Aishwarya rai in goa on the sets of Guzaarish

She was spotted at a restaurant in Goa where Ash and the rest of the cast of guzaarish and crew went after packup


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looks darker than the image she tries to portray in the eyes of the society


no makeup yet so beautiful

She still looks amazing, except that she might've had a bad hair day!

She sshe looks so ordinary and plain, you can tell what the make up and photoshop can do to a person


i agree that in this photo she definetly looks quite ordinary absolutely not the moooost beautiful woman on earth in the world on this planet!!

She is greedy.

looks exactly like rekha

honestly, this just shows how average looking she is when she's not all done up!!

She looks dull and tired...... but still very beautiful...

She looks so beautiful, but very tired.

so cute

camera result is yack , she is much prettier wid out make up



so what if she wears lighter makeup?? don't act like you don't do it too! and i agree with the comment below..some ppl just don't look good tanned. i know i don't. i look sick when i tan..

It's not that she looks dusky or fair .... When Aish started .... in her very first Ad .... she looked nothing I would even consider for an actress forget Ms. World but may be she was tanned at that time. The thing is .... she had really nice features but sometimes some people just don't look good dusky .... they only look pretty when they're light. It could be she's tanned here or it could be she lightens herself and when she misses treatments this happens but it could also be just that she's tanned here or it's a bad camera. I don't think she uses white make up .... when she looks light she just looks fair it doesn't look like make up .... maybe light. Sonali always looked good in her times being dusky she was gorgeous in her skin, even though I hate to say this .... but Bipasha now a days is glowing with her dusky skin and her awesome features. Some people just don't look good dusky and Aish is one of them.

im definetely gonna have nightmares

To Anonymous on Thu, 2010-03-04 13:53.
Thats just BS. Stop spreading dirty rumors about bollywood actresses. Thats a very big statement to make and unless you have proof you should not be making them.

Yea, she achieved success lying on her back as do all bollywood women...there's just no other way. If you worked in bollywood for a couple of years you would quickly find that out.

she looks ordinary here. nothing special. yes, she's pretty but nothing more in this pic. i don't think i would look twice if i saw her like this on the street. just goes to show that she (like all woman -she is no different) require a lot of work to look good. although, she does have good features.

also, for those who say she's natural (sans makeup) you're wrong. it's clear she has makeup on!

in this pic, she looks like the young rekha

love her...she is soo pretty..Aishwarya is the most beautiful!!!

Well she looks fair to me so what. Why do you care. lol paint herself white hmmm, I don't think so. I wouldn't call Aishwarya ordinary she has one perfect face. Perfect beautiful eyes, lips and nose. She achieved things where as people can only dream about.

Well at least she let herself be photographed in her natural state, generally she always has on those giant sunglasses that hide her face when people take candid photos of her in natural light.
She should stop promoting herself as beautiful because she is not. I haven't heard of another bollywood actresses who puts out press releases stating touting her "beauty".

blind ash fans ...see and decide ...whether ash is fair or not ...see she is not any different from an ordinary looking indian...different in that one in india paints herself so white despite having won miss world title ...

She looks so nice and simple! Lovely Aishwarya! :)

there is something so lovely about this pic!! it makes ash look very real nd humane without d makeup nd everything...good stuff..i like!!

it's curious that as soon as someone looks dusky.. they are ordinary.. and as soon as they look fair, they are considered pretty. her features look the same, she looks about the same in any color..

Anonymous on Thu, 2010-02-25:

Anonymous on Thu, 2010-02-25 11:54: just curious, do you consider yourself prettier than Aishwarya then? not saying it sarcastically or anything, just curious. a lot of desi models are very proud of their looks-- & nothing wrong with that... r u in the Bollywood or modeling international industry, by the way??

i'm just saying that Aishwarya is no different than most woman who require a lot of work to look like she does on the red carpet. not to say she's not beautiful, she is definitely naturally beautiful; you just have to be in order to look that good with makeup. but, i feel, naturally - stripped down completely natural (no makeup, no hair style, no hair dye, no nail polish, natural eyebrows) - as i am most of the time, she will not live up to her title of "most beautiful woman" (i title a find ridiculous to begin with) and would not be anything extraordinary that is not shared by many Indian woman (particularly South Indian woman -her features i would say are classically South Indian).

at 5'4 i could never be a model. although, getting into the Bollywood would be a little easier as my family does have ties to some major film directors and producers in the South. but, none of this frankly interests me; i'm a woman of science and am currently pursuing medicine here in the U.S.

lastly, as for my looks, i've always been told that i'm "beautiful" -their words, not mine. and, i do share similar features with Ash: full lips, smaller nose, larger eyes, similar complexion (although, this is not based on her picture here).

donno she is pretty or nt in real life..but here she looks so damn ordinary..not even ok.

Ordinary at the most.And im being nice and the fanboats who call people who are going me jealous,please spare me your profound psychological insights and get a life instead!!

she is very feminine n bollywood she is the only one with such feminine looks/ walk/body language..lot of others are also goodlooking but they lack in the "feminity" deptt.

without her face painted with the white paste, she still looks quite pretty but definitely not spectacular. if i saw that, i would think, oh pretty girl, but NOT wow most beautiful women in the world.

Anonymous on Thu, 2010-02-25 11:54: just curious, do you consider yourself prettier than Aishwarya then? not saying it sarcastically or anything, just curious. a lot of desi models are very proud of their looks-- & nothing wrong with that... r u in the Bollywood or modeling international industry, by the way??

So ordinary

to unthinkable..
please that is her natural skin colour....dont worry ,she will 'fair' skin colour in the movie due to makeup and lights

It's kind hard to look prim and propa 24/7.
Aish is beautiful and is allowed to have a bad day!!!

Not beautiful away from the camera lights and heavy makeup.
She looks like average South Indian woman

sooo one can beat her...aishwarya forever!

yeah ur right she does look very very average....still dont think she looks pretty.

shes soooooooooooooooooooo prety

she's looking normal here. she is clearly a good-looking woman, but i have to say that i have better casual and candid photos of myself (without a touch of makeup or having my hair done -Ash clearly has makeup on here). but, then again, i'm not considered average in the looks department either.

Agree, nothing special and kinda chubby.

I think she got tanned...neverthless she looks pretty!

Anon 08:36 :- That's not on the sets of Guzaarish. It's a restaurant in Goa where Ash and the rest of the cast and crew went after packup. She's looking very tired after a long day of work! And hell yeah, she's looking pretty!


her eyes r sooo beautiful yaar

the little girls are beautiful!

Ooops too long in the sun. Didnt recognise her!

I love to see these random pictures of her. She still looks beautiful :)

So cool! I can't wait to see this film!

she look so average here.. but still pretty.

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