Akshay Kumar & Tamannaah return from Goa

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Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah were snapped at the airport on their arrival to Mumbai from Goa. They were there shooting for their upcoming film, It's Entertainment.

This romantic comedy is supposed to release on 1st May 2014.


She hasnt had work done she's just lost some weight. And she got her real hair usually she wears extentions. That's why she looks different. Go watch her south movies she looks exactly the same.

yes and an young girl...Go figure

she looks like she did something to her face. it looks different. hmmm and her hips are wide she looks like an aunty from the waist.

Im sure all those people complaining about how she doesnt look as white as Bebo in her last airport spotting are pretty happy to see this post. She looks pretty pale.

Akki-Tammannah best pairing

Dang, Akshay looks so sad in that second picture. Someone needs a hug.

another flop. film being made only so akshay can enjoy wit actress

Producers wants Akshay Kumar because they never lose money even when films flops

TRUE TRUE TRUE 100% TRUE he is sucha ugh.. i feel bad for tamannh
both ak n ad r like that :/

She has a perfectly successful career down south; nobody was holding a gun to her head to make her work with Ajay or Akki or Saif.

He has an affair with Sonakshi Sinha, I don't think he's having an affair with Tamanna

her face looks different....her jaw is restructured, nose also looks different and some work on the lips is obvious

akshay is totally banging her lol

I wonder how theyre going to make akshay look young beside her. He must b old enough to b her father

That's the case with him and all his current heroines. Forget Tamannah, how are they going to make Shraddha Kapoor look suitable with him?!

In Shraddha's case they don't really have to; that movie most likely has her as a young woman obsessed with an older man who's not really interested in her-they're probably supposed to look a bit odd together.

It's a pity Tamannaah wasn't around when Akshay was a bit younger, because he used to pair up well with actresses of that physical type, and onscreen she has a playful energy kind of like his own.

That being said, I've seen some pictures of him from the It's Entertainment shoot, and they seem to be doing a good job of making him look late-thirties instead of his actual mid-forties age.

Tamannah has the typical bollywood heroine look. If she was related to someone famous, she would have starred in a couple of Karan Johar movies by now.


She's the girl from Himmatwala right?

She got work done.

Good new jodi, they both look nice

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