Has aishwarya rai bachchan done a lip plumping job?

As per mumbai mirror Aishwarya rai denied reports of doing a lip plumping job . Seen at a recent weddign reception, you can see aishwarya rai's upper lip a little plumped up.

Not sure if it the medicines that she claims the cause to be, but if she did, i would ask why would the world's most beautiful woman go under the knife??

Credits: pv

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Lip plumping, that's a thing to notice in Bollywood?

Where people slice bones to get the right look?

Ash has always been bollywoods most beautiful


these pictures were posted n pinkvilla a while back and it was very evident that she had plumped her lips. they were huge. she had claimed it was an allergy to medicine. oh well...

her LIPS and CHEEKS...have changed dramatically, especially her cheeks...you have only to compare her to her earlier pictures...

Of all things to do to your face, lip plumping? Yeah right.

There is no need to comment on this bullshit of anti-Aish peoples.

Ash lips were very thin. look at any old photo. especially upper lip.
but now they are plump. now dont tell me with age lips become big.

Honestly, I dnt think even Katrina has done lip jobs :/ well I am not sure :| but I often see friends, who have rlly thin lips,,,,but as soon as they give lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss their lips look fuller & the whole shape changes, lol..doesnt mean they have gone through a lip surgery .... There are few other techniques as well to make ur lips look fuller, u will get tht if u see makeup Tutorials on youtube. Plus, I have so many photos, in some of my photos my lips look fuller & in some my lips look slightly thinner.... :/ tht also doesnt mean I have gone through a lip surgery as well. Sometimes, in photos from various angles, ur lips can look different...& also depends on ur EXPRESSION..for ex - pouting can make ur lips look bigger, but smiling can make ur lips look thinner.


That looks more like kareena with contacts than aish.

do you think we are stupid, those are clearly kareena's lips on aishwarya's face.the close up makes it really clear.

@Sun, 2010-12-26 01:37 — Anonymous...what kind of medicine only effected her lips...LOL.... usually when you go for lip plumping your lips look swelled for 3,4 days and sometimes even a week and than they get back to look normal..normal doesn't mean that they are not plumped....but 3,4 days later they dont look swelled but gorgeous and plumped.

you can clearly see are lips are more huge in that first pic, I'm a makeup artish from usa and sometimes get a chance to work as an assistant makeup artist with emmy stars and in hollywod it's common to do botex before an awards ceremony, it's like so common there now, I'm sure ash also does it often, you can see somerimes her facial expressions are the same

Her lips has been always like this smitag... thick in the up and down lip!

she's the most beautiful woman in the world? really ? there've been times i've seen such pretty girls/ women without make up who make my head turn over and over again for a glimpse of them! and i haven't even roamed the whole of india.. imagine such women around the world!

Sun, 2010-12-26 01:37 — Anonymous

her lips are huge coming back from LA and she looks bad in these pics

and there are other more beautiful ppl to hate ...say tennis star maria sharapova at least she looks pretty without tonnes of makeup that playing tennis and sweating

Haha, but her lips are back to looking thin now.... that means it was just a side effect of medications as she said. But I don't see any post telling her lips are back to normal. Because there are so many hypocrites here!

People just cannot believe that someone can look this beautiful naturally. But your hate is not gonna change the fact that she's the most beautiful woman ever! Hahahaha

shes fake.....fake from head to toe.
shes looks disgusting now.....yuck!

i only found her beautiful in one just one movie....HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAAM

Firstly, I have cousins that have pure white skin like a scandinavian and one has green eyes, the other 2 have blue eyes and light brown coloured hair. They look english (white).

Living in London, I can tell you that Aishwarya does look indian however, it is surprising that she is not proud of her roots. If you look at the youngster photos and her miss world photos, you will notice she has quite a dark complexion, black hair and very dark eyes. There was a blog post on her website once in response to this saying she used to wear contacts when she was younger to make her eyes look brown so she is accepted. Honestly - what rubbish. My cousins have never done this, in fact it's great they have such beautiful green and blue eyes.

It's fairly obvious that the stars, whether hollywood or bollywood or the middle east have cosmetic enhancement to better their look and thus lead to a better career. Without being seen as different, they are less likely to stand out and be noticed.

They say Aishwariya visits a cosmetic surgeon based in LA, who has worked on the nose, skin lightening amongst other things. Also, it is evident she wears contacts when you look at her younger photos. This surgeon works on many celebrities and is Indian, thus understanding the Indian facial dimensions etc.

It is quite silly that one would not be proud of who they are. I have brown eyes, but my eyes slant upwards slightly, and I have fair skin and full lips; people tend to think I am mixed race, European, Spanish or Middle Eastern; however I am not going to go out and dye my hair or wear contacts just so people see me as someone I am not.

Pathetic really.

sweet lips

definitely plumped. saw these pics and thought she looked really weird. Them bam! i knew why!

Her lips do look plumped.But then she has gotten a lot of surgeries in the past as have others......yawn


definitely. i saw these series of pics and for a while i couldn't pin point what looked wrong with her. Then i realised her lips looked like they'd been plumped

is that aishwarya or celina jaitley???

I swear this woman looks like a mannequin now. He face has become so stiff..

Oh Guys! Y are u girls after any Celeb who crosses the age of 30! Won't u ever get aged! She is naturally beautiful! If she didnt do surgeries sort of thing at the time of her peak, y wud she do it now!!!! Comon people! Giv Aish a break! She has been the asset of BW for ages. Giv her some respect! Plz! BTW, I'm a Huge Priyanka Chopra fan! :-)

my own lips have swelled like this a few times due to an allergy to mangoes.

She got a facelift. Her eyebrow arch is so much higher than it used to be.

i agree wuth the person below. leave them alone, why does your life revolve around them so much? i think she is just pouting her lips thats all. lta . . Leave Them Alone. haha thanks!

I have to admit I like looking at the celebrity life, but geez thet are humans and just because they like to entertain doesn't mean we have the right to scrutinize every of their lives. What if people scrutinized every little thing we said, did, or wore. BTW, Ash always had beautiful, plump lips and even if she didn't it is her money and her body. We need to lift people up and not always tear people down. What goes around comes around!

I have to admit I like looking at the celebrity life, but geez thet are humans and just because they like to entertain doesn't mean we have the right to scrutinize every of their lives. What if people scrutinized every little thing we said, did, or wore. BTW, Ash always had beautiful, plump lips and even if she didn't it is her money and her body. Stop hating$

she was looking like a godess one week ago.why on earth did she go for botox and ruin her face cant understand...u should at least think of ur fans ash

You're wrong because the second pic is from Cannes O7 after she got married

"my lips swelled up because of a reaction to medication" LOL that's the oldest line that is given by actors here in the West to try to cover up the fact that they've recently had work done and are recuperating. but, i have to admit that i do believe her for some reason that is beyond me. maybe the Bachans are just great liars?


I knew there would be a post like this, the time i saw the pictures of the mumbai thing , i knew it she did a surgery cause she looked like an angelina jolie wannabe, probably her husband told her that shes a bad kisser and her lips are to small ;-)

she is not doing "neck job"not to attract attention and verify her theory ...:)of being natural sorry ..artifically natural :))

She can do all the cosmetic surgery in the world. It's ok to want to improve upon your looks.
Just don't lie about it and say you were ill, and put out press releases touting your "beauty" when that "beauty" is all makeup and cosmetic surgery.

i dont think she is pregnant...how can medicine make your lips swollen only???it should effect the whole face and her eyebrows seem really high too..dont tell me medicine lol...if hollywood stars have botox and all the rest why not bollywood....they forgetting their own culture i havent seen bollywood actresses wear indian clothing in quite a while everyone wants to be western...

looks like a whole face plumping job..if only she could do something to her neck she will not look so weird..

Anonymous on Sun, 2010-02-21 04:53 -> if she had it fine, good for her. cosmetic surgery is so status quo in the beauty industry, one would be surprised if someone never had it. it's just that if she did, it's ruining rather than helping her. so her fans should tell her to stop it just to help her out, that's all. she need a bit of fashion and grooming help, she's naturally pretty- -but lacks the fashion finesse quite a bit. she needs to fix her brows and change her experssion to a bit more natural.. if she starts to do with cosmetic surgery what she used to do with fashion, she'll be a mess..

I'm sooooooo..... Not a fan of her. But guys you've got to stop mouthing of on these girls.
So what if they do some cosmetic treatmments. It's their money and most importantly it's their body.
Parents who let their teenage kids go through these procedures is all I'm against.
These are grown working girls and in the entertinment business mind u. They deserve to make right what they feel is wrong.
As long as they don't go overboard

She is a botox queen....... age is catching up with her, but she needs to take it easy of all cosmetic surgery. other wise she will end up looking like gurie khan

God bless these two beautifull loving couple forever. May they always shine. Lovely Sould made for each other.

Anonymous on Sat, 2010-02-20 18:49 - you doth protest too much my dear. please google what swollen lips looks like in context of an allergic reaction. check google images. they look WAY DIFFERENT, much more swollen than this obviously cosmetically done one. sheesh you people

no wonder she looks weird

LOL at Anon Sat, 2010-02-20 18:49. was such a lengthy explanation even necessary. not only now, since last year, her face started look very unnatural and stiff which is not attractive (at least for me). age is part of life and if her body can't take the pressure from b'wood, it's better to just take some rest b/c even abhi is starting outshine her.

Whether she done it or not, she's still the Diva of bollywood. No one can come close to her. One thing you people should understand life is, when God bless someone, u can never bring her down. Aish, you are still moving forward. I love you. From Africa.

I don't think it is an intelligent action to come out for a function with a swollen face especially if she went through some cosmetic treatment whatever that is. I am sure she is well aware of her current facial issue. She is actually one of the gorgeous women in the women in the world, but here she is looking sick not healthy . There must be a reason why she got out of the house for a function. Time will reveal whether it is an allergic reaction to some medication, but read the following to learn some scientific causes for facial or lip swelling: (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1169302/allergies_swollen_lips....


Eyebrow lift for sure, cheek implants because sunken, sagging cheeks are the first sign of aging....look at Akshay kumar with the sagging cheeks. Maria Presley had silicon injected into her cheeks and that's what Ash is starting to look like.

stop being jealous ppl....aish and super gorgeous and it seems ppl can handle it lol.

Yes yes yes ...she has done surgery

oh god ppl...GROW UP!

She had collagen injected to make her lips look plump. It seems she had some cheeks implants or botox done as well. Her face looks stiff.

she is clearly smiling n as a result the lips look thinner! in the ones they look fat she isnt

I think she is pregnant.

Why is her left eyebrow so much higher then the right, i heard she had gone under the knife to make her eyebrows thin, if you notice her eyebrows always has this shape, and the left on looks like the surgery had gone wrong

Uhmmm doesnt anyone seem to remember wat the news reports said abt her...the medicine made her lips all big and swollen.maybe she hasnt still come down from that affect....get over urselfs mumbai mirror people...they always print false stuff. Aishwarya is and will be the most beautiful girl in this world.

not just this, but her face is looking so stiff and pudgy latley. she needs to age more gracefully or take some rest, b/c even abhi is looking better than her which i didn't think was possible.

im not a big fan or fan at all actually
but she really pretty
but the thing is

she looks like a dolphin

it's the medication .people are so restless that they say anything that comes to their mouths.let's the medications do its job ..so restless minds give it sometime...

I don't think she's ever going to do anything like that to herself, and besides, I know that it's her medicines and it has happended to me in the past!

that is not the first time, she has done some suregery to her face
every one in B-town is fake

the picture above titled" march 2009" is wrong -it belongs to 2007 cannes by the way ash looks like she has just botoxed ...and 40+ years old

her thank speech is nice !

that's what her lips NATURALLY look like
i;ve known this since her miss india days that she draws her lip liner smaller than her lips. if you look at her older picture you will see the natural line of the lips is covered with concealer. if you see any of her movies where she wears a "natural" look you'll see her lips look big.

Ohh come on men, you guys are only talking about her this way because i think that is called jealousy. On one side you are commenting on them beacause they are aging. And on the other side you expect them to let botox etc. go off. Which one of you girls is looking as nice as her ?

This make me laugh, that are people that are believing it lol. it was in the news that she was sick and took medicine because of that her face was swollen up. so why make a post and discuss has she done this, lol why would she do it. she already has large lips.

seriously..her left eyebrow is much higher in the left pic than the right
why ash why

those two pics are not fair. your lips look thinner when you are smiling. she has always had very full lips.

ummmmm...now she looks like her own wax model ...

aishwariya is beautiful!!!

Aish has done nothing to her lips. It's crazy to see women to criticize other women just because they're more beautiful that her. It's not new, she has a lot of detractors among them (95% are women)

i think her whole face looks weird in the recent pic she shudnt do that hairstyle it never works on her face shape she luks more like a duck thn usual.......n i hope she hast cos her lips were big euff as it is........which program did salman ignore her in?

although the lips do look bigger, i don't believe she's had them done: she's always had large lips. and, as for her being the "most beautiful woman," as stated by the poster, i think it's just a silly title that is not accurate or factual and created by HER PUBLIC RELATIONS TEAM!

shez already got big lips i dnt think lip job for her is necessary


you all are a bunch of haters.

she looks awful here, the red hair, freky eyebrows and extra plump lips, why bother she already had big lips.
Lol at the redicine reaction only to upper lip excuse!! ;)

calm down girls...its an allergic reaction. aish already has plump lips and she knows messing with a good thing is bad. she would never have anything done - her face is the reason why sh is what she is, and people see it as perfect so why mess with something that is perfect??

So what if she did, she is an actress, her face is what she works with. If you work with your hands and they need a little improvement wouldn´t you undergo something? Nothing wrong with that!She has prooven to be an inteligent woman, leave her alone!

Her lips have always been plump, medical alergy have plumped them but if you look close she has a wider smile in the old pic where in the new one she has a closed mouth look so no difference.

Yes she have got an lip job u can see it completly here she have completly ruined her face she looks so bad now...

That dosent look if she got the lip job done what a shame the worlds most beautiful woman dosent need this she is beautiful as she is and if she is getting artificial job done tht won't suit her so please stay what you are aish.

If aish has gone under knife please don't do that you are beautiful as it is don't get artificial thing done that will give your features a different look so leave it relex because you are gorgeous or else your natural beauty will be gone.

I cannot believe it! Poor Aishwarya!! Antibiotics are known to cause allergic reactions like these. Anyway her upper AND lower lip both are equally swollen. Whenever my father takes such antibiotics he gets such a reaction. It is a huge problem and one has to look for alternative treatments..cool down guys...it really happens :)She must be in a lot of pain...Funny topic..I wonder why such a huge reaction!

she had an allergy from an overdose of antibiotics guyz! its happened to me b4!

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