Akshay Kumar launches DM fitness

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Akshay Kumar launched Dino Morea's DM Fitness at Worli, Mumbai. The fitness freak he is, he was seen showing some of his skills. Also seen were Dino Morea and Aditya Thackeray.


Why is that Thackery guy with DM at all the events...he doesn't have body n nor does he do anything

Gosh, Akshay is old, he must start playing father figure in movies. Dino Morea is still handsome (why doesn't he act anymore?)

coz he can't :P

Both fitness freaks Akki and HR are neighbors now. Watch out ladies!

Haters go get a life. After Salman Khan only Akshay Kumar has the most fans. And people like his movies without PR.

how come his movies flop with that big fanbase? How come Salman, Aamir, SRK, Hrithik make big money and he doesn't? If people liked his movies they would watch them but they don't. Can you explain it?

I love akshay but his recent films were not good! please make better films akshay!

Flop actor. SRK, Hritikh, Aamir they all make big money but Akshay is a 60cr nett per film actor

Shut up! Flop person!!

I can shut up but numbers are talking loud and clear. Last year Akshay Kumar did only flop movies and this year too because he has few fans

Obviously u dont know anything. All his films did not flop last year. Only one did. It was one hit, one flop, and one average. This year will be good year with 3 interesting releases. He does not have few fans. He has many many fans. Obviously just cus u are not a fan, does not mean he has few fans.

freaking hot as helll

Akki and that beard is killing me..soo hot

Liking Akshay Kumar!

akki is fittest man in bollywood

dino didn't make it in b-town. so sadd :( i like him in raaz

Love akshay kumar. Such a fantastic human being. Why don't we see more articles about him ? Would like to read more about him here.

why akshay why u r making me crazy.....

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