Akshay Kumar turns 42!

Akshay Kumar turns 42! 0
Akshay Kumar turns 42! 0

Martial arts expert
Action hero
Comic and tragic caper
Romantic hero

Yes Iam talking about AKKI!
Singh is king turned 42 today, on the very special 09/09/09. Akshay Kumar has been in bollywood since 1991 but found success very late, though his movies did well, Akshay was never recognised for his work. With no godfather this self-made superstar has finally reached his spot which is being one of the top five actors of bollywood. Akshay married twinkle on Jan 14 2001 and has one son Aarav who was born on Sep 15 2002.
Happy birthday akki!!!

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bollychic19's picture

aww happy bday!

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wow !! Happy Birthday Akshay !!

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nice matching outfits

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Happy Birthday Aki! Love u lots :)

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such a nice family foto...too cute

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God! Aarav is like..the mini-Akshay. God bless!

Anonymous's picture

Happy BirthDAy AKKI


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