Twinkle khanna and Akshay kumar at DR PK Aggarwal's daughter's wedding

Twinkle khanna and Akshay kumar at DR PK Aggarwal's daughter's wedding  0
Twinkle khanna and Akshay kumar at DR PK Aggarwal's daughter's wedding  0

they both look lovely in this off white outfits. Love them, so well co-ordinated and both look elegant.

dr R K Agarwal is physician to several stars

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Anonymous's picture

Nice couple...well dressed ...Twinkle's makeup could've been better.Nice overall.

dilaram's picture

both looks awesome

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

twinkle's make up is sooooo BAD......

Anonymous's picture

!!! nice couple (mashAllah ) nd Akshay lukz gud in kameez shalwar !! Bless both of dem <3!!!

Anonymous's picture

They both look really good in these clothes.

Anonymous's picture

Let him look Indian for a change. But he should have worn a baniyan. You can see his stomach, chest through that kurta.

riddler's picture

Twinkle has got something done to her face.I it was more obvious at the Stardust awards.

Way WAY too much makeup

Anonymous's picture

awwwwwwwwww they looking great..shweet jodi.! :)

Anonymous's picture

he is the only 40+ man I would fall for.... handsome

Anonymous's picture

akki needs to brush up those eyebrows lmaos he looks like the way he did back in da day

Anonymous's picture

aww their a matching cuple <3 twinkle luks flawless n i dont like akshay's hair in this pic :(

Anonymous's picture

he looks so much like my dad its weird!!

unthinkable's picture

too much makeup indeed but they do look very cordinated and its not corny at all! Looking lovely!

Anonymous's picture

Wow I love the way they are matching!
I wish i was twinkle:)

Anonymous's picture

She looks scary with all that makeup.

Anonymous's picture

too much blushin on twinkle


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