Ali Zafar with wife at Zee Cine awards 2013

Ali Zafar with wife at Zee Cine awards 2013 0
Ali Zafar with wife at Zee Cine awards 2013 0

third picture is sucha cute pic of two of them with their kid, (not from zee cine event though) i thought why not share it with you guys

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Anonymous's picture

ur baby is so sweet

Miah-freak's picture

both are adorable !:)

onlyrani's picture

awwwwwwwwwwww.super hotttttttttt Ali.what a cute family.

sharon_diva's picture

Cute family !!!
Iam tired of giving this password thing...please PV remove that

Anonymous's picture

I was going to say his wife looks a bit Asian.. and the kid definitely does all the way.

Anonymous's picture

ali is sooo handsome

Anonymous's picture

He is sooo gorgeous

Gohar's picture

Ali Zafar junior is very cute! Very sweet family...BTW his wife looks like russian girl....

Anonymous's picture

Beautiful family...what a gorgeous couple. Love Ayesha's outfit...she's always looks decent & classy. Great choice Ali.

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