Amitabh Bachchan snapped at the airport

Here are pictures of Amitabh Bachchan snapped at the airport. What is the first thing that catches your eye here?

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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The first thing that catches my eye? That India's greatest superstar and one of our finest actors is out and about and his energy radiates even through a blurred photograph and that at 69 he can give actors half his age a run for their money both in terms of energy and enthusiasm.

He has always been a runner so not surprized by his speed. I was amazed when I read his blog and he mentioned that he gets up at 4:00 am ! exercises at 6:00 am with a trainer and reaches his set by 8:45-9:00 am.

He writes his blog everyday and has millions of fans on facebook & twitter also.

I wish I had that energy and motivation even though I am very young.

i* adore him

Such a blessed and successful man....he adore him

Lovely Amitji! :)

Amazing human being..!! We could only wish for such energy and charisma at that age..Stop criticizing his dress,bag,..grow up..Respect him!!

he is a loser. dont even has the guts to admit tat he loved rekha once.

He is trying to hard to look like a teenager. He is almost 70. get real.

LOL at those sneakers and that bag ( cuz amitabh is wearing them). he should behave and dress his age. i think he is losing his mind as he is getting older

So cute! :) And yes those ARE beautiful long strides...

What catches eye are his yellow sneakers! I just like this man, he comes across as so decent and intelligent. Wish more actors were like him.


Very active man at his age !!
A pity that Jaya and he seem to lead separate lives.

He walks very fast.

terrible dressing sense? in YOUR opinion. who cares hes at the airport, he wants to be comfy

We were at the airport when he walked past us ...amazed by his energy..he whizzed past like a storm

What beautiful long strides! AB forever, fluoro sneakers and all!

He's so cool.. adorable..wish I had a granpa like him

his man purse!! hahah oh that and his terrible dressing sense...

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