Aishwarya Rai's South Indian style godh bharai

Note: The image above is not from the event.

An Article from The Times Of India

After mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan hosted a godh bharai for bahu Aishwarya Rai at Jalsa last week, on October 23 Ash's mother Vrinda Rai held one over lunch at a hotel in Bandra.

Says a source close to Aishwarya, "The godh bharai by Ash's mother was a very traditional Mangalorean one, known as baike, where the mother hosts the godh bharai for her daughter. It was a quiter one as the hotel had promised them privacy and there was no media madness. Ash's parents got the venue late on Saturday night, and they were there till early in the morning supervising all the arrangements."

Vrinda had personally taken care of the details. "Everything was elegant and tasteful. There was a troupe from the south to play Mangalorean music, while white flowers, especially jasmine, and brass urlis (ritualistic Kerala lamps made of bell metal) were part of the decor. The flowers were traditional south Indian with a strong Kerala theme. The cuisine was also from the south and had dishes from every state in the south, ranging from velli aapam, malabar parathas, prawns, egg stew, allepy fish curry, roast urlakalang, yene kathrika, hyderabadi biryani, curd rice, steamed fish and paneer in banana leaf."

The source adds that the Bollywood presence was minimal as it was a family affair. "Apart from the Bachchans and Kapoors, the only other Bollywood presence was that of Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ashutosh Gowariker. Shweta Nanda and her family were present, along with Abhishek and his friends, including Sikander and Kirron Kher, Shrishti Arya and Sonali Bendre-Behl. Shrishti's husband Sameer and Sonali's husband Goldie are out of India shooting for their next film and couldn't attend. Ash wore a traditional pistachio green and gold Kanjeevaram saree given by her parents, while Abhishek wore a green and gold kurta-pajama. The couple looked colour coordinated and extremely happy."


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Love the fact that the most beautiful woman in the world is SOUTH INDIAN


Everthing except her skin colour looks South Indian.

I have Trypophobia and her hands gives me the heebie jeebies.

While saying that it was a traditional Mangalore style function , what is with the reporting about "kerala" theme ? Mangalore is part of Karnataka and I doubt there was anything Kerala style about it, duh ...... Typical superficial reporting without getting the basics right.

yummy food list...ash looks like a doll... i am not an ash fan..but i do admire her achievements she has maintained good personal and professional balance.


jjjjjjjjjj much of makeup.....botox qeen aish

Picture perfect South Indian bride. She looks better than any Indian doll!

Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you,
someone needs you;but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.

@Thu, 2011-10-27 15:25 — Anonymous
No friends? Who r preity, sonali, slb, mani ratnam, etc? :S
Abhishek's friends. no one likes Ash

Only sonali is abhishek's friend goldi behl's wife. slb, mani, ashu are closer to ash then abhi, she has worked with them all. also raveena, twinkle, urmila had no connections with the any of the bachans , they came to jalsa godh bharai because of ash

Thu, 2011-10-27 01:04 — Anonymous
No friends? Who r preity, sonali, slb, mani ratnam, etc? :S

Abhishek's friends. no one likes Ash

Hyderabadi biryani is not south indian just coz hyderabad is in the south!!

No friends? Who r preity, sonali, slb, mani ratnam, etc? :S

Why post a pic not related to the event? This is not her best though...

Schmuck would do well to behave herself/himself and talk to other posters decently.
everyone here has a right to express their opinions. because Bollywood celebrities are public figures and this is a Bollywood blog. We are free to express opinions as long as they are not abusive.

Just because Ash pays you to praise her, does not mean we all are forced to praise her.

below pic from schmuck.. shows Ash having bleached her face .. super heavy.. looks like a vampire.. what is "beauty" about it ????

Wed, 2011-10-26 15:27 — Schmuck

are yu talking about godh bharai or her wedding ?
ppl were pissed for not being invited to bachchan wedding .. not because of Ash.. LOL.. ash didnt have friendship with shatrughan sinha.. get your facts right.. before calling names.

Also no one cared about her south indian godh bharai.. because no one it HER friend... they are all Amitabh;s friend.

any news on how Aish hid her so called bump on godh bharai?

i feel so sad for Ash. no friends in her life.
Ash fights with everyone from rani and kareena over films.

Wed, 2011-10-26 09:31 — Anonymous

Are you in your senses? If I remember correctly, everybody was annoyed that she did not invite them for her wedding. That was a National issue back then. And of course people love her. She chooses to invite her close circle of friends because that is her choice. Why will any nincompoop want to question that?

She looks scarryyy. Turkey neck

She is like the most beautiful Indian doll but she is real...

in bollywood actresses don't have friendship between them. does sonam, deepika kareena or katrina has any female actress friend. so why people expect from ash to have friends from bollywood( though she has some friend like raveena, urmila , preity, twinkle etc) but most these have friends from non filmy background.

She is always grinning like a hyena. Great looking sari though.

Lovely post Oxygen yaar & I luv the picture you choose

She luks gorgeous & God bless Aishwarya in this time & keep her & her baby safe

evne if its form a movie.. she looks gorgeoussss.. i want to c her full outfit. wow she pulls of traditional outfits soo well.. Beautiful Pari

aishwarya deserves every happiness in her best wishes to her and abhishek.
i am no big fan of her but as a woman I can say that this is the most awaited moment and experience in any woman's life and aishwarya looks beautiful in this phase of her life.


love u aish

BEAUTIFUL pic! But this pic is from her movie Robot/Endhiran!!

Wow, she must be sooo happy! I just wish we could see the pictures of these 2 events! She must have looked stunninggggggggggggggggggggg!

sadly no one came for this event. because you guessed it right - no one likes Aishwarya. she is hated for her fakeness.
even for the first godh bharai, only Amitji and Abhi's friends came.

best of luck to her.....

It is so nice that Aishwarya follows all these rituals and traditions. Amazing :) Cannot believe that there is only one month left :D

And yes, the picture is from Enthiran/Robot. She's looking gorgeous

lucky woman ... God Bless

She is sooooo boring..

She looks so stunning in this picture! god bless her!

Can someone tell me what is this picture from?? which movie, as it says she wore green and gold saree for khod barai so this can't be fromt that event.

It says 'this image is not from the event' Why people keep thinking its from actual godh bahri when its clearly stated its not? I don't believe in all these baby shower events. However thought these events take place a bit earlier on not like 8th month. Not sure what tradition. Can't believe, not one photo is to be seen of Aish from either of these events...bizarre.

ash - more classic dances pls

Pride & Joy of India!

@barbie girl Thank u so much....its always a pleasure making posts on PV...n i love sujata's and vanity girl's posts :)

and yes @iambhavdeep and @filmychica are right...its the wedding scene from ROBOT.

she is a hot goddess
she is fresh and sexy
no other actress has
her innocence and beauty

she is so lucky to have a family that obsesses over her 24/7 ! :) (pretty sure pinkvilla wont post this comment tho ;) )

i was going to say omg she looks amazing n not at all chubby fr a pregnt woman!!! but then the look looked familiar...o ya its a snap from a movie :P of cors! silly me..

To the one who said no one came to her "south indian event".....erhhhh what the???? so you mean south indian godh bharai's are lesser over the north indian ones??? it's 2011 and we are all still going on about the south/north divide...come on yaar we are all indians here....

hello smarties ...this still pic is from robot movie

dangggggggg she looks gorgeous in this pic. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

@Oxygen- I love yours, Sujata's and Vanity girl's posts, keep ROCKING and bringing us more of Ash!

Ash looks sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful , I wish we could of seen the pictures of her from both baby showers, Oh well I imagine she looked stunning at the showers, she always does!

Happy for them.

This is not her actual pic...this is from robot...cant you see how slim her face is....know her face is blown up and her eyes show that she is very tired

Ash fights with everyone, that is why no one came to her house for the event.

Ash has no friends , that is why no one came to her "south-indian" event.
The one in Jaya's place was attended by all of Amitabh's and Abhi's friends

Her eyes and hair look amazing!

She looks just as young as she did in Devdas!!!


Hey Guys...

The above Pic posted by Oxygen is from ENTHIRAN a.k.a. ROBOT.
Remember the scene where Aishwarya is getting married to Rajni and the evil chitti shows up for the first time. That's the scene above.
She looks Gorgeous here.

Hey Guys...

The above Pic posted by Oxygen is from ENTHIRAN a.k.a. ROBOT.
Remember the scene where Aishwarya is getting married to Rajni and the evil chitti shows up for the first time. That's the scene above.
She looks Gorgeous here.

this pic is from her wedding not godh bharai. if it was godh bharai she would be wearing a tent and covering that non existent bump with her hands

She looks good but this is not from her GoudBharai or her actual wedding. It's a still pic from the wedding scene in the film ROBOT w/ Rajnikant. hahaha

She looks good but this is not from her GodBharai or her actual wedding. It's a still pic from the wedding scene in the film ROBOT w/ Rajnikant. hahaha

I doubt this photo is from south indian goad-bharai or anything. She looks years younger. Just days back during Navratri her eyes and face were all of a sudden it started looking young and fresh again :) Don't fool yourself by calling it a pregnancy-glow please..To me it looks like another PR effort from Ash's camp ... why do they do that ? Come on ..grow up !

Oh! She looks so beautiful. Too bad there are no pictures of her from that event!

wiw she looks beautiful in that pic...... and i'm liking ash more n more these days

SO Beautiful! I hope she has a good safe delivery and comes back to screens soon; Bollywood
needs her; one of a kind beauty

OMG!!!!!! How beautiful she looks...:)

All my wishes, I am sure Ash and Abhi are very happy.. Wish them all the very best..

she dsnt have that mother-beauty....shes creating so much drama...if she dsnt want to show anyone her baby bump then why the hell is she going out and hiding her baby bump ??? publicity....fake aish trash

looks like a movie still! soo pretty!!! she doesnt seem to have gained any weight..thought every woman tends too during pragnancy........

that picture is from her wedding when she used to actually look nice

November go be. Can't wait

I LOVE how traditional Ash is.

God bless her and the new baby. OMG next month!

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