Aishwarya leaving the hospital with the baby

Aishwarya leaving the hospital and Amitabh holding the baby.

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Credits: PV

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Sat, 2012-02-04 08:25 — Anonymous - Is this what is going on in your own home ??? Yup you are not well. Pls seek help!!

Have some friends among the intelligensia in Delhi who are quite insiders when it comes to news among bollywood artists. I got to know in fact Aishwarya Rai is the mistress of Amitabh since a long time and Abhishek is just a puppet. So the kid is from Amitabh not from Aishwarya, i find it very weird to see Abhishek comepletely excluded from all this when he is ought to be the father.... Anyway that sounds really sick...

tum logo ki koi aaokat nahi hai jo dusaro ki bachcho ko follow kar rahe ho..............kya tum haare khud ke bachche tum ko pyare nahi hai....

U call WEIRD when the grandfather is carrying the baby? Weird would be if a STRANGER would be carrying the baby!

Of course it would be wierd if a stranger were to carry the is wierd the father is not carrying the baby home.

Agree with @coolboy and Aish is perfect she don't need much make up nor a hairdo, she had a baby not a desease!

Agree with the comments below -- Amitabh does dominate all events in this family. Jaya is relegated to the background! In every picture, he is in the forefront with Aishwarya. He is an over-involved father-in-law! I feel sorry for Jaya and Abhishek -- who are forever trapped in his shadow. No wonder Jaya never looks happy!

Wow...looks like Aishwarya managed to find a makeup artist and a stylist before leaving the hospital! Either way, they seem so happy.

lol ash fans talkng about glow on her face! which pic shows her face clearly?

Wed, 2011-11-23 02:27 — Anonymous
have u people watch bhagban? That is how Abhishek treat his father with respect and dignity the way Salman did. Abhi, God bless u more and more.
the only difference being, in Baghban the kids had to provide for their parents. yeah Salman is doing that
But in Abhishek's case, its different.

Children below - the key is AbhiAsh ALLOW AB the privilege cause they love and resoect him and their family tradition as abhishek and shweta were carried into thier house by their grand father

guys guys guys maybe it is just the way poor big B use to express his feelings and love FOR his son, aish and the baby.........I really dont see anything strange or weird here ...........he is just very happy .....thats all.......why you guys want to make one big issue for one very small thing?......if he didnt show up then everybody would say he doesn't like aish or he is not happy because baby is girl but now everybody say why he is carrying the baby?....

She's glowing and looking so pretty! I also wish she would have carried the baby come on! But don't find it so bizzare either...

U call WEIRD when the grandfather is carrying the baby? Weird would be if a STRANGER would be carrying the baby! Stop over analysing and putting faults in everything that this family does! They r more normal than u n yur whole family n it shows from yur silly messeges on PV!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! first sort of glimpse of Bachan baby! Come on Indian paparazzi...get better lens to focus further. I wanted to see the face of the baby :)

Amitabh dominates everything i guess..from his sons life now even choosing the grandaughter's name also..why cant he leave that to the parents? Come on Amitji we'r not living in those days..

ab carring the baby reminds me of scene from lion king..

I might be over analyzing everything but I seriously find it WEIRD that Amitabh Bachchan is carrying the baby. It would have made more sense if Aishwarya's mom was carrying the baby and she sat in the back with Aishwarya. What does AB even know about taking care of the baby? It's all cool that he has a lot of LOVE for the baby or whatever but he seriously seems like an annoying man in their life who tries to control everything that happens in the household. He makes press releases about everything happening, tries to make sure the public is paying attention to whatever is happening in their life whether Aish/Abhi want them to know or not. I don't know why Aishwarya would like the whole world to know she had a "normal" delivery, seriously. For a family who was trying to hide all the pictures of their wedding and they were getting annoyed of the media taking pictures of them while getting out of the wedding hall ("their house") and even in this case, getting out of the hospital..there's NO NEED to discuss so much of your life, the more you put out there the more people are going to be chasing after you. They are the kind of people who like to share things and then act all secretive when the media tries to follow up!! AND...Why is Jaya Bachchan no where to be seen? Why isn't she holding the baby? Why is it always Amitabh Bachchan who makes these announcements and tries to hog the limelight in every case?? It makes no sense. I think AB has some serious issues and he has never let Abhishek grow up...he's always trying to overshadow him...there's a reason he was never successful! It looks like Aishwarya is married to Amitabh than Abhishek. He never really gets to say anything or even boost his career with all this's always AB taking over.

have u people watch bhagban? That is how Abhishek treat his father with respect and dignity the way Salman did. Abhi, God bless u more and more.

wow what great family. hatts off abhi and ash who gives so much respect and honour to amitji. grandparents love is very important also besides parents's love. there experience in their life helps better upbringing in child life.

Happy mood.... Congrats to the family... happy for ash & abhi.. Enjoy your life from now... every bit of it... May Almighty Allah bless you to have... more n more babies.... :)

Choose the best name for your sweetheart abhi & ash.. n let all ur fans know about it.... n soon pls pls pls pls post the pics of the baby & baby with u all... v all are egerly waiting for it.....

How beautiful and I feel sorry for those who do not know or understand the love of grandparents. You have missed out a BIG part of life. Love this family and god bless the little bundle of joy! :)

theyre all so happy realy blessed family this

amitabh and his wig haha

you all have super amazing eye-sight. there is no clear pic of ash where she looks glowy. all pics are from far away or too dark. i am glad that aish and baby are well and it all went smoothly.

Got all emo seeing the baby's first steps into the world in her grandfather's arms. Hats off to Abhi and Aish for following his family's tradition and honoring their roots. Quite rare to see a son's family involved in a couple's new life. Normally once married the son and his wife set up house of their own and his parents become vacation guests.
I have a new found respect for AB. He has hopefully initiated a new trend in India to become the savior of all those women who are either abused or thrown out of their homes for begetting a daughter especially in rural areas. I hope every family in India sees this picture of a proud family welcoming a girl child and do not kill their unborn daughters.

Oh dear, how sweet...Such a super duper happy occasion!!! The new mommy rocks...Hoping to see pics of the cute baby soon. Blessings xxxxx

To barbie girl,

How do you know that aish glows without makeup can hardly see her
Face clearly here

congratulations to the entire family. aishwarya looks glowing and abhi looks happy and amitabh looks emotional.
it is an indeed a joyous moment for the family and a very special one for aishwarya. I wish the baby lots of happiness and success and may she make her family proud.

P.S. I am no Aishwarya fan trust me.....but I think she carried herself well thru her pregnancy and now that is a mother I am really happy for her.

Ash looks beautiful, She glows without makeup!

Really think Abhi should have been here carrying the baby.
i would be more than honoured to have my father carrying my firstborn out of the hospital. you ppl must have no family love or tradition in your life:s

Beautiful photo...

seriously , i would never exchange my life with aish , she lives with TRADITIONAL father in law. aish abhi don't have their life. this buddha poke his nose every where. just living with your husband is a bliss :)

Abhishek should be in the picture ! poor guy is overshadowed by his famous father his whole life.

Every family has their own traditions. Not everyone has to follow the traditions that YOU follow. Learn to accept it and respect it. Otherwise just leave it!

Really think Abhi should have been here carrying the baby.

Where is Jaya?

To Tue, 2011-11-22 10:37 — Anonymous
You made your mother very proud today. Show her your comment and wow! she will be glad she gave birth to you.
P.S : Allow this comment to go through please.

where is abhi and jaya ?

Who is the father? amitabh or Abhishekh??

aww I really wish to c the baby..but I can understand.. If i were in their place I would not show my baby's pic either..

yummy mummy

nice picccc

awwwwwwwww congratulations to the whole family.. and sooo happy to see aish. we all missed her

Aishwarya looks very cute...

I too live in joined family... & i know how much grand parents love their grand childs :)
there is a saying "Assal se sood jyada pyara hota hai !!!"
super kool Family
lots of blessings for the MISS WORLD 2030

She looks BEAUTIFUL! Like a princess and white. I wish we could see the baby!!

Something really strange about this pic...shouldn't Abhishek or Ash be holding their baby? Where the heck is Abhi and why is grandpa B doing all the baby duties??? Where is Jaya? Very wierd family indeed.

SrBachchan tweets
T 568 -THE 'lady' is home ! carried her from the hospital as per tradition. My Father carried her father home. Blessings and wishes from all

So beautiful!!

dam she looks beautiful
even after giving birth
your a lucky man abhishek

awww Ash is glowing!

Awee so cute.. Lovely glowing mommy.. All my wises..

Awwwww home at last! She looks beautiful, but exhausted!

ash is glowing!

Aishwarya looks so beautiful.Mom n daughter finally go home.

Isn't our custom to take the child to the mom's home(maikey) first? for a family that follows custom and tradition so strictly by letting Amitabh do all the honor they choose to follow what suits them i guess..

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