Much Awaited Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's LUX Ad

We recently saw the making of this ad which she shot when she was 6 months pregnant. Here is the ad.
She is seen with the telly stars Ankita and Sushant from Pavitra Rishta.

She looks absolutely magnetic...!!


And here is its making in HQ

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wao.....wonder woman

plz can someone tell me the name of the song playing in the second video plz.


colour talk will never end as long as aishwarya go on bleaching her complexion and trying to fool people with her make believe fairness game

in each picture she looks different! Its like we dont know who Aishwarya is anymore.... too much photo shop.... sick of Bollywood artificiality man

*aishwarya n lux both are evergreen*

Why do people have this fixation with colour? :S

I think she looks fair. If you think that is brown, well its not because I myself am a brown and Aish is so much lighter than me. Now pls dont tell me I am a black. lol. My skin colour is like Bipasha's.

Anyways, fair or brown, she is still stunningly beautiful, amazingly talented and a great human being. Loved seeing the ad.

stfu people!!!!...whats with all this color talk..what is fair for one is wheatish or brown for another..this color talk is all very relative and varies from cultures and countries whos considered fair in india is considered brown in european and other western nations....there are no absolutes when it comes to color...the definitions of white and brown differ vastly among different people and just stop it already with all the racist color comments.

I'm no Ash fan but she is beautiful (in my eyes--not enforcing my opinion on others mind you) whether you call her brown or wheatish or white or fair.

I luv Aishwarya & am sad =( the Lux ad is no longer available.

please upload it fast.the main makes me watch the most beautiful woman right now.Love aishwarya so much

I smell jealousyyy. Hypocrites Indians why don't u pray for yur Ganesha or Krishna or whatever to clean yur heart n sould from this hatred???

Asihwarya never looked brown in the making of the ad nor in the photos!

Being a fair/weatish color skinned is the same as being BROWN????? No comparisions, weatish is like a light chestnut color, brown color is dark like chocolate, like a dusky person. This goes for Frieda, Rani, Bipasha, Deepika and Sonam!!!

OH GOD! You stupid Indians girls r freaking jealous of her natural fair skin r u? Really, don't u get tired to repeat the same words in the same post? Tell me w will be the difference? U think her color will turn to brown? U think people will belive u? U think yur black skin will turn fair like hers?

India has serious mental problem, a huge mass of jealousy. Like it or not Aishwarya is fair, this won't change the facts, u can live in yur Lala land world n be happy thinking that she is dusky like YOU GUYS but the true is there! ;))

cant see the baby bump... because she has been overweight and flabby from a long time. so dont see any difference now.

ha ha ha Now Ash is paying all regional news channels to praise her?

Where's the ad? Well the making was interesting.

she is loooking sooooooooooo b'ful in the making ... plz post the ad as well.......... love her
lover her baby bump... she wore flowing gown to hide bump..clever.. nice color :)

soooo pretty ... sooo sexy

soooo pretty ... sooo sexy

oh my god why cant this women stay at home instead of coming on tv trying to gain publicity......plz nobody is interested in u so just stay at home & do babysitting!!!

it is really weird
we have seen photos of making this ad and aishwarya was brown there
we have seen making of the ad where she was brown as well but in the aired ad she is snow white!!! get over it aishwarya you are brown skinned beautiful lady being brown wont steal your most beautiful tag get over your obsession with getting white ash!!
also lux soap will sell like hotcakes? well yeah as long as there are obsessed fans of ash like the ones here on pinkvilla why not lux sells like hotcakes !! it is really ridiculous to exaggerate just a soap to this extent and claiming fake statements it is also a deception just like aishwarya s fairness in the ad

someone with so much of back fat really shouldnt wear that kind of dress-ugh!

no bump.. tats very weird

if she is using a surrogate, then she should have told Madhur. he would never have thrown her out of the movie. Ash badly wanted to be a part of that movie.

its obvious that lux and hindustan lever don't have the awesome photoshop and video touch up technology that loreal has. She looks like her old haggard self here, but somehow manages to look 10 years younger in loreal ads.

She is not pregnant? LOL!

I am amazed that these comments comes from a WOMAN. O.O

She looks fair in the making of the video just a bit weatish, in the ad simply white... wel that's not a big difference if we r talking abt HER.

Sun, 2011-09-18 12:58 — Anonymous

Ohh really then plzzzzzz Mr/Mrs Doctor show me a proof where it says that Aishwarya went to a IVF treatment, where she didn't use HER eggs! And wikipedia is not that bad, infact it says a lot of what a REASONABLE REALISTIC person means! ;)

I loved watching the making of the ad, Ash looks super duper gorgeous but I didn't get see the ad!

they went out of the country for the shoot ?

Bump is not obvious until u r actually 6/7 months pregnant.

not true. i asked my doctor friend about this who is IN OB/GYN, and she told me that it is usually 4-5 months. now, if you take that + ash's eating habits (never has had any concern for her weight and always stuffs her face), she definitely would have been visibly showing at 5 months. so if she really is 7 months, she should be getting pretty huge. i am beginning to agree w/anon. she is not pregnant

yeah, i think if people reflect on this whole pregnancy saga, it is really possible that she is using a surrogate. i like anon's way of thinking, it's not as 1 dimensional as the rest of you. it is true that amitabh did NOT say that ash was pregnant. rather, he said he was expecting a grandchild. it is ALSO true that only TWO pics have been taken of her since the so called "announcement." she has gone into hiding since the announcement. may be she couldn't do "heroine" because the director thought she would get even fatter than she what she had amassed in the recent years and she couldn't correct him because then she would have to admit to using a surrogate.

i NEVER looked at it like that....yeah, even though ash IS a buddi, perhaps abhisheik IS infertile. i mean, everyone already thinks he should come out of the closet... OR, may be both of them were infertile (her due to her age, and him due to some problem)

she is whitened even when she is pregnant

she is whitened even when she is pregnant

I'm surprised that u r in the "medical profession!" LOL!!! Stupid hater!!

lol, whoa. i am surprised that you are using WIKEPEDIA to back your claims. i mean, even a middle schooler knows that WIKIPEDIA is not a reliable source. yeah, i actually read medical journals; this is how i am learned on these topics. and you? using WIKIPEDIA??? HAHA!! you are SUCH a joke! this witch COULDNT complete heroine and let it leak that the grandchild amitabh was expecting was in someone else's body, otherwise that would blow their entire cover. did you ever think about it from that angle? anways, i am not a hater, just a reasonable REALISTIC person. don't talk about topics that you have absolutely know knowledge on (i.e. medical topics)

everyone loses perspective whrn it comes to a beautiful woman! ;) :D tis th nature of things 0:)

beautiful actress for sure :) ....but much ..really? talk about losing perspective! :/

you really want me to beleive that she uses a soap like luxx to get pretty skin...she has prolly got tonns of dermabrasions done on her body to look like what she looks like....phllzzzz

We miss Aishwarya in movies!

She is so beautiful even when she pregnant

Great ad n she looks more beautiful wow aish just wow

play someone tell me the name of the song playing in d ad. thanks

she looks like a DIVA from every angle.

she looks so vampy in this and huge as well...i really dont like the dress...she could have looked gorgeous in a plain white dress..peach is boring and doesn't allow her to glow...she looks dusky in the making of the add and in the add she is looking white....i wish the add was more interesting...same usual posing and a bathing scene!!

beautiful as usual.......i fell in love with her..again and again...i love u.....aishwarya......u will always my first and last true love................god bless you...

beautiful as usual....i fell in love with her...i love love u......aishwarya.....u will always my first and last true love.......god bless you

lolz if she was really not pregnant n using surrogate method, she wud use sum pillow to fake her bump, but she dint.

Bump is not obvious until u r actually 6/7 months pregnant. Thats why Ash was sure she could complete HEROINE. I can see her perspective now.

Oh God her baby bump is beautiful!


I CAN'T WATCH THE AD!!!!!!!!!!! @Oxygen plz do something, it's blocked!!!

I think it is obvious to most reasonable people (her HATERS r not included obviously) that she has a baby bump!

Sat, 2011-09-17 14:25 — Anonymous

And how do u know that she went through a ivf treatment? I never found a such thing on internet only that supposedly she went to a treatment in Bangkok to conceive a baby BOY! This treatment has NOTHING to do if the woman is fertile or not! BUT I don't believe in this either. But if she went for a ivf treatment what makes some haters believe or think that she is 100% infertile? Maybe she can't have a baby by doing sexual intercourse but with the help of this treatment she can with the mixture of Abhi's sperms n Aish's ovules OUTSIDE HER BODY! Daaaaaaaaaa check wikipedia if u don't know about this ok.

I'm surprised that u r in the "medical profession!" LOL!!! Stupid hater!!!

Trust me, no one is awaiting this or any commercial by her.

It's stupid.

@ Akanksha, 19, Ahmedabad. - when i said i expected a story doesn't mean i expected a film or a story book here. there is a flow and things should make sense. India does churn out amazing ads. And yes, to the other anon who was remarking on my ''HIGH'' expectations. well i did have expectations from the lux ad cause the previous ones were good and synced with her current life so I ''EXPECTED'' something much more.

The idea of a man being attracted to another woman infront of his plus Aish's expressions (odd and vampy) didn't really portray the product 'lux' itself in a positive manner. But hey AISH SELLS and some ppl require much though like u guys. So that's good. Go buy Lux be happy! I don't use lux i just enjoy watching the ads.

Sat, 2011-09-17 14:25 — Anonymous

Very interesting...never thought about it the way you have analyzed it...but I do detect hints of a bump in this ad so I doubt she's going the surrogate way.

Sat, 2011-09-17 14:25 — Anonymous

Sorry, are you blind? What do you mean no one's ever seen a bump? She's been snapped what, twice? And there was definitely a bump.

Anyway, their fertility issues are absolutely no one's business, and I'm shocked that comments on it even get approved.

As far as the ad goes, it was short and a bit silly, but she looked absolutely beautiful.

Hell Yeah - I'm running out to buy LUX

can someone plz tell me the name of the song playing. plz tell me.


i am sorry did not make sense bud ad and boring

Ash looks so tired in the bathtub pics...also the concept of this ad is so crappy and boring. Was waiting for this ad but am disappointed.

In the making of the ad pics, at 1.28, Ash looks HUGE..I mean I know she's pregnant and I respect her for working while pregnant but that was a really unflattering angle....maybe shes carrying twins?

i was happy to aish and manav and archan but i did not like the ad

Breathtakingly Beautul Ash - Lux has been with Ash throughout - marriage, baby etc.


Woooooooooooow she is a GODDESSSSSSSSSSS!!! No one has that confidence, that Diva attitude, that power, fierce and of course that bauty!!! Her baby bump is soo visible!!!


I can't watch the first video!!! It's blocked, could u plz do something???

Ash always looks gorgeous... no matter what!

so cute I wanna see again n again.......

pregnant or not...doesn't matter she is fearless,talented & beautiful and we fans love you for that

Sweet, delicious... YUMMY MUMMY-to-be :D

i think it is obvious to most reasonable people (her fans not included then obviously) that she lacks a "bump"
so, may be when amitabh said that he was expecting a grandchild he meant that implantation efforts into a surrogate were finally successful. no one has ever noticed a bump, and she still remains flabby looking and wide - BUT she HAS been channeling that look since she got married.

don't tell me fertility treatments make your lips take over your face or some other nonsense like that. i am in the medical profession and know for a fact that fertility treatments dont cause those side effects. may be it is the depression over her inability to conceive to that caused her to stuff her face. also, no one ever considered that perhaps abhi was sterile?

her tummy is so visible in this add and it was shot when she was 5months pregnant so in this physical condition her fans expected mahur to continue shooting with her...rubbish!! im not a fan but she looks very pretty in that add.wish her all the best.

Amazing Aish.....:)

she looks so old..

she loooked 10 times better in making of Ad.....

Since when did people start having "high expectations" from silly TV ads? loool. Anyway Aish looks like a million bucks!!!

Hah. Cool ad. I like it! (:

it is true when they say that God created her out of the mould that he used to create the first woman!

lol its a 30 second ad yaar and in that they have to show the soap, ask the customer to buy it n more. In teh remaining 15 seconds how can you expect a story? even oscar winning films are not so quick. aren't u guys expecting too much from an ad? lol

of course u r. Its Aishwarya duh. The quality and standard matters here. When the standard itself is pretty low, there is no room for criticism. If high standard, very much criticism is there.

Akanksha, 19,

wierd ad must say...the way Ash stares at them looks really vampish...also Ash looks so tired in the bathtub pics.

sexy lady!!!! hai main mar gaya..ufff lucky Abhishek Bachchan;)

filmychica, the idea was to say that the guy gets attracted to another woman in the presence of his wife, so the wife wants to know what does she have that she attracted her husband... to which Aish says Lux.

The message is, "Use Lux and turn yourself into Aishwarya Rai Bachchan" lol its ridiculous, but which ad today isn't? Anyway like sareelove said the presence of Aishwarya is enough to make the soaps sell like hotcakes! :D

I agree, the ad is nothing special, but Aishwarya looks drop dead gorgeous!!

I had some high- expectations from this lux-ad. their previous ones were good. But dis one lacked charm or even a proper story. Lux should have used her 'pregnancy' as a highlight since they had a story going w/ Ash and Abhi earlier. blah!

I am sorry but this AD did NOT make sense! And no, i ain't an Aish-hater but this ad really sucked. wtf? kind of brought Ash in a shady-light the way they portrayed her and the other couple. weird.

Aishwarya is so beautiful and graceful. Wish it was longer!

She looks FINE.


Love love the ad.....she's as usual jaw droppingly Gorgeous! Couldn't take my eyes off this 37year old woman!!

I love Manav-Archana!!!!!!!! :D

0.27 died and went to heaven

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