Alia Bhatt at Dabboo Ratnani's calendar launch

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India's leading photographer, Dabboo Ratnani known for his annual celebrity calendar featuring the biggest celebrities in Bollywood had his 2013 calendar launch event today. Seen here is Ali Bhatt at the event.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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The dress without the long sleeves would have looked nice.

As for the cleavage , I live abroad and well don't invite sexual harassment based on it

I just feel she is too young and she has been thrown into this harsh limelight! It's a vicious world and she is not ready!

I thinks she's looking lovely

I clicked on this because the thumbnail showed someone else and I was like woo hoo Alia looks nice for once - but opened this and same old same, old wannabe barbie look.

eww the dress..?

She needed to dress for the occassion, Dabz takes nice photos, Dabz should have told her what to wear

wannabe barbie working.

she doesn't have a cleavage and she's still trying to reveal

Yes Alia.. .there IS something called a dress too short. Goodness!

She does not know how to dress for her body.

Thumbnail shows someone else's photo!!!
How she manages with such a short skirt :D

what's up with her teeth? the look badly stained

she looks horrible!


that cleavage is way too low for someone who is just 19! although i'm pretty sure she's older!

The dresses she wears are SO short. We get it, you're a teenager and all but cmon! Wear something longer sometime.

She has ruined it with the mini skirt..

she is so ordinary looking, nothing special. not as cute and pretty as pooja bhatt was in her youth.

don't like her look...

the dress is awfull.

It's not working. Low Cleavage. But, really nothing to show. Short Skirt, but humungus thigh. Nothing!

she is looking so cute but the dress is a bit short..............

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