Tribute To Amitabh Bachchan- Personal life

Amitabh Bachchan- The great actor, star of millenium and many other names are given to him. He is consider as God by many of his fans.First time in history of India it happened that whole nation prayed unitedly for a filmstar in 1982 and that was none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.
Born on 11th October 1942 In Allahabad to not so rich but very cultured family of Late Poet Shri Harivanshrai Bachchan. Amitabh's original name was to be Inqualab Shrivastav, but it some how became Amitabh.
So here are few pictures of AMITABH BACHCHAN in his personal life

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wish he also has the inner light to know wat he is loosing permanantly by closing his eyez on the ultimate truth that everyone should seek out

Such a complete man and such a dignity of legend story. Its a inspiration to focus on the true life of truth journey .

nice family

Thank you for this post. Very happy that I belong to the same era as Amitabh. Such a wonderful and great actor/person. Love him and his family. May God give him many more years of good health and happiness.

Namaskar main Ravi mishra.........main bhi ek actor hoon...aur amitji aapko main bahut pasand karta hoon....main kya aapko to puri duniya chahati hai....lekin anya kalakaron ke liye aap aadarsh hain.....main jab bhi aapko dekhta hoon to mere pitaji ki jhalak aap me mujhe dikhai deti hai...shayad isliye bhi aap mujhe jyada pasand hain....aisa kah sakte hain.....main chote-chote kirdar nibha raha hoon chote parde par......aur jab bhi koi pareshani aati hai to aapko yaad kar leta hoon..........main chahta hoon ki badon ka aashirwad bana rahe mujh ..............mera contect jariya hai................

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jaya bachan is looking so simple & beautiful in that orange sari, so much better than all that tons of makeup clad current heroines.

@Sun, 2010-10-10 21:49 — Anonymous hi i have so much of info on the so called affair of bigb n rekha i gathered the info frm many sources so if u wanna disscuss tht send me msg on pinkvilla itself

jaya looks so beautiful in the pic with the orange sari and her head covered. though even then she is still not smiling in what should be a happy family portrait with her husband and two kids. i would love love love to know what happened in their marriage with respect to rekha. something tells me she has endured a lot of burdens in her heart and to this day itself it shows when you see pictures of her

Wow how beautiful Jaya was. It is so sad how people say so many nasty things to this beautiful family. It is so nasty when people link up
Ash and BigB together just plain gross.

God Bless Amitabh Bachchan and the family. Love him so much. He's a true legend! No one can ever be like him, no matter how hard they tried.

@Sun, 2010-10-10 02:25 — Anonymous hey u r welcome m also posting a tribute to him on his films do check tht also

His grandchildren,so cute!

Sweet pictures. Happy BDay to Amitji

My Hero!!!! The greatest actor on the planet! Happy birthday to him! Love u so much AB!

My HERO!!!! The greatest actor on this planet! Happy Birthday to him!! Love u AB!

nice entry :) thank you for sharing

happy birthday to bigb

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