Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan at Amitabh's birthday bash

Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 70th birthday in style at Filmcity, Mumbai. About 800 odd guests attended the grand party and feasted on the delicacies cooked by celebrity chefs Ritu Dalmia and Marut Sikka.

Seen here the birthday boy himself with wife Jaya Bachchan. Also seen are daughter Shwetha, son-in-law Nikhil, and grandson Agastya.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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why he wear velvet all the time? is he freezing cold in that stifling hot city?

Awwwwwwwwwwww Everyone looks soooo GREAT.!! Respect to them :) Abhishek looking DAMN CUTE & HANDSOME in White TUXEDO... Muahhhhh Aish wowowowoo

The first pic is simply beautiful!

Lovely family. God bless them.

Abhishek bachan - Butler
Jaya Bachan - wearing a wedding tent
Daugter - ancient egyptian mummy
Aishwarya - Looks like ready to perform an item number
Amitabh - LMFAO no words for this big disaster

Happy belated birthday Big B. In my selfishness and love, hope you would be around to celebrate many, many more wonderful years! You could never be replaced!

Blessed family, they look lovely
I do agree Abu Jabi & Sandeep are not always safe :(

Beautiful family pic but why is aish the only one looking always towards the camera ALL the TIME ! What's with her???
Jaya Bachchan, either dye your hair full or just let it white completely....she looks scary

Jaya and AB Senior looks so cute. I love Shwetha's dress. No comments about Ash's. AB junior and Agastya look good too!

Aishwarya could have worn a gold Kanjeevaram or a saree. This maxi/salwar looks like a chandelier. I have not seen her in a sari post baby... Saris are more slimming.

The 1st picture is lovely!! But dislike the womens' outfits!!!

We love you Sir. Happy 70th birthday to the great Amitabh Bachchan.

but who else thinks they need to get rid of Abu-Sandeep?? ;-)

love the first pic :)
happy b'day sir!!

Aw! What a cute couple. I can't get over how Shweta becomes better looking every day!!! Seriously she should take up modeling!

Happy b'Day to THE best actor India has ever produced!!
God bless both of you

Wow, what terrible dress sense, esp by Jaya. She's not 22 anymore.

shweta is seriously gorgeous!

b and jaya need to dress their the person that said PLEASE....I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF "DRESS THEIR AGE"!!!!


Certainly not a velvet Sherwani type thing with red trim and certainly not a garish RED and GOLD outfit.

Jaya should have worn a saree, they look elegant on her, she is too old for this churidar outfit....

Jaya brave to go for red suit and lipstick. To carry off this outfit one needs to wear higher heels otherwise does not look right. A nice rich coloured sari would have been much better

I love the first pic... Amitabh and Jaya Jee looking gorgeous together...

Dont like jayaji outfit. She looks better in saree with tied hair and gajra.

Is that Abhisheks getup in Dostana2?
Y Abhi Y

so the comments here is that the 'daughter' stole the show...yeah..that was her aim...let me steal the limelight at dad's bday.....

ab and jaya need to dress their the person that said PLEASE....I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF "DRESS THEIR AGE"!!!!

Abhi and waiter.... then you know the haters are absolutely dying with all the attention a bday party is getting!

No salman khan...well of course not...would be pretty low to invite a woman basher...wouldn't it?

As for comment as Ab and Jaya should not look at each like that in the first picture....pray to the Lord.... why not?

You've seen haters and then you see comments of the kind on pinkvilla...gosh...the haters are such a sad lot....

Fact is the bday party was the event of the year.... it was dignified and elegant and absolutely classy! Haters...stop torturing yourself by saying bad stuff...coz at the end of the day...your comment makes you look like a real sad invididual!

I love Jayaji. She looks beautiful! They look so good together. I love elderly couples who still look at one another itch love.

i mean the show

Shweta stole their show

how can someone go for such kind of cloths with the amount of money they have :O

First picture..looks like Amitabh asking Jaya if everything is fine no issue :D

Jaya is the belle of the ball. She's dressed very festive and I like it. No one would have expected her to look this grand.

It's sweet to see Amitabh + Jaya looking like a REAL couple for the first time in years.

awful dressing :(

LOL whats wrong with their dressing and style. Amitabh and jaya should dress their age.

i miss rekha.....

garish clothes!welcome the new item girls ....

Jaya ji looks like a christmas tree and abhishek looks gay..omg wht a disater

All the Bachchan lady's look like they are dressed up to perform an item number...all jatak matak gawdy....

Amitabh and Jaya look wonderful together. So sweet. Shweta has excellent fashion sense. Shweta's son Agastya looks exactly like Abhishek did as a young boy. Abhishek looks handsome.

1st photo: abhi ash pose...ha ha ha ha

what is Amitabh wearing?



They should take a break from abu jani!!! My, so gaudy!

jayas drowning in her outfit

the first photo is the best photo!!

the first photo is the best photo!!

LOL they should dress there age. Amitab was stupid for sure but wats up with jaya bachan now

That dress doesn't suit Jaya.

abhi looks like a gay waiter in here. lol

So wonderful.
Happy Birthday Mr.Bachchan!

Whats up with the first pic.. It looks hideous. I mean at this age trying to give these poses does not suit them..

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