Amisha Patel, Simi Garewal spotted at Farah Khan's store launch

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Amisha Patel, Simi Garewal, Sophie, were spotted among many other B-town celebs spotted at Farah Khan's store opening in Bandra. Renowned designer Farah also celebrated the 20th anniversary of her label 'Farah Khan Fine Jewels'.

Also seen is Farah's brother Zayed Khan along with his wife Malaika.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Sun, 2013-04-14 09:53 — Katrox
Did amisha pay for all these anonymous comments as well :o
i say out pinkvilla, all these anonymous comments probably from one person or many people , i do not know , but amisha on youtube or news really no one cares for amisha even in this event all sites focused on sushmita and hrithik .

Will Simi Garewal NEVER age? :O

Did amisha pay for all these anonymous comments as well :o

Isn't Amisha already 37? Damn she looks so young and hot

No one cares for amisha only on pinkvilla.

Now when I see Amisha, all I can think about is her love-scene with Anil Kapoor in Race 2. That was really really really disgusting! Not to mention embarassing. Amisha, have some self-respect.

Amisha has lost weight and looks hot,

she's such a cheapo !! I stopped believing in her a life time ago.

Its only a store launch Amisha.

Simi is best out of the four.

Like Sophie's dress..btw what does she do for living?

Dressing sexy is all Ameesha knows.

Amisha has a great body.

banging body or a body to bang.too hot yaar

I thought for the first time i was going to like what Amisha has worn, but then i saw the dress in's way too short.

Amisha looks good here , btw is that zayed's wife ?

amisha's hair and figure..mind blowing

simply irresistible.ameesha looks too hot

Wow Amisha!

Amisha looks great!

Amisha def has one of the best body in B-town, a lot better than some of the A-lister females.

amisha has best body and innocent face..

zayed khans wife is SO cute

Ameesha has lost a crap tone of weight and toned up well. She's transforming from being cute to hot. If only, she acted classier. She pulls of the bandage-bodycon dress well but honey, those peep-toes don't go with that dress. You can't mix and match every colour.

Amisha's body is STUNNING!

Amisha has lost a lot of weight. New hairstyle suits her, instead of boring straight long hair

Ameesha's got a bangin body!

Amisha's dress seems just too tight! It's literally stuck to her body...but I will admit that she's got a stunning body and looks real toned! Love the heels she's wearing. I just wish she wasn't trying too hard!

amisha looks sexy....

Don't like what Amisha's wearing, but her body looks good!

Amisha's dress ripped??


Looks good. Wish the dress was may be two inches longer...that would have made the look perfect!

that is wayyyyyyyyy to skimpy amisha!

zayed khan's wife needs to seriously cover her feet and amisha looks like all that is missing is the pole.

i hate to say this.. but, amisha looks hot in here.

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