Celebrities blessed with charming dimples

There is something about dimpled smiles that instantly catch one’s eye. We’re sure there isn’t anybody who is not fond of dimples!

While most of celebrities are great lookers, there are a few who are blessed with an added ‘something’ and that is their dimples! We get you a list of celebrities who can make hearts melt in a second; all they need to do is flash their dimpled smile.

Shah Rukh Khan

Picture SRK standing in his signature pose. Yes, the one with his arms wide open, head slightly tilted and just when you thought that’s charming enough, slowly appears his dimpled smile. Now that can make millions of women swoon! There’s no denying that.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta’s deep dimple is to die for! Every guy falls for it and every girl wishes she had her dimple! All Preity needs to do is smile – that’s enough to lighten up anyone’s day!

Deepika Padukone

Looks like being drop dead gorgeous wasn’t enough as Deepika is blessed with a cute pair of dimples as well! With that perfect body and face, her mesmerizing smile is like cherry on the cake!

John Abraham

Very few macho guys are cute and John is surely one of them. The credit for that goes to his dimples. If looks could kill, John would have killed many by just flashing his dimpled smile.

Ayushmann Khurrana

“Pani da rang..” sings Ayushmann while strumming the guitar and showing off his dimples! That image itself is picture perfect for every other girl. Ayushmann feels dimples are overrated as they’re just dents on the face. Well, if ‘dents’ are that hot then no one’s complaining.

Bipasha Basu

This dusky beauty is one of Bollywood’s hottest actresses. Even she has dimples that bring ‘cute’ to her sizzling hot image!

Abhay Deol

He’s dashing and smart and oh, how much we love his dimples! With dimples so deep, one just feels like diving deep into them.

Alia Bhatt

Alia is the latest celebrity to join the group of dimpled celebrities! By flashing those dimples, we’re sure Alia can even get away with murder!

Sharmila Tagore

This Bong beauty stole the hearts of many with her dimples! They are so deep that they even appear when she talks.

Sushmita Sen

We love Sushmita Sen’s smile! Her smile is contagious - the kind that is enchanting enough to get you smiling too.

Gul Panag

Gul might not be around much but whenever we spot her, we can’t help notice her delightfully deep dimples! They just add to her charming personality.

Can you think of any other dimpled celebrity? Let us know.

Credits: Pinkvilla

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What about me

Ranveer sing has cute dimple smile

only peple i see here with real dimples not the fake ones which anyone can smile and have a dent if they smiled big, real genteic ones are preity, sharmila tagore, john abraham, gul panag, bips. fake ones are just smiling widely any person can have that or just a crease not a dimple just gives a look to it as a dimple, because real dimples are not when u ONLY smile but when you speak they are kind of are noticeable, fake ones are : deepika , srk and the rest who i didn't mention. did you know this random fact dimples are actually a genetic disorder, but since it's charming that's why it's considered pleasant to the eyes.

Deepika for sure


bipasha always

bips for sure

bipasha any time

The best sush

sushmita :)

@PizzaPasta, thanks for the photo! he looked sooo cute back then!

Mon, 2013-06-17 16:27 — Anonymous
SRK has dimples! I never knew, all he has is wrinkles.

U must be blind if u cannot see SRK's dimples :/
In the above SRK picture you think they look like dimples.
Check your eye sight first, he used have dimples when he was too young,
now they are mixed up with his aging wrinkles, no more dimple gimple.

@Mon, 2013-06-17 18:47 — Anonymous - ;-)

The best Preity :) :)


I give full marks to Shah Rukh Khan dimples

They all look great.

I give johns dimples a thumbs up!

SRK has the cutest dimples ever♥♥♥♥ I remember just falling head over heels in love with him in DDLJ everytime he used to flash those famous dimples of his;-);-);-)

Love John's & Shahid's dimples as well,makes for a cute twist in all their sexiness. And it's just not fair that Deepika's so perfect! As if having a hot body,long legs,gorgeous face,glowing skin & doe eyes weren't enough,she has got cute as a button dimples as well!I used to adore Preity's button cute dimples before,but now she's done something to her face & her smile looks all frozen,not at all the famous Preity dimples I used to go gaga for.

Shahrukh and Preity

Me and my brother both have deep dimples too! We love em! I've always loved Preity's and John's dimples!!! And Bips!

Even I have a dimple on both side.

SRK has dimples! I never knew, all he has is wrinkles.

U must be blind if u cannot see SRK's dimples :/
In the above SRK picture you think they look like dimples.
Check your eye sight first, he used have dimples when he was too young,
now they are mixed up with his aging wrinkles, no more dimple gimple.

so funny these ones who have never notied(or act not to notice) srk dimples, they almost cover half of his face. I love his dimples and shahid ones too.

2 John Abraham
3 Then the rest

I never notice Deepika's dimples so i'll go for Preity and Bipasha and SRK of course, esp in his 90's days

Srk srk srk.....

He has such beautful cute yet very sexy dimples!!!

Dimpled cuties, all of them! :)

sush has dimples so cute and the best .

Bobby Deol !

what? sushmita has dimples? they look like deep laugh lines.
Also never noticed Alia or Bipasha's. Khuranna's pic is silly.

Best are SRK and Deepikas. And Preity before she messed with her face.

I remember Preity was known 4 her smile especially cuz of her dimples and a whole lot of cuteness so yeah # 1 Preity..n srk

and you forgot my name! nice! no more free dimples for you now!

my fav sushmita her dimples and smile beautiful and charming.

OMG Shahid is so cute

John's are the best.

preity[now she looks old] when she was the liril girl,that's the best
Gul,super cute
Deepika,SRK and John


my beautiful sush

charmin post:)

my fav has to v pz.....I jus luvd her whn I waz a kid

ahh sushmita sen :* and her dimpples :)

sushmita then deepika.

sush best dimple and smile.


Good job @Gohar. All are looking very charming with dimples.

Uff John ...his dimples...makes him cute amidst sexiness

wow I never noticed that Randeep has dimples. He is so sexy and cute.

srk my love,your dimpled smile always brings smile on my face, makes me go weak in my knees,my heart misses a beat everytime i see you smiling, i love you my king.

@sharon_diva - Oh yeah I forgot about Kunal :-)

I have a deep dimple in my right cheek just like preity!

@ Gohar , Kunal Kapoor too :P
Had forgotten about Akshye Khanna !!He is famous for his dimple!!even in comedy circus when they play his character they suck their cheek in to look like akshaye !!! :D :D :D

What about Shahid, Dino, Aftab, Siddharth Narayan, Randeep, Lara, Akshay Khanna?

SRK'a dimpled smile still makes many women, including me, swoon sighhhh

srk doesnt have dimples...thats wrinkles from old age!!!

sush has perfect dimples

Deepika luks the best nd so her Dimples.... Pretty was also pretty but not nw a days...

Only srk and john's pic is chosen correct. .....deepika pic is chosen in which her smile is looking ok bt her smile is 1000 times beautiful than this..

SRK is too cute!!

Preity's dimples make her look old......only deepika's and ali's dimples make them look more prettier. .

Deepika's dimpled smile is so cute

Sun, 2013-06-16 19:53 — Anonymous

SRK has dimples! I never knew, all he has is wrinkles.

U must be blind if u cannot see SRK's dimples :/

Preity's dimples are lovely .... u should have chosen a btr picture .... the above photo is after her surgery I am guessing. My ranking would be -

1. SRK
2. Preity
3. DP
4. John


My two fav dimpals are Srk and preity they are must pretty one


Bipasha Bipasha!

Srk hands down.

Hema malini, Lara dutta

Lovely post. Deeepika and Bipasha's dimples are the most enviable IMO.

Others with dimples are:
Prachi Desai
Lara Dutta (not as pronounced but she defo has them)
Celina Jaitley
Genelia D'Souza
Kiron Kher

among others . . ..

Shahrukh amongst the men, and Deepika amongst the women for me. :')
How much I love their dimples.

You forgot shahid he has the best dimples

John looks sexy and cute with dimples.

SRK has dimples! I never knew, all he has is wrinkles.


everyone's cute except ayushman, why is he always so 'look at me' ' i m the best' ...quite annoying

Bipasha Basu!!! love her dimples!!


Shahid Kapoor has dimples!!!

Arjun Kapoor too has dimples

I have dimples too and I'm proud of them!!

lol me!!! i got em !! i just don't think they r a big deal

dimples are best on babyfaces..so cute!

Deepika & SRK

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