AR Rahman's new single "Changing Seasons" feat. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


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Omg! This is amazing! Never saw this before... got goosebumps watching it... ARR and Ash are two legends!

aish rocksssssssssss

These are the same people that enjoy crap like Sheila ki jawani etc. What will they know about AR Rahman!

I love the song! Btw, nice to see deleted scenes from Raavan. What an underrated film. If you can get past Abhishek Bachchan's hamming, this is a masterpiece. Aishwarya Rai does a fantastic job as Ragini Sharma. If you haven't watched the film yet, watch the Tamil version first. It was not only a superhit but it was also welcomed much better than the Hindi version.

tamil version is much better than the hindi version..although the song is avg..

Beautiful vid, but song is ok

"a.r rehman doesn't have the same charm in his music ever since he won the oscars."


I only listen to his 90s + early 2000s stuff now

His music now is too weird and beyond my understanding ???
Maybe I'm too dumb and stupid to understand his new experimental/fusion music ...

but I love my typical hardcore filmy music not fusion mixes xD

what is new abt this video????????? i also agree that ever since he won oscars his music has lost its charm!!

So refreshing!

think ash shud retire her career is going quite low and she had sum good days bk then shouldnt distroy her name making silly movies like ravaana action replay and etc...makes her look dumb

boring song bah

AR Rahman songs are always cool but the videos are always so cheesy and tacky.

much, muc better than Ravan, really one breath clip

I saw the hindi version.. Songs okay.. AR Rahman is a genius.. wish he would use some lip balm though..

Still trying to promote that disastrous movie LOL

a.r rehman doesn't have the same charm in his music ever since he won the oscars.

Shut-up Aish haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!

Its like promoting Raavan once again.but the video is quite nice.

What a boring song. AR Rahman is good but annoying

Rahman is way cooler than aishwarya and any bollywood star simply because he is REAL and does not fake.

This will make a great song video, both song and Aishwarya's scenes are from Raavan and it has been acknowledged in the video, so where's the problem? Aishwarya looks ethereal.



there's nothing even remotely special or original about this video

It's all from Raavan, all the scenes with Aish!

While AR is original, the video is inspired/copied from the 2009 version of Michael Jackson's Earth Song

songs not new its a song from ravaan hence why ft. aishwarya haha i love it how aish fans belive nything!

Beautiful. :)

Anil Kapoor is new I S Johar
And if dont know who is I S Johar..... When they want Indian in West they used hire, because they did know anybody else. Because of Slumdog, west has new Indian to call for any part.

aish looks heavenly. and rahman is magical
just one question...what are the husky dogs doing in the middle of a hot jungle???
the song is rahmans best...but the video is beauuutiful

wonderful a genius feat a goddess wow AR roks and aishwarya rai roks god bless you jaiho

wonderful a genius feat a goddess wow AR roks and aishwarya rai roks god bless you jaiho

dont like the song ....too slow ....

Aish is so overrated ,she famous for only walking Cannes red carpet...and that is her contribution in least AR Rahman is getting some nominations in Hollywood and Anil Kapoor is doing some mainstream Hollywood movie like Mission Impossible rather than some crossover ones.


is this all clipps of her from ravaan? looks like it.
didn't like the song, too boring.

What d heck...I didn't like it...

soooooooooooooooooo beautiful
aishwaya looks ethural and AR love her soo much


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