Revealed: Kareena Kapoor plays Akshay Kumar’s wife in Gabbar

It’s not just a song appearance for Kareena Kapoor in director Krish’s Gabbar . It’s a full-fledged role.

A friend of Kareena reveals, “Bebo plays Akshay’s wife in the film.She is killed before the film begins. So Akshay keeps remembering her in flashbacks. The role is like that of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein. The film’s leading lady played a kind of spirit that ran across the film. Likewise in Gabbar.”

In the original Tamil film entitled Ramanaa Simran had played the role that Kareena has just completed in Gabbar.
Says Kareena’s friend, “Bebo and Akshay share a fabulous rapport. They’ve played husband and wife in Aetraaz. She agreed to do so again because her character propels the story forward.”

Kareena now leaves for Pataudi where Saif’s 12-bedroom ancestral palace is being re-done by Kareena and her mother-in-law.

“The entire palace is being re-done by Sharmilaji and Bebo.Saif has no time for this He has left the job to the ladies,” says Kareena’s friend

On 7 April Kareena leaves for Bucharest to shoot a cosmetic ad.

Says Kareena’s friend, “This is Bebo’s first visit to that part of the world.She is very excited.She wants Saif to accompany her. But he cannot spare the time.So Bebo would’ve to go it alone. These days Bebo is hardly able to meet her husband. Saif and she have not met for nearly a month now.”

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Credits: Subhash K Jha

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ok another FLOP!

no doubt about that

My my my, that's a lot of updates suddenly by her friend. wassup?

kareena is the best !

OMG what happened to her lips??? botox injection or silicone??? HORRIBLE! pv pls post

This is not her recent picture. It has something to do with angle or the way she is posing. Look at her recent pictures from the sets of Gabbar and you'll see she is not someone who is into plastic.

Hahahaha what a hater know its time for her lips to get bashed..hmhh lol serious some fans of...need medical help!!

I thought the film's "leading lady" is Shruti. Why is this article trying to make this an "Akshay-Kareena" film? She'll have two or three scenes and a song. Like Manisha with Sanjay Dutt in 2000's Baaghi or Rani Mukherji in "1857". Desperate. No doubt it'll be a strong short role but she's not the female lead.

NOT A FAN NOR A HATER OF HER - But I"m not getting it why she was out from so many projects :( I am not a fan of her but with no doubts she is QUEEN of the last decade (2001-2011) , Hits & Flops have never affected her ,, And in the past years , Indians are also changing their views for married actresses ( SRI +KAJOL - Successful comebacks ) ,, then why she lost so many projects :( Bw I hate KARAN JOHAR ,, HRITIK-KAREENA were fabulous for Shuddhi , I don"t wanna see Deepika in Shudhi ....No doubt Deepika is a good actress but character of Sati demands sm1 as Kareena !!!!

Kareena's item songs/cameos.
1.Don (2006)
2.Om shanti om (2007)
3.KLSH (2006)
5.Rowday rathore(2012)
6.Dabang (2012)
7.Bombay talkies (2013)
Priyanka's item songs/cameos.
1.36 China town(2006)
2.Ra 1(2011)
4.Shootout at wadala(2013)
5.Raamleela (2013)
6.OSO (2007)
Aishwarya's cameos/item songs.
1.Mela (2000)
3.HTHS (2002)
4.Shaheed (2002)
5.Shakti (2002)
6.Bunty Bubli (2005)
7.The Pink panther(2009)
8.Bluffmaster (2005)
Stop the UNNECESSARY Hate.

Kareena wasn't in Om Shanti Om...she just walked pass the red carpet in the scene they filmed ate the Filmfare awards and was uncredited. Anyway

LOL at people disliking this. It's the truth. Kareena wasn't even there in Om Shanti Om...How is that something bad? SMH

The difference is Priyanka has item songs AND movies on her platter and Ash has a chosen to spend time at home but is offered movies all the time. What does Kareena have besides abandoned movies and items songs?

PC has item songs in almost all movies as an attempt to beg films. She has 2 movies in her kitty(one of which is a gift from a dear friend) and Kareena has Singham 2, Battameez Dil (shooting will start in July) and untitled with Fawad Khan. So, I don't see a much difference here. LOL at Aish being offered movies all the time! May be she was offered Aashiqui 2 since she was such an adorable mother to ARK in Action Replay, poor woman didn't even get the item number in Raam Leela. Who would have liked to see an elephant dancing and jumping on their TV screens? Perhaps we should ask Aradhya's principal, considering Aish supposedly read the scripts in her office.

You are a vile person. Always speaking about her 'dear friend'. People like you hate for nothing. Truth is Priyanka did the item numbers and has movies. Current situation of Kareena is: Item number, Item number, cameo, cameo, Masala Movie. The movie with Fawad Khan hasn't been confirmed and Parineeti and Sonam might replace her. Plus there is no need to make fun of Aishwarya every chance given. Fact remains, Kareena said she wanted to work till she is 80 years old, but sits at home or visits humshakal sets to make roti's for her husband. Kareena lost fans due to her big mouth and bad choices in movies. Did she atleast reply to that open letter by that fan? She doesn't care. They don't exist for her. They irritate her in fact. Satyagraha was offered to Priyanka and Kareena took it up and failed. DDD was offered to Kareena and Priyanka took it in the end. It happens all the time, but Kareena was visibly jealous and misserable when Ram Leela became a success and not only Deepika got a filmfare but PC got the most successful item number of 2013 out of it. Aishwarya took time of and isn't claiming she got this and that offered first and saying who and who she made big stars. Kareena fans are disappointed and I can see them expressing their disappointment on twitter and other social media websites. Priyanka has Mary Kom, Dil Dhadakne Do, Madam Ji, A movie with Ekta Kapoor, Bajirao Mastani, and her album. Anyway, I truly hope Kareena can make a comeback, but she seriously needs to change her narcissistic attitude.

And you hate Kareena for a reason? Does she even know who you are? Did she harm you in any way? No, the truth is you're just a troll who gets an ego boost by bashing celebrities on gossip sites. You crave for attention which you don't get in your otherwise futile life. You're such a repugnant human being that you can stoop down to any level to prove your otherwise invalid points. As far as reports are considered, Madam Ji is still being scripted, Ekta Kapoor hasn't even announced any film with PEECee or may be she came to consult you first since you're such an integral part of the industry and knows a lot of inside stories which you later try to shove down everyone's throats (I hope you're taking the meds BTW). And we'll believe the casting rumors of Bajirao Mastani once SLB confirms it himself. So, right now all poor plastic has is Mary Kom(a gift by her dear friend) and DDD where Anushka Sharma will ruin her overacting and lame attempt to act like a 16 year old teenager with her stupendous performance. And how much time is Aish going to take? She's 40 already and is on the verge of being the next Tun Tun of Bollywood. Heck, all she is getting are motherly roles and I'll not be surprised if she gives up in the end and agrees to play mother to Ranveer Singh after Aditya Roy Kapoor. And Kareena's fans are disappointed? So basically you know all of Kareena's fans in the world or just the few fake ones? (Half of those accounts belong to you I'm sure) I've seen how the fans of Bebo are still sticking by her side even though she has hit a rough patch in her career. LOL at PC's singing career. She's the best musical insult from India. And talking about Satyagraha then we all know how desperate PC wanted to work in that movie that she even sent her manager Chand Mishra to beg Prakash Jha so that he would cast her although he had already announced the film with Kareena as female lead. But obviously not everyone is SRK, right? Talking about narcissism then we all know who's the biggest narcissist in Bollywood, read PC's statements and you'll realize she is her favorite. "My performance was more nuanced that Vidya's." "I'm a self made person," forgetting Akshay and SRK, such a selfish woman. "I am well-spoken and people find me charming, though very few people deserve my attention. I am very elitist like that and don't like giving attention to everyone." Self indulgent much? Let's hope it will knock some sense into your otherwise deluded brain.

You need to calm down. I'm pretty sure kareena doesn't know any of us.

Who said I hate Kareea? Yes I think she made some bad professional decisions and might judge her acting or dancing and interviews but I wont hate her on a personal level. You are always very personal and feel the need to attack people. I don't bash other celebs like you say, I say what I believe in. If you had read my other comments like I'm sure you have you'll know I've said multiple times that Ekta Kapoor's movie hasn't been confirmed yet. If you decide to ignore that it's fine!!! That taking your meds is getting really old hun, come up with something different next time. It's sad you decide to call an outstanding actress like Priyanka names and all. It shows how insecure you are. I feel sorry for you as you follow me around, replying to everything I say. I've made you shut up many times and am here to do it again. Mary Kom a gift by her dear friend? HAHA How low can you sink? Priyanka got Mary Kom because Sanjay Leela Bhansali had trust in her, because she has proved many times she can work hard and work in woman centric movies like Fashion and do unusual characters like in Barfi. Dil Dhadakne Do will be another great role to look forward. Lol at saying PC overacts while Kareena is actually known for that. The word 'over acting' is almost synonymous to Kareena Kapoor. You just can't digest the fact PC is in the movie. Aishwarya is an icon. Kareena is also a great star but never ever can she be like Aishwarya. In fact Aishwarya was something completely different. Aishwarya will be back with Mani Ratnam's movie and Happy Anniversary. She has far better roles coming in her way than the small item numbers and cameo role Kareena Kapoor does nowadays. I know many Kareena fans and they all are exactly extremely dissapointed. You wont as you are one of those who will even say Kareena is the best if she commits a murder. A blind 'not so smart' fan. Yes, that's exactly what you are, A silly vile person living on rumours and living in a bubble where the world surrounds around Kareena. Do you want me to post the list of Kareena's narcissistic statements AGAIN for you? I'll spare you this time. Maybe reading is not you're strongest skill just like Kareena, but here is my comment again and I've highlighted the area for you. Stop accusing me of lies and everything you make up in your head.

What did I say? That you can stoop down to any level to prove your otherwise invalid point. Just look at the screen grab or re-read the comment you posted to me. I have no idea where you made this comment about Ekta Kapoor film not being confirmed, may be some other article but it was definitely not in reply to me. It's sad that I call Priyanka names but it is completely okay if you do the same with Kareena. You're such a hypocrite. Stop bashing other celebrities if you feel so sorry when they bash your own favorites. Calling Kareena "tooh", "begum beggar", "masculine" "fat" just because she is not wafer thin, only shows how you debase yourself. And everyone knows about PC's overacting, even Rajeev Masand has mentioned it in many of his reviews of her films. Zanjeer, PI, Asambhav, Agneepath are few examples. She even ruined some scenes of Fashion with her over the top expressions. Yes, Aishwarya is an Icon or I-kaun. Her 2 minutes roles in three Hollywood films got her Golden Globes and Oscars(in your lala land), that's why she came crawling back to Bollywood where she did films like Kyun Ho Gaya Na with the help of her friend Vivek Oberoi and when that film flopped she did Dhoom 2, Guru and replaced PC in Umrao Jaan with the help of another friend Abhishek Bachchan. Frieda Pinto in her relatively shorter stint in Hollywood has done more for the Indian profile in the west than Aish who only shows up at Cannes every year and gets mocked at her fashion sense. Aish was never an actress and only capitalized on her beauty which is the reason why she leaks news about reading scripts in her daughter's Principal's office instead of actually singing a film. LOL Mommy of the year can now only rely on playing Ranbir or Ranveer's maa or else there's no comeback for her EVER! No I'm not a fanatic like you. But you need some reality in your life. I'd have spared your ludicrousness if you'd been a bit reasonable but man aren't you desperate for attention. You're so annoying. To tell you the truth your world surrounds around Kareena that's why you don't forget to mention her on every single article. The irony is you don't even like her. Isn't that pathetic?

Listen, I told you in the previous comment that I had made it a point in my previous comments and I hadn't written it here as you had read those other comments already and even have commented on the post, (yes again following me around) and you accused me of making things up. The move with that Pakistani actor is also not confirmed but why is it so hard to admit that? I call Kareena names? I don't call Kareena names, I only criticise her based on her movies and interviews she gives to the media. begum Begger? haha Wow I have never heard anyone saying that. Tooh? Tooh is a bad thing? You are lying again. I never used begum begger ever. I dont call her a begum, she isn't one, why would I?? Shame on you to even question Aishwarya's starpower. Callin her I-Kaun...hehe you failed big time. There was no reason to make things up about me. Kareena gained weight before she has lost some again, SHE IS NOT FAT. That is all in your mind my love. I appreciate your opinion on Aishwarya's non acting and Priyanka's overacting. Kareena is the only person who can act and dance, Ram Chahe Leela and Dola Re were done by body double indeed. Is their anyone you don't hate? You brought Abhishek in, talk about Asin also. You hate Aishwarya, Priyanka, Asin, Abhishek now also.
Look at yourself, maybe the problem lies on your side. I find it very derogatory that you say that Aishwarya and Priyanka got films from their 'friends'. it's people like you who I dislike the most and can't see other woman succeed.
If that was true, then Kareena did many movies with Shahid, did she also get those movies from her friend and then dumped him? Or a Yash Raj movie like Talaash because she was 'friends' with Saif? Do you even realise how freaking stupid you sound you lonely person. Mommy of the year is not even a bad thing. Indians like you are sooooo backwards. Im very happy there is an award like that. Its fun and I honestly don't understand what's wrong with becoming a mother of the year?? Im sure you also have a mother. Respect please. R-E-S-P-E-C-T-PLEASE

Coming back to the topic: Kareena is a wonderful actress but is loosing her foot in the industry it looks like. Whats wrong in saying this? Ram Leela, Shuddhi, Bombay Samurai, Average Satyagraha, Big Flop GTPM, ----> future----> cameo with item song in Gabbar, cameo with item song in Happy Endings, Lead in Singham 2 which is remarkable I must say. I guess no other actress such an amazing line up of movies. I bet all the actresses are extremely jealous. Maybe she is indeed the highest paid actress like she said...what did she say? 10 cr...My God amazing...Even though Bhandarkar the director said it was only 1.5 cr I dont believe him. I believe Kareena's PR, she is the highest paid actress ever. She as also offered Queen before than non actor Kangana...Isn't it? Even though the director said he had never met her...I still believe Kareena's PR saying Kareeena was first choice. Asin and Katrina weren't offered the Gabbar item/cameo part and Deepika and Asin weren't offered Singham. The directors who make these movie are lying about their own movies, isn't it. Pathetic my foot!

Sweetheart she is a Begum because Saif is the Nawab of Pataudi after his father's demise and even though these titles are now abolished by govt. of India but the truth cannot be denied that he belongs to a royal family. And stop acting self righteous, I thought at least you've the audacity of being straight forward with your preferences but you're like rest of those so-called fans. No need to be two faced about everything, I thought being spiteful is your nature but I didn't know that you're a liar as well. Who posted this - "Dekho Ji Dekho Dekho Kaisi Yeh Aunty Hai Inki Tooh Me Dekho Saifu Ji Ka Pyaar Hai Inki Tooh Me Hoye Kaise Kankar Hai?" What kind of a wretched human being are you? You're so vulgar, it's astonishing. You're so pathetic that sometimes I pity you for wasting so much energy and time in hating a person who doesn't even give a damn about you. I hope you can clearly see yourself in the mirror, now that I've removed that mask of being virtuous from your face. Oh, look at you, you even hate Indians and still watch Hindi films. Another trait of being a 2 faced person. Congratulations you've managed to showcase two new "qualities" that you possess - bigotry and racism. Shame on you. And stop crying about everyone ignoring a woman's achievements just because your Aish happens to be a beauty with zero talent. Plotting against younger brand ambassadors of Loreal like Sonam and Katrina so that they won't attend Cannes film festival is one of her schemes but each year it backfires as she ends up getting mocked for her fashion sense but clearly no one cares about her acting. And so what if Kareena charged 1.5 crores for Heroine? Her costumes alone were so expensive that Bhandarkar tweeted about it saying he made Chandni Bar with this sum of money. I think Kareena did a wonderful thing by slashing her fees for a film like Heroine. She's not like PC who is ready to turn unprofessional just because there are 3 crores at stake. And I don't care about what her PR reported or the news came from the production house as a publicity stunt but the fact is Kareena did not leave her morals for money unlike other actresses. BTW Shahid got Bebo films? Really? He was newcomer in the industry at that point of time and being a star kid and a great actress, Kareena didn't need to rely on a newbie to get films. In fact, Shahid even mentioned in an interview that Bebo said no to other projects for working with him in 36 China Town and Chupke Chupke to give his career a boost. So even here you failed miserably.

You hate actors like Ranbir and Ranveer because your own idol's husband who started his career decades ago is still struggling to get a solo film. Even his wife refused to work with him, such a calculative move. And it pains you to see that these young actors who have just arrived in the industry are more successful than your failure can ever be. And you hate Salman for obvious reason. Now the reason you hate Kareena is because she started her career with AB and went on to be one of the top three actresses of Bollywood whilst the poor guy relied on his dad to get sidekick roles in film. The reason for hating Alia is because she likes Kareena and you despise Sonam because she called Aish her senior and "aunty." So yeah, you hate half of the industry and spread your hate everywhere through internet hoping that one day one of these actors will read it and they would give a rat's a** about your opinion. But that's not going to happen so move on in life. Do something productive instead of acting like a 13 year old fan girl and stop living on internet. You're disgusting behavior on PV speaks volumes for you and do not think that it gets unnoticed. And talking about cameos and item numbers then no one can beat Paise wali Pinky who is ready to dance on any item song as long as she is getting "paise" to make her happy. She is even ready to ignore her mom's words about item songs being derogatory for women because clearly Pinky loves money. And yes Asin gets offered everything which doesn't have any scope for heroines but Rohit himself said in an interview that he changed the script for Kareena because clearly even PC wouldn't stoop down to Asin's level for money. Have some respect in your heart for other before preaching others.

majority of your comment are unnecessary, is not here nor there. only your loose counterpart fans take it serious.

Whatever u say, Indians know Kareena cant ACT to save her life...

Hatred has made you insane.

How do you guys get time to write these looooooooong replies?

Hey did kareena do a cameo in Om shanti Om? O.o I havnt seen her. Even in the title song I saw karisma not kareena.

IMDB and Wiki has mentioned her name in OSO,Anyways t was not the point of my comment.

true, but is also says she just walked pass the red carpet. Your list kinda implied like she actually had to go into makeup and do scenes like others had to do. Anyway, your comment made complete sense. :)


everything about kareena now is LOL


Love you Bebo

I absolutely love their jodi!

Oh kareena so good for you! Ha ha...

We katrina fans don't like kareena! We love queen katrina only

its tooooo obvious that you are PC or a DP fan Hahahahaha since KWK4 nothing going to change that bhabhi nand relationship!
ohh bechari dp cry me a river....

speak for yourself. I like kareena and katrina. they are both pretty and act in their own style.

KatrinaFans love Kareena and KareenaFans love Katrina! Hmh someone is after a FanWar who? Pcfan or dpfan? Im sure when someone likes this above comment its not a KatrinaFan!

Serious question, what has happened to Kareena's career? We're reduced to be excited about item numbers and comparing her hit songs with other actresses? Is that what being a Bebo fan has come to? I don't know what's happening. First she dropped out of Ram Leela. Then Satyagraha didn't do for her what we thought it would. Then her movie with Emraan got shelved. Then GTPM was a massive flop. Then she dropped out of Shuddhi. Now Bombay Samurai has been shelved. Bad luck or what but it's been a terrible few months to be a Kareena fan. Don't tell me that we only have Singham 2 and a cameo in Gabbar to look forward to! I want more for her than that. But it seems that's all we've got. Depressing.

She walked out of Raam Leela to be a part of Shuddhi but after Hrithik left the film, she followed the same route. And shooting of Battameez Dil with Emraan is going to start in July. PC has only 2 films as well. It's just how things work in BW, younger actresses are taking over and the likes of Kareena and PC are left 2-3 films but that doesn't take away their success. And no need to act like you're actually her fan because we all know you're that jobless troll who spread hate on every article.

dont worry shes the Queen! shes fine.....and always will be!

LOL spot on! Her fans spend so much time slinging mud on WORKING actresses, they fail to see how their idol's career is swirling down the drain-hole. You've captured Kareena's onscreen demise perfectly. Thanks very much, FAN! LOL.

Clearly you are not a fan BEBO! Why are sad & so depressed.. kue kia hua.. ??

Over-enthusiastic PR.

Wrong page.;)

Kareena's "friend" (AKA over-enthusiastic PR) is talking to the media every few days to spin stories and give us her updates. It's a bit much.

There is nothing wrong in doing PR,Aishwarya's PR (reading scripts in principle office LMAO) is not less but the thing is Over-enthusiastic PR suits only with Deepika's KWAN PR agency. ;)

Your attempt to make it about Aishwarya does not divert from the fact that Kareena's "friend" (over-enthusiastic PR) has been giving us clarifications/spins about everything under the sun lately. Of course, as some below have mentioned, maybe Kareena's "friend" in this article is Kareena herself. She is also over-enthusiastic about promoting herself, and as we all know she is always here on Pinkvilla to tell us how SEXY she looks. LOL

Funnier is when Aishwarya writes herself as ICONIC N LIVING LEGEND in comment section.LOL

Your very lame attempt to (again) make it about Aishwarya does not divert from the fact that Kareena visits Pinkvilla regularly as confirmed by herself and recently her friend. And the way she loves to praise herself is hilarious and not unlike some of the comments written on PV. Anyway Kareena or her "friend" in the article should stop talking to the press every few days with these silly stories because they are making her look desperate.

More hillarious is when Aishwarya praise herself in comments ;)
Stop trying hard to make her look desperate, she is not.

Ek bar sirf ek bar apna muun band rak nahi sakti... By the way its funny how dpfans now try to shift the title of "Over-enthusiastic PR" to Bebo.. hehe really after the tight slap from sonam they went lala.. The Queen of Over-enthusiastic PR is booked for lovely Deepika!!

Kareena's overenthusiastic PR has been going on long before Sonam's KWK episode. For example, when Kareena's PR said she became the highest paid actress making 8-10 crores for Heroine but the director later revealed that she only made 1.5 crore. Oops.

+1000000000000000000000000000000000000 right

Yes, what a tight slap indeed. I'm sure DP can console herself with the stack of movies she's got lined up for the next few years. Kareena can console herself with her item songs. lol.

Looking forward to it!

Every big and small actor/actress does short roles and item songs, only difference is Kareena's item songs Fevicol, Marjani, Chammak challo end up super hits while the rest who scans their own lyrics but still ends up being "paisewalo ki" singing "is that your gun, can I hold it please". =D
I agree with you.When Kareena did an item song in Don, it became the talk of the year.People went crazy over her.Todya it is the only memorable thing from Don.We can't even compare her superhit record with soemone who tried 4 times in a row and flopped badly and I don't think her cameo in Ra.1 is worth mentioning here, nobody knows about it, I guess.

The only memorable thing in Don? Speak for yourself. Another misfit comment by you.

bebo did an item song in don?

Desperate try by a desperate hater hahahahaah


bebo janni i love you !

Bebo is ALWAYS a treat to watch be it a guest appearance or a full fledged movie. Can't wait to watch Gabbar now SPECIALLY for Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Kareena has a friend?? :-o

unlike deepika yes she has friends a lot of them

Wow so happy Love you Karina from Israel!

So Kareena visits pinkvilla,her friends speak to pinkvilla sources. Her articles are written every other day let's rename the place BEBOVILLA :P

My love

Im looking forward to it.

Why do you guys have to spread hate here also? her friend revealed a little too much , all right. But the article is about Kareena's role in Gabbar. So let it be. Let the film release and then we can see for ourselves. Good luck, Kareena.

i thought she's doing only an item song, well I am happy for her ^_^

That is called full fledged role in Beboland..... She has to be greatful to get the item song when no one can watch her dance.

Hmhh sooo true ONLY 19+million ppl on youtube "chammak challo" but hey when a hater says no one watched than no one have watched her songs lol!

Great. If Shruti Haasan is half as good as she was in D-Day she will blow Kareena's overacting out of the water. Let's hope D-Day was no flash in the pan.

Shruti was really very good in D-Day. I was pleasantly surprised. Now she's someone I would like to see more of on the big screen.

I know! Shruti shocked me. I always found her pretty (though not a patch on Sarika), but she seemed to be a block of wood expression wise until D-Day. The pain she conveys through her eyes was fantastic. Hopefully Kamal Haasan is training her and she gets good impactful roles. Can't say I've seen her Tamil films because I speak Hindi and Punjabi and I can't find any with English subtitles but we'll have to wait for Gabbar.

Kareena should do the role good .. its a good role in tamil movie for Simran :/ lets see...

great....luv u Kareena....better than the rest

kareena you are the best love you

Very interesting =)

Im guessing this role was for the rejected actresses that wants to be busy

looking forward to it Kareena darling.....looking hot with Akshay as usual.

These so called friends are such sad people..... they have to spend their lives giving tidbits to media about their famous friends.

By reading the interview it seems kareena herself gave the interview not her friend :P. Hehe. Anyways all the best bebo for this !! :D

Kareena is not in the same position as Aishwarya was when she started out in the late 90s. Kareena is a far bigger star. Why does she accept these small cameo roles in masala movies? This is just sad. The article screams. LOOK AT ME I AM BUSY. This is sad and I truly believe she has the worst PR. They make her sound rather desperate. First the ''friend'' had to tell us why she was doing the item number and now this. Most people already knew it was an item number and cameo. But now they made the cameo sound like a full fledged role. I remember when Asin was offered the item number and cameo and she rejected it, thats why I already knew she also had to act a bit in the movie. Well, good luck Kareena.

+1 !

Karina is very beautiful and talented. much better Priyanka, Deepika Katrina Ash. Bebo only wish you success! Love her straightforwardness, all in her love

Another enthusiastic PR

vele bethe kya karen karna hai kuch kaam shuru karo antakshri le ke prabhu ka naam hahaha r8 na bebo

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