More: Aishwarya rai recieves Padma Shri awards

The saree is a little flashy but she still manages to look good like always.

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she is glowing yes due to excessive highlighter and shimmer by the way no need to discuss everyone knows why she is selected for the award:bachchan effect!!!


Beautiful! :)

the 5th pic is so nice. in the second last pic it seems aishwaria is escaping from akhshaylol

she put alot powder on her

shes prettier than the people commenting on here thats for sure.
and shes winning the award why are you guys shitting yourselves?
not to mention she is dressed nicely and shes glowing. at least her sari is on properly unlike priyanka chopra and shilpa shitty. she is covered and looking pretty.

madhuri's looks much better than Ash, and shes only 42

she doesn't dress respectable

arey baap rey look at the oldy old acctress wearing toones of make up to take a padmashree...for what she deserves this award, there many people who acts well, ohhh may be she shows off so much thats why she got this award, girls just remove your clothes u will padma sree...shame on this old lady...

Charisma is undefinable. She's been in the hearts and minds of people like no other. Madhubala also encited the same response when she died so younge. Both talented, gracefull and beautifull.

in 1st pic she looks like 40 years old

She looks quite well actually and really beautiful!

Twinkle looks nice and appropriate for the occasion. Wonder why Aish and even Jayaji went with such bright shades of red sari to wear. I couldn't even see Aish's medal on her sari until I focused in on it because it blends in to her sari.

looks great !!!!!!!!!!

damn she looks old..

twinkle looks respectable..and like a doll!!
aish looks like a retired dhandey waali!

that's acting. she can't act in movies, but she's got this down to a tee


it looks like makeup box throwup on her face... lol

i am not a hater, but she looks like a hag in the first pic. she totally got the look wrong - for a dignified function she should have worn a more classy saree with mute makeup and mute colors. her face makeup is just too garish.

In the 2nd last picture - notice the colour of Aishwarya's face and arm...

she is so camera conscious!!...shez just waiting to be in focus to show her nautanki...

Don't like the saree...and yes, too much makeup. Infact twinkle is looking very nice pretty & elegant. Bad choice of saree ash!

what was she awarded for- for getting a stupid bachchan to marry her- and for Gods sake, get off him!
this is ridiculous. akki has hardly been a beacon of art either!!!! and she is totally over made up. if they put twinkle, jaya (olus hair dye) and ash into a box and mixed them all up, you would get three better presented women

nowadays if you are famous and nothing else, you will still be given awards...its a slap on the face of all the humanitarians and activists out there who are causing substantial and worthwhile changes by their actions and deeds...

why do girls think its funny to call a woman an aunty? Instead you should be insulted that a woman in her 30's is being called old. So dumb.

ever noticed in interviews n pics how aish is all over abhi n hes tryin kinda calm it? or hes doin jokes n shes yes on a serious husband, my husband....abhi, abhi...insecure of her bland personality??

and no im not sayin this cos im jealous o her looks lol

Loving Aish sari, as usual Aish looking good. Love the last pic

her sari is so gorgeous, but too much make-up

twinkle look beautiful and elegant
wiv ash, it over make up and over dress

She is looking scary!!!

Stunning. Twinke looks a bit grannyish. Looks older than Jaya in her creamy gear.

TOO much botox and makeup!

Gosh I just threw up in my mouth, Botox gone wrong...LOL

She looks adorable. The whole family looks great.

ehat the efff is mar singh doing here?/

2nd picture, HUGE difference between the front of her neck and the back of her neck!! WOAH!! makeup gone bad!

she has such huge clonkers for teeth.

she wears sooo much makeup! horrible dress sense and style.

i luv it wen there is ash bashing!! lol
coz i just HATE her over psycho over sentimental fans

Nice to see for a change a husband standing next to his wife who is a padma shri! Abhi must be proud of his girl!

lol@manik sen

some people have that typical mentality beautiful means fair skin and light eyes...I think people should get out of this denial now...there are prettier and classier people around to be appreciated..

aish looks beautiful. but i agree she is looking aged in the face and neck. she is starting to look old.

where was aish's parents? its funny how big b and jaya squeeze aish out of her own pic. big b and jaya took center stage and stole aish's limelight. i wonder how aish felt about that? lol

what did akshay kumar win?

Someone should tell her..LESS is MORE.. Horrible.. What makeup, saree.. everything is terrible.. So cheap.. No elegance at all..

i dont know nowadays ash looks old & her saree is just so boring& so common... but i think twinkle looks pretty n her simple outfit...

she looks horrible and old.

she is looking sooo gorgeous ....i just lov her sari...lov u aish...youngest Bollywood actor to get an Padmashree.. congrats.....such an elegan family ...they must be proud..only family in India to receive 5 Padma Awards...

oh comeon Fashionista she is looking anything but good here she look ok in her profile (side) only now. when she faces the camera (front view)she looks kind of wierd all haywire facial muscles...

make up ki dukaan

aunty aunty aunty...are aunty mat kaho naa :)

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