Amisha Patel unveils the Maxim special issue cover

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Amisha Patel looks gorgeous as she unveils the special issue cover of the Maxim magazine. Amisha looks hot in in the black outfit and hotter on the cover, don't you think?

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Credits: viral bhayani

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OMG! Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ameesha :*

Do I see what I think I am seeing? Is it a Nauheed Cyrusi moment again?

Tue, 2013-08-13 17:41 — Anonymous,

Pretty judgmental, don't you think?

She has survived thirteen years in this ruthless industry, that itself is in an achievement in a place where outsiders are treated like dirt. I hope someday she will be recognized for her acting skills, she should start working in independent/art house films apart from mainstream. She should stop doing films like Race 2.

She's a fighter.

This woman has come a long way, who will believe that she has MS In Economy gold medal, ruined her career, such a trash she has become, comes from a good family, but the way she behaves is so not classy, this is a real good appearance after a long time. Anyway but looking at that trash cover..cringe.. some things never change..

I like the eye makeup.

beautiful..she has lost weight

Looking surprisingly beautiful
Amisha is getting beautiful and priyanka is getting worse

she does look amazing. classy after a long time. nice to see her still in the "picture".

She is looking very beautiful..... Loved her in Gadar...she is a better actress than Katrina's of the world... Wonder why she cudnt sustain her career despite having looks n acting chops....

She needs to stop wearing those tacky contact lenses and get a tan. She looks like a vampire from Twilight.

Amisha looks very beautiful and ( I can't believe that I'm saying this) very elegant. From trashy to classy! I like it!

she looks really good!! love the collar detail! love the jumpsuit! love the cover! love that the goat blood bath is doing its job!!

for a second I was happy thinking that she's wearing a nice black long dress but again, she never fails to disappoint me......

she looks good besides the colored contacts, natural eye color is the way to go, and also her facial expression on the cover is rather comical, she looks totally dead, good thing shes half naked

she look nice

Wow! she has lost so much weight. Looking gorgeous. I only wish she dresses like this all the time instead of trashy. BTW she looks better in the pics more than the cover. the cover sucks.

this is reminding me of when i used to like her.

she does look gorgeous! love her eye makeup. but just this one time i wish the dress wasnt a jumpsuit. its got such cute collar deatail, woulda been cuter if it was a skirt.

Pretty pretty Misha.

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