenses in her eyes. Now the problem is this: Is it colored contact lenses or clear lenses.

Ash has got beautiful eyes ....... evn so does deepika padukone !!!

i like aish very much becoz of her beuty and her confidents

They truly are real. I have the same eye colour. The brownish effect is usually prominent in real eyes. But the readish effect says otherwise, or she might be really exhausted when this picture was taken.

Thts not contacts (if u have seen anyone wearing) plus it's not only abt her eyes. She has gorgeous features and she looks regal.


ANYONE can fake that w/ contacts liner mascara false lashes and lots of eye shadow
which she did ALL of above minus contacts

FLAWLESS none the less :)


Aishwarya does not wear contact lenses, bcoz contact lenses looks different. Plus, why would someone lie for suchhh a long time? + she might sometimes instead wear Light Brown lenses in movies. + There r so many actresses who changes their eye lenses! And Aishwarya's eyes r really this colour, it is not lense!+it is not only her lenses that we care about, her eyes also looks prettty damnn good even if it is brown! bcoz Celina Jaitely, Karishma Kapoor, Dimple kapadia, they all have white/grey/greenish coloured eyes...but despite these their eyes r not considered to be the most beautiful bcoz Aish's eye shapes r almond shaped beautiful eyes...So plz stop caring about just her EYE COLOUR!...bcoz Kajol+Sridevi+Rani, their eyes r brown but its their eye shape which makes their eye look beautiful...Guys seriously no offence but Aish's eye shapes r more beautiful and that is what attracts people rather than this greenish colour!..Many few people in India has this greenish coloured eyes, doesnt mean that all of them have beautiful almond shaped beautiful eyes....Stop this be honest!..

omg...shes wearing contacts lol


I Like her and her eyes very much as my cousin Ridhi's eyes are same as of Aishwarya Rai'S
- Aarushi Malhotra

ewwwwwwwwwww she looks disguisting

I just dunno why people giving this matter all this attention




Aishwarya played it right.. in all her life issues..


they look far more attractive than her.. AND I LOVE INDIA AND INDIANS


those are her natural eye color, but she is wearin contacts , prob. clear contacts , u can see the contacts lines in her eyes also the redness, it happens i wear contacts


why are people thinking that she has the most beautiful eyes ever she doesn't has anyone not seen eyes this color before they are very common. Just because she is indian and indians don't have colored eyes for the most part now indians are saying she has the best colored eyes. No way!
for example look at these eyes
they are astonishing.

Everyone seems to be arguing over her eye colour. I'm from Himachal in India and my eye colour is blue/green...and many of my cousins and relatives have the same eye colour. It's not a big deal, and trust me, her eyes are natural. My mother's eyes look exactly like that, with the flecks of yellow in them and the dark ring around them. It is seriously not a big deal to have coloured eyes in India, many many people have them, so calm down, I'm sure hers are natural. As for her teenage photos, they are taken from far away so her eyes look brown. My eyes look brown too when taken from far away, even thought they are very blue/green with no brown in them whatsoever.
Honestly people, is it so hard to believe that she has light eyes naturally?
Oh, and i know what contacts look like, those aren't contacts. As I said, my mother's eyes look exactly like that.

she is a former miss world...and any one entering in such competition are throughly examine of their beauty height hair, complexion....many more no one can lie there, .

At miss world competition 1994 she was addressed as grey-green eyes miss India aishwerya rai..

check her on this video at 3.06 mins

Please stop everyone! People aren't jealous, they're just trying to make a point! It's true as a child Aishwarya had Brown eyes... Go to this link:

I'm sure you can also find other pictures on the internet as well. Even as a teenager she had brown eyes. So it's obvious, she wears contacts... she probably gets hers custom made & pays alot for them! In the above picture, her eyes are sooo damn Red from wearing contacts for too long... Yet, there are soo many articles, stating she is a blue eyed or green eyed beauty - Far from the truth!!! And as far as she goes, she wants all the Attention, so why would she publicly admit she wears contacts???

Katrina Kaif & Dia Mirza are both half Indian, even they don't have blue or green eyes! They have brown eyes, don't wear contacts, both are beautiful & don't seek the same kind of attention Ash seeks... If Ash was to walk around with her brown eyes, she'll blend in with all the other Bollywood stars with brown eyes.

Please everyone just stop arguing over this... Ash isn't going to admit to wearing contacts, she only cares about the attention. There are alot of other actresses & models who have natural beauty & she wouldn't be one without her fake eyes! It makes that much of a difference! Get over it!

maybe she has bad eyesight they could be clear lenses this is her natural colour keep burning with envy you haters. she is still in a better place than you are in your life. maybe you guys should post pics of yourselves and your eyes and your hair so we can all scrutinize that too!

thats her natural eye color idiots she cant be wearing lenses 24-7 since she entered the industry all those years ago get a life and stop burning with jealous..
and she looks like she had an eyelift thats all, which is why she also has a scar on her left brow.

yikes, in the photo gallery here, bottom row all the way to the left, she has gary sinise eyebags. she will need eyejobs frequently. also, she looks older than her stated age....the neck rings give it away. bottom row, second photo from right.

gorgeous eyes, hard to say if they are colored lenses. if they are, they were specially made to order. the false eyelashes look good. thing is, she has the type of eye that is pretty when the person is young, but as they age become wrinkled and the brow area sags over the eye. i am sure she's already had surgery on them tp keep them tight. i saw a teenage photo of her and her eyes were brown.

aish has got extremely pretty mashallah

wow, these people with negative comments about Indians , South Indians and Aishwarya rai certainly are ignorant, uneducated about the world which makes them- bigots, racist, judgmental, who don'ts study authentic materials on people and culture( other than their own)

I find them to ignorant, uneducated, jealous, etc because of the following reason :

1.) Either they haven't traveled to any place in the world and pretty much stay in their "pond" ( heard of the proverb "the frog in his pond sneers at the ocean" ). Travel broadens one's mind. Also these people don't read the right authentic materials. Reading enlightens you and educates you.

2.) For all those who have not traveled - A lot of Indians not only natural colored eyes but also beautiful natural skin with beautiful complexion and even skin tone. They have naturally beautiful hair whether it is straight or wavy.

Most of the Indians are immigrants just like almost all Americans ( real Americans are Native American. Others are all immigrants. Well, African American were forced into this land which is another story...). A lot of people from Middle east, Turkey, and Central Asia,etc ( Russia is also central Aisa) came to India for trade. Also, there have been many invasion. All these obviously mixed with the local Indians . That is why you see Indians in all colors- fair skin, tanned skin, dark skin, light eyes, dark eyes, oriental eyes, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair.

So, obviously all these people who talk about Indian, Japanese or Chinese or this girl need to read up the history. Evidently your people have n knowledge about the world.

3.) Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Aishwarya Rai. In fact I do have more beautiful woman in India as well as world but in all fairness, she is beautiful and does have naturally green eyes . This picture was taken when she was sick in the hospital:

Just want people to know. I've been studying about eye color lately mainly because I noticed that a lot of light eyes seem to change color in different seasons. I've a friend with green eyes and I've noticed her eyes change from hazel to gray to green. When I ask her, she says she doesn't understand how and she said that this question has been posed to her by many people.


I would suggest these people who have negative comments - Read, travel and educate yourself. Don't be ignorant and generalize. There is another class of people who just rely on some unauthentic sources , instead researching the authentic sources. People who don't read or rely on unauthentic sources are lazy and might give some lame excuses...

I'm sure there would be many who would react to my comment/ message here.

more than her eyes, the shape of her eyes that's unique part of her face is more important.

oohh i love those eyes!!

@unthinkable! She has donated her eyes to the eye bank. After she dies, the lucky person who gets her eyes will become super famous and beautiful!!! They are the best eyes in the world, and only someone super lucky will get them. i really admire that Ash is giving away her most priced possession for charity.

Those eyes are everything! Thats what u think of when u think of her ... she should insure em! lol

Everybody seems to be talking about the contacts ..what about the badly applied mascara???? Other than that beautiful eyes....for those longing for light eyes...stop sighing and get contacts !!!

ok ppl she is wearing contacts cos u cn c the rim but remember there is such a thing of non coloured lens that ppl wear in stead of specS?!

If you look close enough, you can see that she's wearing contacts. The same thing happens when I wear contacts--there's a whitish/really light bluish circle around one's eyeball that's a bit larger than the eyeball itself. These aren't hazel, they're grey, but she has contacts on, still there are yellow flakes, which was my indication that people's eyes are real, but she's wearing contacts so maybe the contacts are really good @ concealing her real eye color or she has grey eyes.

lol u guys are crazy...she obviously isnt wearing contacts. just accept it, she has a gorgeous colour to her eyes, and they can sometimes look grey, sometimes green, sometimes hazel!! but her eyes ALWAYS look beautiful. even when she wore brown contact lenses for jodhaa akbar

as if she cares ...loosers

No big deal. Most of Bollywood women wear color contacts.
It's just that aish lies and says she has blue eyes or greens eyes when her eyes are hazel.

she is using lens for sure..if she is using also there is no big deal..

i have much prettier eyes than these. having coloured eyes is not a big deal.. uhh i wonder why ppl are so sick

oh she has like brownish/greenish eyes...she wears colour enhancers thats all....which make her eye colour pop...but i am guessing they dont suit her as her eyes are red....
yeh, i wonder where does Paris Hilton get her colour contact as her blue eyes look genuine

LOL...after goin thru the comments here it looks like either they r all experts or racists.How do u find the genuinity of the eye colour in a photo? For instance,no nation in this world has a uniform eye colour.If u think dat if a person s born a Kashmiri or a North Indian or a European then u can agree the person has light eyes then how come poor Katrina Kaif,Tara Sharma,Isha Sharvani,Diya Mirza(half german) dont have light eyes...Or is it just her Natioanlity that 'some' cant really digest...ENLIGHTEN all of us please!

or she could be wering lens cuse she has bad eyesight..srisly the way ppl judge the actors one woul think thy r Miss.Universe or something but if u meet evryone of u individually thn one would could see that these judges r nothin but avrge indian who is slightly overweight and really bad dressing nd makeup..look at urself be4 u look at someone's fault.

i wear contacts and i know that it doesnt look like this. Thats her REAL eye colour. GOD.

Ugh. I'm so jealous. My eyes are just brown.

that shows the state of karnataka specifically mangalore...many many "south indian" girls have colored eyes...including the aish look alike sneha ullal. they say if you go to their hostels...the girls are extremely beautiful

she s 100% wearin contacts...hw could be a south indian grl can have green or blue eyes..hahaha

i think that she has dark green eyes by wearing contacts she makes them lighter green and thus more striking ...this is not natural beauty then any of us can wear a contact and make our eyes like that it is so clear that she has contacts...

she has green light eyes but she puts contacts over that to make them look lighter.

Fake eyes.....those r contacts long is she gonna fool the world with her fake beauty??

i think she unknowingly raises her left eyebrow when she's posing for the cameras. nothing wrong with that! and, yeah, great eyes: more about the shape than the colour though because dark eyes are just as beautiful. :)

its grey/bluish 2 tone contact lens
i got it

lol u can see the rim around adays the colour looks really real but the rim is showing wit sum peoppel wen dey wear contacts

those r not contacts

most gorgeous eyes on earth

those eyes lack warmth!! its full of malice!

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