Most Beautiful Bollywood Actress......Of All Time?

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Not just John Keats,but every great writer and poet from Shakespeare to Beatles have written odes to the beauty of a woman.She’s vulnerable at the inside,as sweet and mild-mannered at once and as fierce as the tiger at the other.Outside she’s a portrait of splendid lavishness and breathtaking splendour.This is what makes the fairer sex beautiful,inside out.

Our Hindi film industry can vouch for that for sure.Showered time and again with a haven of breathtakingly gorgeous and stunningly timeless beauties,the screens of Bollywood have been covered by a bevy of real-life apsaras and screen goddesses for more than a hundred years.And it’s not just the amount of eye-candy Bollywood offers,but also the sheer diversity of each beauty. Short,tall,dusky,fair,thin,voluptuous,the film industry has embraced screen sizzlers of all shapes and sizes.

Now the task of selecting the “Most Beautiful” out of all these stunners is a daunting job. However several polls,”Most beautiful” lists,etc,. have been created to appoint one woman as the “Queen Of Beauty”. Out of the hundreds of beautiful Bollywood actresses,one name has been consistently dubbed as the “Most Beautiful Actress Of All Time”. That is Madhubala. She’s just so real and perfect in every sense,so for me she really is the most beautiful. Many of you’ll might disagree with it,but Madhubala according to scores of people had oxygenating beauty,and indeed according to various list she’s the most beautiful………….ever!!!!!

So here is my list of the most beautiful Bollywood actress ever-

1)Madhubala(THE WINNER FOR ME)-Do I need to state?Oxygenating smile that will light up any sad man’s life,peachy,flawless complexion,perfect lips,soft features,and as real and natural as a woman ever gets.Totally drop dead gorgeous without plastic surgery.

2)Aishwarya Rai-She’s a Greek Goddess in an Indian temple. Her green eyes are just mindboggling(am jealous),great skin,great height,sharp yet delicately feminine features. God took a day off when he created her,she’s just too damn perfect.

3)Hema Malini-She really is a dreamgirl and just WOW!She’s the perfect evergreen beauty-sparkling smile,confident poise and still so well maintained, its unbelievable.

4)Rekha-The eternal diva and how she reinvented herself in a major way. There’s something so mysterious about Rekha,lends ever more appeal to her regal beauty.

5)Waheeda Rehman-The word “Graceful” and “Elegant” was created for her. Classic,regal and unpretentiously lovely,plus she’s aged so gracefully and beautifully.

6)Madhuri Dixit-That smile,that’s all I’ll say. When she smiles I feel like crying with joy,it’s just so beautiful.She makes everyone’s heart go dhak dhak!Truly the epitome of feminity.

7)Sridevi - Sri’s huge saucer-shaped eyes convey more emotion than any other pair of eyes can.And along with her childlike innocence and regal splendour she’s an Empress.

8)Sharmila Tagore-Mind blowing dimples,sexy sophistication and the kind of eternal grace and charm only she can work even in a 40 year old bikini.

9)Meena Kumari-The faraway look in her eyes and untold sagas in her lips just looked so ethereal in Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam that I was left gasping for breath.

10)Parveen Babi-She quite simply characterizes the modern woman.Sexy,beautiful and innocent,all wrapped into one.

Also although I’ve not ranked them here I believe Katrina Kaif and Dimple Kapadia are true beauties.

So for me definitely the winner is the evergreen Madhubala but I would luvvv to know who you think the most beautiful is? Please remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,and each one of us on this forum must respect each other's opinions. So I'm putting up a collage of other beautiful leading ladies of B-Town right from the 1950s to the present day so that you can decide who's the most beautiful.







Whew!So many beautiful faces for a single lifetime!!!So guys who do you think is the most beautiful Bollywood actress of all time????


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for the first time no plastic or fake celebs on the list, finally! Anyway, it's very obvious that on top there should be the gorgeous madhuri dixit! She's not just beautiful from the outside but inside aswell. Hail the legend of b town!

HEMA MALINI was,is and will remain the most beautiful actress ever.That is a fact.She has big brown eyes,nose on air and sweet smile:her face is just perfect.Also she's the most successful female super-star in the industry.Please stop comparing her with the others actresss.

Neelam Neelam Neelam

Whenever I see Madhubala , I see that glaring super macho big nose, lopsided lips whether she speaks or smiles. She is just an average.

karishma kappor

How come this list is not having the name of Divya Bharti on No.1 ? Might be a fake list.....

sonali bendre

sonali bendre

sawaran lata

sushmita sen

Sadhana Shivdasani was the best.

Nutan is the Natural Beauty

Nutan is the best, she is a natural beauty

madhubala is the most beautiful of them all just no competitor for her she is way too ahead maybe most beautiful in the world

Madhuri Dixit is most beautiful actress of india

Madhuri Dixit is not only beautiful actress but she is a most best actress

In 70s it was Hema, Zeenat and Rekha
80s it was Sridevi and Jaya prada (one of the most beautiful faces of bollywood)
90s we have the likes of Divya, Manisha Koirala, juhi and others
2000 was Aish and others
While today we have Katrina and others

60s belonged to Madhubala and Vyjayanthimala Eternal Beauties.
But ow can you forget Madhri Dixit?

My List
1. Madhubala 2. Leena Chandavarkar 3. Vyjayanthimala 4. Maduri Dixit 5. Aishwarya Rai 6. Sridevi 7. Katrina Kaif 8. Babita Kapoor 9. Hemamalini 10. Sharmila Tagoor 11. Asha Pareik 12. Kareena Kapoor
and the list is incomplete. There are many many beauties. I rate Leena Chandavarkar among top few with her baby like round face and innocent eyes.

My list almost same but for the order.
Ofcourse Madhubala No 1,
But Vyjayanthimala no 2,
Leena Chandavarkar in 3rd place ? no Maduri in 3rd place.
Aish takes 4th, Leena may get 5th place
Kat 6th?is it so no Kat in 5th then Leena gets 6th!
Hema must be elivated to 6th That pushes Leena to 7th place
Sharmila with dimples must get 7th,
And Leena gets pushed to 8th just like in Ek Mahal Ho..ka Sapanoka!
How can we forget Sridevi? She must in top top 5!
And Kareena.. It may be difficult for Leena to be one among top 10
in spite of her beautiful face.
Thus Beauty is not just in beautiful face.
Thank You

Nice commentary on beautiful Leena!
Yes, Beauty is more than a beautiful Face

My list: Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada, Jaya prada & Jaya prada. You didn't keep Jaya Prada in the list, because you haven't a little sense of beauty. Jaya prada is the angel, is the definition of beauty. No one of the list comes even within a mile of Jaya, especially sridevi.

1. deepika 2. madhuri 3. hema 4. aishwarya

Ohh..i laugh to read the cmnts of writer and comenters...i think noone is bful

1. Divya Bharti
2. Aishwarya Rai
3. Madhubala
4. Sridevi

just one lies in the eyes of beholder...

I can't pick one in so many beautiful faces, i think all are beautiful their own place. Because I like many actresses.

Rani Mukerji for me! Golden eyes, gorgeous smile and lovely features.


1 - Hema malini
2 - Kajol
3 - katrina kaif
My ever beauties of all time in bollywood..

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and Madhuri Dixit....
Actress of my generation are just a SHIT in terms of BEAUTY !
I don"t know why guys of my age find KAT beautiful !
She is NOTHING in comparison to MADS or AISHU :*

divya bharti is was an angel

yes she was


My choices
1. Madhuri Dixit
2. Aishwarya Rai
3. Katrina Kaif
4. Deepika Padukone
5. Manisha Koirala (only face)

Leena Chandavarkar is one of the most beautiful Bollywood Beauties

I Love Beautiful Leena Chandavarkar

I too, But she had a short spell of hardly 5 to 6 years,
May be because she wanted to marry and settle down
as she was putting on lot of weight (known as short & fat beauty) and unable to compete with
upcoming beauties anymore.

Agreed. Leena Chandavarkar is a Beautiful, Talented actress. She had many good opportunities to act with top heroes like Dharmendra, Dileep Kumar, Jitendra, Vinod Khanna .... But why did she quit acting so early is a mystery. If only she could have maintained her figure, and be a bit more professional in choosing movies and co-stars she could have reached the top.
Yes, for her Beautiful face she deserved a better achievement and recognition.

Divya Bharti Always best..................
1974 To my heart

1. Katrina
2. Kareena
3. Priyanka

1. Hema Malini
2. Aiswarya rai
3. Deepika Padukone
4. Karisma Kapoor

The others, most of them just beautiful, but nothing.

Poonam Dhillon, Simi Garewal, Raakhi, Nimmi, Priya Rajvansh.

Katrina,Ashwariya,Zarine,Sana,Asin,Madhuri are real beauty.

Hema Malini
Divya Bharti

The most beautiful actresses of all times...

Deepika, Katrina, Diana Penty!! ♥♥♥


sridevi is evergreen actress n most beautiful.

neetu s
karesma kapoor
kareena kapoor only

1. Preity zinta.
2. Sridevi
3. Manisha koirala
4. Hema ji
5. And the very new Alia bhatt

what about Suchitra Sen and Baijayantimala...

Madhubala, Aishwarya, Manisha Koirala, Deepika Padukone, Divya Bharati.

Madubala something about her even though I have not watched any of her movie but just the glimps seems perfect. Then majority of them had surgeries but I still love maduri, juhi chawla, karishma , priyanka and deepika i think they are gorgeous.

If we r looking @ all time list of beauties then it has 2 b as follows:

1)Rati Agnichotri(B1960)
2)Anita Raj(B1962)
3)Maduri Dixit(B1967)
4)zubeidaa (1911-88)
7)lata m
8)norupa r
13)meena kumari
14)waheeda r
15)jaya proda
and last but not least 2 complete my TOP 20 this las would b in my overall list @ NO.79 including all most beautiful(white women ,western actresses and popstars etc) and she is the Gorgous my personal princess of indian soap opera Sara Khan.

Thank You. You haven't put sridevi in the list of 100. the infamous actress manipulated to shorten JAYA PRADA(my darling)'s career conniving with another actress and sharing bed with some producers. I love Jaya very much. I pray to GOD to get her my life partner in next life.

Great. Thank You. You haven't put the name of sridevi in the list, not even in 100, who had manipulated to shorten JAYA PRADA's(my darling) career. I love Jaya Prada very much. She is the angel, the Goddess of beauty. I pray to GOD to get her as my life partner next life.

Karisma is the most beautiful actress

Karisma duh

Divya bharti is the most beautiful heroin

Hema malini is best acctres of bollywood for ever

hema is most beautiful woman


like yah!

Hema Malini is the only ravishing Bollywood beauty. A celestial beauty. A nymph. It is unthinkable that a more beautiful woman than Hema was ever born on earth. The perfect feminine form in eternity. When I saw her for the first time on big screen I started trembling from top to toe. Her face, figure and curves were magnificent in her youth. Still a delight for the eyes. Smile mesmerising. None of the others are fit to hold a candle to Hema the ethereal beauty.

Hema malini is the only ravishing Bollywood beauty. A celestial beauty. A nymph. It is unthinkable that a more beautiful woman than Hema was ever born on earth. When I saw her for the first time on big screen I started trembling from top to toe. She is the perfect feminine form in eternity.

I can't believe that this post has been made without Padmini and Vyjayanthimala. C'mon they are the most beautiful actresses to grace this industry ever followed by Aishwarya and rekha.

I think sridevi is the best looking actress and least you can sit down and watch her films and u don't have to change it and their not rude.I am also a big fan of kajol.

when the discussion relates to beauty then I think no one comes closer to Jaya Prada. she is the definition of beauty, most beautiful actress of all time in indian cinema. The most beautiful face in the world of her time. Sridevi cannot be compared to her. sridevi bagged most of her films by manipulating the directors and producers. many of them had relations with her.

4 me its only madhuri ji

Top 10 most beautiful for me - 1. Madhubala 2. Madhuri 3. Sri devi 4. Katrina kaif 5. Juhi chawala 6. Rani mukherji 7. Karishma 8. Kareena 9. Aishwarya 10. Hema malini

I think aishwariya rai is more beautiful than any other actress in bollywood.

divya bhari was most beutiful.......

Yes, the Venus Queen, the one and only Madhubala, definitely rules...& and in that regal gallery we have Madhuri Dixt, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Hema Malini and Waheeda Rahman....

To me Rani is most beautiful, I love her eyes and her so sweet smile.

madhubala , madhuri and katrina kaif are the most beautiful actresses of bollywood and they will remain at this peak forever.

at the present age DEEPIKA PADUKONE


Madhuri is the natural and true beauty....Perfect feminine figure for then opposite men....Most sensual beauty of the world.......

Definitely the most beautiful in my opinion would be 1. Madhubala. 2. Saira Banu. 3. Hema Malini. 4. Aishwarya Rai. 5. Vyjayanthimala 6. Nutan. 7. Padmini. 8. Sridevi. 9. Madhuri Dixit and 10. Jayaprada.

I think none of the actresses will ever surpass these beauties of talent, beauty and dancing skills.

Jaya Prada will be numero uno in all counts: her stunning look, long thick hair, her soft voice, her acting skill and her classical dance made her all time number one heroine.

Madhuriiiiiiiii for me She is a gem of a person

madhu bala is bety full


wht the hell wer is sonam???

Juhi Chawla

MADHUBALA !!!- there is absolutely no one like her. Tall, regal, beautiful, bubbly, gorgeous queen of the moon and stars and of beauty. She never seemed to have her hair 'done' at a salon, it was always natural and wavy and that suited her. I don't think she even needed much make up. But looked gorgeous with and without it.

I agree with you re the rest of them, Waheeda, Meena, Hema, Rekha, Sridevi....but I don't know why you left out Nutan, Saira Banu. Also Vyjayantimala was pretty awesome, just see her in Madhumati. Parveen Babi for me was not a beauty for all time. She and Zeenat Aman in the same category, real good looking girls but not mind blowing in the way the older actresses were. Of the newer ones, Priety Zinta is very cute with the dimples and big eyes, soft lips, etc. and oh yes, Kajol and Juhi Chawla. Ileana Dcruz (Barfi) is also very good looking, a real classic beauty.

Aap sbi ko namsate amit pandit

Hema always even at this age

aishwarya rai bachchan , in canada only aishwarya rai is famous! her acting and emotions she puts into movies is just Mind blowing , simply beauty. God must have taken most of his time making her !

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