Bipasha Basu & Anil Kapoor at IIFA media conference

Bipasha Basu & Anil Kapoor at IIFA media conference. The IIFA Awards will be held in Singapore this year. Bipasha is wearing an Anamika Khanna sari.

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@Wed, 2012-04-25 20:36 — Anonymous

And you know her personally? And him for that matter??

bipasha looks so muscular

He needs a haircut!!! She looks nice.

WOW. She looks divine. The break-up was definitely a loss on John's part. Bipasha's a great girl.

anil looks like rhea here

Anil is looking very very handsome...his smile is so innocent...

Anil young and handsome! He has really taken good care of himself.
I like Bips earrings and her side profile looks so beautiful. She is a beauty in in these tradional clothes and the bun, undoubtedly.

she looks like a rectangle

Bipasha looks good in a sari this time. I would also have to agree with Onlyrani, Anil does look younger than SRK but think he should get a different haircut after all these years it makes his head look massive.

Anil Kapoor in the 2nd photograph: "My name is....Lakhan" :P

I love the saree but somehow, Bipasha was not able to do justice to it!

Mashallah so beautiful!

Disappointing! They already did IIFA in Singapore in 2004, why are they repeating it? I thought the concept was to take Bollywood to the WORLD!

the smirk anil gives in the 1st pic makes him look a bit creepy but other than that he looks normal in the rest.
bips fab as usual.

abit of justin timberlake inspiration there, anil

Lol, Anil Kapoor looks like a vampire in these pics: evergreen with his hair/eyebrows/moustache visibly and freshly dyed.
Bipasha is a very beautiful lady.

Like what Bipasha is wearing, but that blouse makes her look boxy.

What a gorgoeus saree.

This lady doesnt have a shape to her body.. everything just seems like one wide piece.. NO waist, no hips..
she needs some waist.

wowwwwwwww.bips looks her saree.
and anil looks really my opinion he looks younger than srk.

Wed, 2012-04-25 02:43 — iheartbollywood

Singapore again? The world is huge, so why always the same places?


Anyway,Anil sir is not ageying,i guess what the heck (besides the bikram yoga as heard previously) does he to be still looking young and give younger league a run for their money for?

stunning is the word!!!!!! how gorgeous is this woman!!! love her the sexy bipasha

Singapore again? The world is huge, so why always the same places?

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